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Marvel Finally Realizes How Important Black Widow Is To The Avengers

Black Widow is gaining a huge source of attention, and even its importance is getting known to Marvel after self-realization.


“Avengers: Age of Ultron” finally gives us our first look at the new female superhero known as Black Widow.

Black Widow is a member of the futuristic peace-keeping group called The Avengers and has been recruited by Tony Stark for a reason.

Some Insights

Marvel Finally Realizes How Important Black Widow Is To The Avengers
Marvel Finally Realizes How Important Black Widow Is To The Avengers

It’s been established that The Avengers need her, i.e., Black Widow helps to track down and recruit The Hulk, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see her come into play in this movie as well.

It’s been established that Dr. Bruce Banner is The Hulk’s primary doctor, but we don’t know whether he has some control over The Hulk or not or if this version of the character is even human in the first place.

There’s no doubt that Dr. Bruce Banner is an essential part of the team, as is Rhodey, but what’s important about him is that he knows how to use technology to fight crime.

In the comics, bruce is a scientist who created a Gamma Orb device, which amplifies an individual’s strength by generating incredible amounts of gamma energy.

It is imagined that we might not see bruce and black widow’s romance in the story.

Dr. Bruce

Disney Settles Black Widow Lawsuit With Scarlett Johansson
Disney Settles Black Widow Lawsuit With Scarlett Johansson

Bruce is forced to turn to Banner for help once again, only this time with a purpose. Once he learns how to harness the power of Gamma Orb, he realizes how important this device is to the team.

Once you watch the end of the film, you will understand why Dr. Banner is the team’s leader. He knows what needs to be done and how to do it. Nevertheless, Dr. Strangelove plays a significant role because he realizes that Bruce Banner is a worthy candidate for leadership.

It took a long time for Banner to become the man he is, and now that chance has presented itself, he jumps in.

When you consider that Dr. Strangelove played on and off-screen for years to build his character, it is incredible that he has been given a chance to lead the team now.

Marvel’s love for Black Widow

It was not a big surprise for Marvel to bring Black Widow into their comic book universe. After all, she was one of the notable characters from the Captain America comics.

She had also appeared in some Civil War comics, but her appearance in the MCU film The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes made fans start wondering if she would appear in future films.

Well, it looks like Agents of S.H.I.T. may introduce her to the MCU through her role will most likely be that of a supporting character in some other story.

In the comics, she works for HYDRA’s underground organization though her name is given as “The Black Widow” rather than “Widow” in the film.

The Black Widow is an expert in hand-to-hand combat, specializing in lethal attacks on her enemies from close range.

That is not all that she has; however, she is skilled with weaponry as well. She is also a skilled spy (a naughty teacher) who can track down her targets and bring them to the brink of death or injury.

When Black Widow Is Set In The MCU Timeline (DURING Civil War)
Credit – Marvel

She goes by several different names in the comic book, including Betty Britten, Jezebel, and Web viewers Curt and Shaka Zulu. In the film, she’s known as Black Widow, butler, nurse, and spy.

There are many reasons why The Black Widow is an essential and favorite character among Marvel fans. One of the most notable is her relationship with Steve Rogers, who she always knows that he is there for her since he saved her life during World War II.

Another reason why Black Widow is such a fan favorite is her beauty; she stands about 6 feet tall and has gray hair.

Her costume is very detailed and has a bodice made of a red material that matches, i.e., Black Widow’s hair. Other than that, she’s pretty much painted the same way as everyone else, even from her appearances in the comics.


The Black Widow will most likely appear in future films and spin-offs so that we can get some more solid character details for the character.

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