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Batman Just Became DC’s Version of The Witcher

Batman is on a new level, as his look quite resembles that in The Witcher. The article is thus essential to be read.


Batman is the classic comic book hero we have known and loved since his introduction to the world in 1939.

From his humble beginnings as a young orphan thrown into an abusive household, he has risen to become the city’s protector and the superhero known as Batman.

However, the look of Batman in the dark knight of steel quite resembles that of witchers in the witcher series.

The Insights

Batman Just Became DC's Version of The Witcher
Batman Just Became DC’s Version of The Witcher

Some feel that the lack of a third Batman film to start the cycle is a disservice to the franchise as they have seen the heroes grow and change throughout the past seven films.

They also point out that Batman: The Dark Knight does not do as well as the previous instalments in the Dark Knight series when introducing new characters and Batman being a part of Gotham city’s crime-fighting.

Some DC comic book fans, especially those new to the world of Batman comics, have been disappointed with the direction Dark Knight is taking. Nevertheless, the dark knight of steel is all set to strike in front of viewers with new suspense’s, drama and a little dose of comedy.

The Dark Knight rises from the ashes of the current Batman movies and pits the masked crusader against the evil villain, criminals and villains behind the attack that devastated Gotham City.

But in the new series, i.e. the dark knight of steel, Batman would be witnessed protecting the supreme aura of superman and superman’s family.

The Witcher began as a nurtured fantasy series from Andrzej Sapkowski, which followed the adventures of monster hunter Gerald of Rivia. The books were adapted into a critically acclaimed video game series by CD Projekt Red, starring the book’s protagonist.

In the much controversial dark knight of the steel, there would be a universe of DC, wherein the family of superman is still paving their way to survive and live.

The Witcher Season 2 Looks a Better Version Than Season 1
The Witcher Season 2 Looks a Better Version Than Season 1

Though, Bruce would be noticed as the new Witcher, protecting his family from all the magical threats boiling in front of them as a challenge.

While speaking with Taylor, he narrated the story that as a witcher, Bruce will be prominently responsible for being a shield on the family of superman and protecting them at any cost.

As a witcher, Bruce would also be responsible for eliminating the harms of magic, as it can cause problems for superman and his fans in the whole series.

In the end, all that will be disclosed is the death of Jor-el, who is said to be killed by the magical arrow. It seems like this magic perspective will not leave you through this article.

Now, the coins will be spinning off, as the primary duty of DC’s Witcher would be to disclose the death mystery of Jor-el.

Robert Pattinson Reportedly Being Pushed To The Edge By The Batman Director


Batman would be on an ultimately new different level of supremeness, as he would be a matter of consideration in the series.

There has been speculation that The Dark Knight of steel will be a bigger hit with adult viewers than the studio initially planned. This could be an excellent opportunity for DC Entertainment to build their fan base even further.

Let us wait and see where it goes at the end.

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