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Call Of the Night Season 2: Release Date Predictions + Plot Spoilers

Call Of The Night Season 2, are the vampires back?

Vampire-based stories are highly prevalent in modern culture, be it representation in movies or TV shows, and anime has also had its fair share.

Series like Hellsing Ultimate, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, and Blood+ have been critically acclaimed worldwide for portraying the blood-sucking buzzards.

While vampire-based animes have become less frequent, Summer 2022 was privy to one such series as the anime adaption of Kotoyama s’ manga, Call of the Night, which hit the small screens.

The plot follows teenager Kou Yamori who has been depressed since being rejected by a classmate and struggles to grasp the concept of love.

The gloomy Kou stops going to school, and because of his dissatisfying life, he begins wandering the lonesome streets at night. 

During one insomnia-induced walk, Kou encounters a strange yet beautiful girl named Nazuna Nanakusa. 

She explains to Kou that people with an unfulfilling day tend to stay awake at night to release their inhibitions.

Nazuna offers to help Kou and take him to her place to sleep, wherein they share a bed. Despite the unexpected help, Kou is uncomfortable and only pretends to doze off.

It’s then revealed that Nazuna is a vampire as she bites Kou on the neck and sucks his unusually-tasting blood.

Kou is worried that he will turn into a vampire, but Nazuna informs him that it is not that simple. 

To become a vampire, one needs to be bitten by someone one loves, prompting Kou to abandon his loveless life and become a vampire by loving Nazuna.

Can Kou fall in love with Nazuna and escape his dreary past life is the central plot of the show.

Call of the Night Season One was a relative success, so much so post its conclusion, fans were already asking if there would be a second season or not.

To find the answer, keep scrolling as we bring you all the latest news and updates on Call of the Night Season 2.

Call of the Night is rated 8/10 and ranked #562 with 490k members on MyAnimeList


what is The CALL OF NIGHT Season 2 release date
Source by Liden Films

Call of the Night Season One aired from 8th July 2022 to 30th September 2022 for 13 episodes.

As of writing, there is no update from studio Liden Films on the renewal of Call of the Night Season 2.

Call of the Night Season 18th July 2022
Call of the Night Season 2Yet to be Announced

As mentioned earlier, Call of the Night season one received positive reviews as it was the highest-rated supernatural romance series of Summer 2022.

Financially, the anime adaptation has seen to give a boost to the Call of the Night manga sales, enough even to land the series on Oricon’s Top 20 list for July.

Fans seem to enjoy the character dynamics of the protagonists, which is further evidenced by its IMDB user review ratings.

Call of the Night Episode 17.7
Call of the Night Episode 27.6
Call of the Night Episode 37.8
Call of the Night Episode 47.7
Call of the Night Episode 57.5
Call of the Night Episode 67.6
Call of the Night Episode 78.3
Call of the Night Episode 87.4
Call of the Night Episode 97.9
Call of the Night Episode 107.2
Call of the Night Episode 118.2
Call of the Night Episode 127.7
Call of the Night Episode 138.0
Source: IMDB

While the reviews and ratings are mostly in favor, a crucial factor for renewal will be the availability of studio and source material.

Unfortunately, the 2023 release schedule for studio Liden Films is stacked with as many as six new animes ready to premiere.

But in some ways, this is also positive news as we can see studio Liden Films is capable of handling multiple projects in a year which is essential for sequels.

The studio should not face any problems regarding lack of source material as, at most, eight volumes are available for producing Call of the Night Season 2.

Considering the busy schedule of Liden Films, it is unlikely that Call of the Night Season 2 will happen any time soon.

At best, we can hope for some updates on the Call of the Night season 2 trailer and Call of the Night season 2 release date by Summer 2024.


Source by Liden Films

Call of the Night manga is written and illustrated by Kotoyama. It began serialization in Weekly Shonen Sunday on 28th August 2019.

The manga has been collected into 15 volumes, with the latest issue released on 16th March 2023.

