All Naruto Hand Signs With Image And What They Mean?

The Naruto hand signs are the symbols ninjas use to manipulate chakra, the energy that makes up all their ninja techniques. They can be deadly to the user, but they also prevent the use of jutsu.

Below we look at some of the most common signs. To learn more about them, read on! I hope that you can get the hang of them in no time!

Naruto Hand Signs

1. Bird Sign

The Bird hand sign is based on the Rooster in the Chinese zodiac and represents the element of wind. It is one of Naruto’s most common hand signs and requires an exact motion to achieve.

You should position your middle and ring fingers in a pointed arch and touch your thumbs with the other two. The major Uchiha can only use this hand sign.

Many different characters in the series used the Bird hand sign, which is the most difficult to master.

Naruto Hand Signs Rooster
Naruto Hand Signs Rooster

2. Dragon Sign

The Dragon sign is the vital naruto hand sign based on the Chinese zodiac, and it is the most basic of the signs and is used by Zabuza quite often.

It involves placing the left-hand flat on top of the right fist, connecting the pinkies of both hands, and stacking the corresponding fingers.

The dragon hand sign is used a lot in the anime and is very similar to the Rooster hand sign.

Naruto Hand Signs Dragon

3. Boar

The Boar naruto hand sign is made up of two separate movements. The left thumb should be held out, while the right hand must be straight.

Naruto Hand Signs Boar
Naruto Hand Signs Boar

4. Hare and Horse

The Hare and the Horse are the most common, and they represent the Chinese zodiac animal of the goat. The Chinese zodiac sign of the lion, however, inspire the Horse.

The two are associated with each other and have very distinct characteristics.

They also have similar names, and they symbolize their clan. It is important to remember that each of these ninjas has a different name, so the terms of these hand signs must be unique to the ninja.

Naruto Hand Signs Hare
Naruto Hand Signs Hare
Naruto Hand Signs Horse
Naruto Hand Signs Horse

5. Dog

This particular Naruto hand sign is so far associated with the water element. This is comparatively simple to discuss for the performing perspectives among the above characters.

The ninja has to place their left-hand flat on top of their right fist to perform it.

6. Monkey/ Saru

Sasuke, as his favourite, uses the monkey sign, or we can somewhat simplify it as his signature move.

The monkey naruto hand sign can be easily performed. One has to keep the right hand on top of the left and the thumbs flat on pinkies.

Naruto Hand Signs Monkey
Naruto Hand Signs Monkey

7. Ox/Ushi

The sign is quite common as this is immensely used in the techniques associated with fire, and notably, you can witness every other member of the Uchiha clan using it.

If we talk about the performance of the sign, the fingers need to be spread of both the palms, with right hand horizontal and left one vertical intertwine them.

8. Ram/Hitsuji

The naruto performs this sign quite evidently, as it is a part of Kage Bunshin. As the name itself suggests, it shows peace. For following the procedure, one has to keep the middle and index fingers in a joining position.

Then afterwards, the remaining fingers can be curled in an outside direction and keep them in an envelope position with the hands of opposite fingers.

9. Rat/ Ne

Clans of Nara for displaying their shadow imitation techniques perform this naruto hand sign. To perform this Rat sign, raise your left index and middle fingers, and your right hand will envelop them further. One thing needs to be remembered that the left hand will always be outside.

10. Snake/Mi

This particular has some impactful meanings because of its connection with lightning, earth and wood releases. Thereby, many characters would be seen using this sign in the anime.

One needs to join the hands in a praying position and then place the left thumb outside.

Naruto Hand Signs Snake
Naruto Hand Signs Snake

11. Tiger/Tora

Another somewhat controversial list is Tiger, which is seen performed by Sasuke.

One can also follow the sign. The user must connect their index finger and thumbs and lay them flat while all their other fingers have clapped together.

Naruto Hand Signs Triger
Naruto Hand Signs Triger

Hand signs of Favorite Jutsus

1. Kage Bushin/ Shadow clone

Have you ever wondered what naruto signature sign is since when he acquired knowledge about it in season 1? Well, it’s Kage Bushin. Many can use the signs such as Serpent and Tiger for a rapid result.

2. Chidori

Sasuke has so far mastered the Chidori. It is essential that to perform this one. One must follow the signs such as Ox, Hare and Monkey. Although, it is necessary that a Sharingan might be there for precision.

3. Great fireball technique

The Uchiha clan brought this technique, and it has been in use by Itachi, Sasuke and Obito. For performance purposes, it is necessary to learn Snake, Ram, Monkey, Boar, and horse signs.

4. Summoning

It has been a powerful sign because many characters successfully summon to aid their summoner.

For performing it, one must copy the movements of the hand of boar, dog, bird, monkey and ram signs.

5. Water dragon signs

It has a different place in fans’ minds because of the fight between Zabuza and Kakashi. This technique required a lot of effort and signs,

Ox → Monkey → Hare → Rat → Boar → Bird → Ox → Horse → Bird → Rat → Tiger → Dog → Tiger → Snake → Ox → Ram → Snake → Boar → Ram → Rat → Yang Water → Monkey → Bird → Dragon → Bird → Ox → Horse → Ram → Tiger → Snake → Rat → Monkey → Hare → Boar → Dragon → Ram → Rat → Ox → Monkey → Bird → Yang Water → Rat → Boar → Bird.

6. Dead demon consuming the seal

One of the forbidden techniques, the Dead Demon Consuming Seal, can call upon the power of the Shinigami.

The Third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi, and the fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze, both used it.

The signs of dog, ram, boar, snake, rat, Horse and bird must be followed noticeably.

7. Edo Tensei

It replaces a deceased person’s soul into a vessel and thus restores it.

To use it, one needs to perform snake, tiger, dog and dragon signs in an avid quick manner and thereby seal them by clapping them.

8. Wood release secret technique

As the original wood release user, the First Hokage, Hashirama Senju, could create and control an entire forest.

We repeat it to follow this sign. One must execute the tiger, snake and ram sign.

Naruto hand signs- Real or not

It may come as heartbreaking for many, but the signs are not real at all. They are taken from the concept of Buddhism and Hinduism. They all are fiction but do not allow its user to control the elements of water and fire.


Manga series has a series contribution in its scope, as they have naruto, which Masashi Kishimoto has illustrated.

Surprisingly, the publication began on September 21, 1999, and it carried on till November 10, 2014. The manga has gathered a collection of 72 volumes in tankōbon format.

In naruto part two, we will see naruto trying to save one of his friends, i.e. Sasuke.

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