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The Witcher Owl, Philippa Eilhart in The Season 3

The Witcher Owl, Philippa Eilhart in The Season 3

The Witcher Season 2 has been released, and Philippa Eilhart, a telepathic Owl, plays a consultant role to Dijkstra of Redania.

In the Witcher Season 2, a new character was introduced named Dijkstra in episode 4, “Redanian Intelligence.” Sigismund Dijkstra, the head of a popular intelligence agency, yet a secret service of spies. He was an authoritative leader whose physical appearance was charming, and Graham McTavish played the role of this character.

Netflix Shares Images of The Witcher Season 2, before release date
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Dijkstra was introduced to an owl who helps make political decisions through season 2. In the Witcher, Owl doesn’t speak a word and helps Dijkstra by telepathically his views.

The Owl is known for giving advice and being the handler of an elf, Dara, who was turned into Redanian Spy (played by Wilson Mbomio). Apart from that, the Owl was seen to be changing the balance of power of the whole continent.

In the endings of the witcher season 2, episode 8th, the Owl’s human form was revealed, who was a sorceress named Philippa Eilhart. The character was played by Cassie Clare, a London-based artist, actor, dancer, singer, model, and choreographer.

The Witcher Owl: Philippa Eilhart

The Witcher Season 2 Removed Characters and Scenes in the Final Product
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The Owl’s human form was revealed at the end of The Witcher Season 2, and not much has been shared about her apart from that she is a sorceress and an essential member of Redanian.

It was noticeable that the sorceress, Philippa Eilhart, could shapeshift into an owl. This is a significant achievement, as many of the powerful sorceresses like Yennefer and Tissaia de Vrie cannot do this kind of magic.

The Witcher, Owl, Philippa Eilhart is a popular character, not only known to the viewers of Witcher. But the fans of Andrzej Sapkowski novels and players of The Witcher Video games are familiar with the Owl’s role.

Dijkstra and Philippa were not only workmates but also lovers and were there for each other in the struggles throughout season 2. An example was shown in season 2, during the search of Princess Cirilla, Philippa the Owl, follows Jaskier, the Dandelion, to find out the location of Geralt of Rivia.

From the novels, we know that Philippa is a 300 years old sorceress who plays a negative role in the books and works as an advisor to the King Vizimir of Redania. She plays an essential part in the court of Redania after the death of King Vizimir. An interesting fact about Philippa is that evidence found points to Philippa to be responsible for Vizimir’s death.

The Witcher Season 3: Owl

The Witcher Owl, Philippa Eilhart in The Season 3
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The showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich mentioned that the first two seasons were just the groundwork laid for season 3. The stories depicted in these two seasons are based on the main events that will take place in the upcoming seasons.

In the witcher season 2, the role of Owl was important yet limited; however, her appearance and role in the witcher season 3 will be far more than in season 2. The writing part of Season 2 has already been finalized, and the viewers can expect a fantastic thriller when Philippa Eilhart, Owl, and Geralt of Rivia meet.

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