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What If? Marvel Finally Brings a Key Piece of the Spider Man Mythos to the MCU | SuperHero ERA

What If? Marvel Finally Brings a Key Piece of the Spider Man Mythos to the MCU

Life has changed a lot since the pandemic arrived due to the coronavirus. The Covid-19 came out of nowhere, destructing our lives’ massively and affecting them in every possible way. But somehow, the entertainment industry tried several ways to keep us happy and entertaining in every possible way that they could. The sector also introduced us to a virtual source of amusement, which can be easily personified as a positive change in the role of cinemas and theatres.


What If
What If

Eight different parts of the spider man series are majestic as every other aspect had something different or crispy in it. The ninth part would be “Spiderman: No way home.” Let us have a glance at eight other parts and what special they had in themselves for entertaining the audience-

1. SPIDER-MAN- (2002) – Spider-Man, the first part had everything that the audience would love, a big-budget movie that was thoroughly based on connecting the audience with the character of “Parker.”

2. SPIDER MAN 2- (2004) – Spider Man 2 was the second part in continuance of the first part, which was an improvement to the first part through which “parker” struggled to pay the bills was successful in fantastic everyone with his impeccable humour.

3. SPIDER MAN 3- (2007) – Spider Man 3 was the third part that somehow failed to impress the audience. It was a flop show of overburdening of different villains.

4. THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN- (2012) – The amazing spider man was the fourth part categorized by a young parker who made efforts to fight with a massive lizard.

5. THE AMAZING SPIDER MAN 2- (2014) – The amazing spider man 2 was the fifth part in which peter parker faced many challenges with the villains termed as “Electro” and “Hary Osborn.”

6. SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING- (2017) – The sixth part was a collaboration between Sony and Marvel which gave a new shape to the whole series.

7. SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE- (2018) – The seventh part consists of a child who gets bitten by a special activated radically and thus develops familiar abilities.

8. SPIDERMAN: FAR FROM HOME- (2019) – The eighth part was a mere effort to add effects in the film by producing silliness which thus became a source of amusement for the audience and especially the kids.


What If
What If

Spider-Man: No Way Home is the 9th part in the furtherance of all the previous parts released by the marvel production. In the teaser released by marvel, it is definite that spider-man: no way home will be landing in the cinemas with more villains this time, which will be an enormous challenge for the spider man himself. Spider-Man: no way home will be releasing worldwide on 17th December 2021, directed by a brilliant and energetic human named John Watts.

Marvel’s “What If” Controversy

What If
What If

Marvel has been lately a source of controversy by one or other heated news spread through social media. The topic is somehow different, which is related to another comic series named “What If”. The “What If” series produced by marvel cinematic universe brings out a thrilling story in which the heroes are seen tackling and fighting the deadly virus. While discovering the cause for the spread of the virus, Peter Parker retrieves millions of secrets and shocking treasures hidden from him lately. The “What if” series by marvel has also telecasted “Uncle Ben”, which was neither a shock for the audience nor it emerged as a mere surprise, as he (Uncle Ben) was almost there in every other series produced by renowned “Marvel Cinematic Universe”.


It will be conclusive to say that the “What if” comic series is an awaited series that would fill with suspense, surprises, action, comedy and drama. Perhaps, the plot framed in the series “what if” is somehow similar to the current situation in the world, with people fighting with the deadly virus increased at an increasing rate.


This article will emphasize the role of “What if” in the Marvel universe and try to recapture spider man’s existence in the upcoming version of spider man. It would be further an attempt to justify the role of spider man in the series of “what if”. Thus, the keywords which will target are marvel what if, Spider Man, spider man no way home, what if marvel. But before we jump on “what if”, let’s highlight the different versions of the spider man series and study them briefly.

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