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5 Ways Geralt Of Rivia Is The Best Witcher (& 5 Ways It’s Vesemir)

Over the years, we have witnessed new developments and discoveries in modern science and society as well. May it is related to industrial action, or it is about the non-industrial ones. The world is paving to reach new heights of “Altruism,” but one thing in which the world is still struggling is putting the needs and wants of girls across the globe.

For a change, girls are witnessing a significant priority in the web series, movies, and anime that get telecasted on the internet. However, it is also true that a much larger preference is given to women at current times. For this reason, it is pertinent to emphasize the characters of witchers who have proved to be an asset for the production house and stored huge profits for them(production house).


It would be indisputable to say that people in this tiny world are unaware of the great movie The Witcher: Wolf of the Nightmare. This article will focus on extracting the movie’s characters and differentiating how Geralt of Rivia was better than the Vesemir. Thus, the words which would be wholeheartedly used are Geralt of rivia, henry Cavill witcher, the witcher, Geralt of rivia age, witcher cast. As the words creatively put pressure on justifying the characters or the movie’s cast, it would be erroneous to presume that the characters would not be given preference or attention.

About The Series

The witcher- Nightmare of the world is an American South-Korean dark adult fantasy film by Netflix produced by Lauren Schmidt Hissrich. The adult fantasy introduces characters who are mesmerized by the evergreen nature of this world, which keeps on evolving daily. The film was premiered in the current year, i.e., 2021, on 23rd August 2021.

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5 ways Geralt Rivia is Better than Vesemir

There is no doubt how “Geralt of Rivia” and “Vesemir” made it a big show with their stunning and brilliant performance as witchers. But there exist some traits that make “Geralt” more preferable than “Vesemir.” 5 ways in which “Geralt of Rivia” is better than “Vesemir” are discussed below:-

1. Alles Pelothra

The first way Geralt of Rivia is likable to Vesemir is “Pelothra of Alles,” which means he is more likely to gain more friends than others.

2. Fellow Witchers

Apart from not being a loner on the island, one thing which is more trustable about Geralt of rivia is that he has fellow witchers to support him amidst the chances of being caught in any difficulty.

3. Fearsome Reputation

Geralt of Rivia has a fearsome reputation which means that people get scared of Geralt of rivia holds among other witchers.

4. Bigger Purpose

One thing that certainly defines our existence is the “purpose,” and the same makes the journey on this earth even more “exciting” and “pleasant.” Geralt of Rivia has a purpose in life, and this particular trait surely makes him different and more approachable than other witchers.

5. Kind

It is indisputable that Geralt of Rivia is fearsome, but on the same hand, he is one of a kind on the planet with his mesmerizing personality.


5 ways Vesemir is better than Geralt of Rivia

Vesemir, too, holds desirable traits, which makes him demanding than Geralt of Rivia. Such 5 ways are enumerated as follows:-

1. Experience

It is a right quote that Experience makes you well trained and demanding than others. The same has happened. Vesemir seems to be more experienced with the incidents that he has faced in his life while being a witcher.

2. Approachable

As we know that Vesemir was materialistic and selfish, but one can always be materialistic and arrogant while also being more approachable than others. Vesemir proved everyone wrong on the planet of witchers with being extra-approachable.

3. Reputed

Being reputed is all about persistence, dedication, and trustworthiness. Vesemir being a witcher was reputed, as he had been fighting with the enemies for a very long time, and at the same time fighting for many people who were in dire need of “help.”

4. Knows Better

Vesemir knows better than Geralt of Rivia as he has more Experience than Geralt.

5. Last Mentor

As previously mentioned, Vesemir is the last witcher left out on the planet with massive knowledge and Experience in his bags.

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It is irrefutable to believe that both Vesemir and Geralt of Rivia are compatible with each other. Both hold a different position in the audience’s hearts, which cannot be erased or vanished so easily.

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