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Ban Seven Deadly Sins - The 5 Weird Facts About Ban Seven

Ban Seven Deadly Sins – The 5 Weird Facts About Ban Seven

We have all seen the Ban Seven Deadly Sins trailer, but did you know that Ban is one of the most complex characters in the series? Here are five lesser-known secrets about Ban’s body or ban seven daily sins that you may not have known.

If you’ve never watched the show, be warned: this article contains spoilers for Season 5. We also want to remind you that the series is currently on Netflix.

5 Weird Secrets

1. Ban can steal the organs

Ban Seven Deadly Sins

Banning from seven daily sins has incredible power. This ability is called Snatch. It allows him to steal powers and physical objects from other beings. Snatch cannot harm another living being, but it can help Ban fight the Demon King.

However, it’s not clear when Ban gained these powers. Despite his powerful abilities, he has never harmed anyone.

2. Ban is immortal

Ban Seven Deadly Sins

Ban seven daily sins are immortal. Because of this, his wounds heal almost instantly, even after he gets killed. Another remarkable fact about Ban is that his blood contains healing properties, too.

The good news is that Ban from seven daily sins is immortal and has extraordinary healing powers. While this isn’t a big secret, it’s definitely interesting to know about Ban.

It’s not all bad. The cult hero Ban is immortal

3. Ban contains healing factors


Besides having the power to heal others, Ban seven daily sins blood is also said to possess healing properties. This ability is essential for Ban because it helps him fight against enemies.

He can use his blood to cure other people and even restore the Forest of the Fairy King.

This healing quality makes his blood the ultimate antidote to all evil. You can even imagine that his blood will restore the Fairy King’s Forest after it is burned down.

Despite being immortal, Ban from seven daily sins body has healing properties. His blood can help other people heal from injuries. In addition, Ban’s blood can restore the Forest of the Fairy King when it is burnt down.

However, while these secrets are not fully revealed in the series, they are fascinating.

4. Ban’s extraordinary powers

Ban Seven Deadly Sins

Ban seven daily sins apart from the powers mentioned above, have more extraordinary abilities such as wiping the army in only one swing, which sets him apart from others in the anime.

He has some super extraordinary concentration powers, which helps him increase his physical abilities to a broader and deeper extent. He uses courcehouse as his weapons, and with that, he can increase the scope of chains, hold its segments together, and bend to any angle.

One can easily see that the courceshouse is specially made for him in the anime.

5. Ban is a master thief


Ban from seven daily sins had some bad habits, which he got addicted to, due to his upbringing during childhood. In his journey of stealing, he met some people who taught him how to steal who is named Zhivago.

There occurs a point in his life when he even steals all the animals present in the kingdom. But, this particular habit paves its way to meet Elaine and acquire the powers of the Fountain of youth.

Afterward, good things start leading his way, as he quits the habit and becomes the king of Benwick with Elaine, his queen.


After knowing these secrets, it is evident that Ban from seven daily sins is a mix of a complete human being.

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