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What strange things make a Superhero and Villain?

How are you welcome back to your new blog? And I am the author of the SuperHero ERA website. Today we are going to discuss what strange things make a superhero and villain. Yes, weird things mean that from the child’s birth, he/she is not compulsory in the future to become superhero or villain, but in the end, they decided their part as lift your head and lives like a hero in society hide your face forever. Let’s started our blogs with some questions.

Why are heroes and villains are so different? Why heroes always sacrifice themselves and villains are the opposite? Why still a hero is favorite, and sometimes a villain is also a favorite? What is the villain proving?

From birth to death, many strange things happened, and good things happened, but it depends on the impact on the person. For example -From DC, one of the most loved heroes and villains are Batman and Joker, and both are living in the same Gotham city. When the birth of batman crime in Gotham is at the peak level by this, Batman lost his family. The crime of the Gotham was direct or indirect is the impact on every person of the Gotham.

By the corruption of the Gotham batman also lose his parent from that date he decides to reduce crime from the city, he can become a villain take revenge from Gotham including the criminal, police force. These people live in Gotham, etc., but he decides to become a hero and save other life until his death. That why Batman never kills anyone. It no matters they are enemies or villains. Batman comes out with his fear of bats and makes it the logo for his costume as Batman. We also say that…..

The revenge of Gotham city’s evil is Joker and Batman is the result of the evil of Gotham city.

On the other hand, we have Joker who obsesses with power and always proves that people are not; they act like a nice person. To prove my point, I have one question: suppose you are in that one of the ships (from the movie The Dark Knight Riese at the lest scene of the film).

In the boat of ours is full of civilians and in any other ship full of criminals and also in both ships have dynamite (explosive) you need to press a button to destroy other ship for saving your own life with civilians if you not push it the Joker will destroy both ships what will you do at that time?

Joker becomes Joker when he knows that he was an adopted child, and he is a victim of child abuse. His last hope was destroyed in front of the eye, and all the torture by society makes him a Joker we know.

I hope I enjoyed while reading the article makes sure to share with your friends and family members. If you have any queries relating to any this then make a shower to comment down below. Thank you for reading.


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