In 2020, the manga was nominated for the 6th Next Manga Awards and placed 7th out of the 50 nominees with 15,134 votes.

The series ranked 8th on the “Nationwide Bookstore Employees’ Recommended Comics of 2021” by the Honya Club website. 

In 2023, the series won the 68th Shogakukan Manga Award in the shōnen category, along with Ao no Orchestra.

As of March 2023, the Call of the Night manga series has sold 4 million copies for volumes 1-15.

Yofukashi no Uta manga is rated 8.1/10 and ranked #515 with 71k members on MyAnimeList


_Call Of the Night Season 2 PLOT
Source by Liden Films

In the finale of Call of the Night season one, “Call of the Night,” Hatsuka and Kou arrive at the former s’ place, wherein Kou sits on his char while Hatsuka takes a shower while asking for a towel, Hatsuka reveals himself as a male.

Nazuna contemplates whether Kou wants to be a vampire but insists Nico harm him. However, Nico is not best pleased with Kou who fails to keep his end of the deal and promises to kill him.

Seeing the smashed table, Hatsuka offers to turn Kou into a vampire who would ensure his and Nazuna s’ safety.

While Kou is attracted to Hatsuka, he refuses as he intends to be turned only by Nazuna.

Kou rushes to the rooftop where he met the other vampires before, with Nico trying to dissuade him from finding Nazuna, stating that she left and will not talk to him. 

 Kou runs away and decides to look for Nazuna on his own after angrily telling Nico to shut up. 

He finally reunites with her at the vending machine where they first met. Nazuna quietly promises to become a vampire worth falling in love with and kisses Kou.

Call of the Night season one covered till Volume 5: Chapter 46 of the manga, which means Call of the Night Season 2 will begin by adapting Volume 5: Chapter 47.

Kou is assessing the pros and cons of becoming a vampire since starving and self-denial is poignant after transforming.

Meanwhile, Nazuna contributes by stating that vampire life is a new normal and could become dull as the years roll on.

The seed of future vengeance was sown when teenage Anko Uguisu’s father was turned into a vampire during an affair after regularly cheating on Anko’s mother. 

Young Anko was tempted to become a vampire to escape her troubled home life.

During what was supposed to be a family reconciliation, her parents died in a tragedy that left poor Anko in anguish. 

Transformed into a vampire hunter, the detective has been stalking vampires for the last ten years and has learned their weaknesses by investigating their human lives.

Yofukashi no Uta Season 2 characters will see Kou s’ life getting complicated as the police are after him. 

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_Call Of the Night Crest CAST,CHARACTER AND CREW
Source by Liden Films

Call of the Night is directed by Tetsuya Miyanshi and Tomoyuki Itamura, while the series is scripted by Michiko Yokote.

Characters are designed by Haruka Sagawa, and the music is composed by Yoshiaki Dewa. 

Art and Sound are directed by Norihiko YokoMatsu and Eriko Kimura.

Animation is produced by the studio Liden Films, with Haruka Sagawa as the chief animation director.

You can find the list of Call of the Night characters and voice cast below:

 Kо̄ YamoriGen Sato
 Nazuna NanakusaSora Amamiya
 Hatsuka SuzushiroAzumi Waki
 Nico HirataEri Kitamura
 Seri KikyōHaruka Tomatsu
 Akihito AkiyamaHiroyuki Yoshino
 Mahiru SekiKensho Ono
 Anko UguisuMiyuki Sawashiro
 Midori KohakobeNaomi Ōzora
 Kabura HondaShizuka Itou
 Kiyosumi ShirakawaYōko Hikasa
 Akira AsaiYumiri Hanamori
 AzusaIkumi Hasegawa
 MatsudaMichiru Sato
 MioRika Nagae
 ArisaSaori Ōnishi


Source by Liden Films

The success of season one surely warrants a renewal but looking at the busy schedule of the studio, and fans have to wait before anything transpires for Call of the Night Season 2.

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