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Case Study Of Vanitas Season 3: Release Date Confirmed?

Case Study Of Vanitas Season 3: Renewed or Cancelled + Release Date Predictions

Case Study Of Vanitas Season 3, when will it happen?

Vampire-based animes have provided some of the best supernatural content over the years, with series like Hellsing Ultimate, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, and Blood+ receiving critical acclaim.

While the portrayal of bloodsucking buzzards has become less frequent, Summer 2021 was privy to one such series as the anime adaption of Jun Mochizuki hit the small screens.

The plot follows Vampire Vanitas, who has been desolating after being scorned by others for being born under a blue moon. 

Legend has it that Vanitas created a cursed grimoire called “Curse of Vanitas,” which he would use to bring retribution on all vampires born under the crimson moon.

In the nineteenth century, Paris, Noé Archiviste is looking for the famous Book of Vanitas. While going on board a carrier, he is saved from a vampire assault by a whimsical doctor who considers himself Vanitas and conveys the very book he seeks.

Unexpectedly, the self-proclaimed vampire expert is a simple human who acquired his name and the book from his lord, a similar Vanitas of legend. 

As the odd case of the Charlatan’s Parade crops up, the doctor’s ability to restore sanity to vampires by recovering their true names will prove most beneficial.

Noé and Vanitas join forces to heal vampires, but there lurks a threat of some unknown force named Charlatan, which may be responsible for corrupting the sick vampires.

Case Study Of Vanitas has been well received, and post the conclusion of season two, fans have been wondering if there will be a third season or not.

To find the answer, keep scrolling as we bring you all the latest news and updates on the Case Study Of Vanitas Season 3.

Case Study Of Vanitas is rated 7.9/10 and ranked #727 with 473k members on MyAnimeList


what is The Case Study Of Vanita season 3 release date
Source by Bones

Case Study Of Vanitas Season one aired from 3rd June to 18th September 2021 for 12 episodes. The series was renewed for a second season which aired from 31st December 2021 to 2nd April 2022 for 12 episodes.

As of writing, there is no update from Studio Bones on the renewal of the Case Study Of Vanitas Season 3.

The Case Study Of Vanitas Season 13rd July 3 2021
The Case Study Of Vanitas Season 231st December 2021
The Case Study Of Vanitas Season 3Yet to be announced

Production studios consider various commercial and financial metrics before announcing a renewal.

As mentioned earlier, The Case Study of Vanitas has seen a positive reception from fans and consequently was one of the top-rated anime of Summer 2021.Financially, the anime boosted the Vanitas no Karte manga sales for July 2021.

While the reviews and ratings are in favour, a crucial factor for renewal will be the availability of source material and studio 

Unfortunately, the first and second seasons adapted the available nine out of ten volumes of the manga which means there is no source material left for Case Study Of Vanitas Season 3.

Considering only a single volume is released annually, it is highly unlikely that sufficient source material will be available any time soon.

Furthermore, when a studio tends to adapt the entire source material, it is usually an indication that the creators have finished their job of promoting the manga.

Studio Bones is one of the most popular production houses, with series like My Hero Academia, Bungo Stray Dogs, and Mob Psycho 100 under their belt.

Currently, the studio has four new projects scheduled for future release, which include mainstream series like My Hero Academia 7 and Bungo Strat Dogs 5.Hence, it is unlikely that Studio Bones will find either time or staff to produce the Case Study Of Vanitas Season 3.

While the anime isn’t officially canceled, the hope of any update on the Case Study Of Vanitas Season 3 trailer and Case Study Of Vanitas Season 3 release date could be a multiyear wait.


Case Study Of Vanitas MANGA CATCHUP
Source by Bones

The Case Study of Vanitas is written and illustrated by Jun Mochizuki. It began serialization in Monthly Gangan Joker on 22nd December 2015.

The manga has been collected into ten volumes, with the latest issue released on 20th May 2022.

As of June 2021, The Case Study of Vanitas has sold over 5.5 million copies in sales.

Vanitas no Karte manga is rated 8.5/10 and ranked #138 with 57k members on MyAnimeList


_Case Study Of Vanitas Season 3 PLOT
Source by Bones

In the finale of Case Study of Vanitas Season Two, “His Wish,” Vanitas gets the unprotected Noé under his control, yet he can’t force himself to plunge into the blade. 

Mikhail indignantly releases the full force of his grimoire and approaches vampires to annihilate everybody, except he has no control over its power. Dominique safeguards everybody with her command over ice, however, when Mikhail attacks Vanitas, the grimoire harms him. 

The teacher shows up as a young fellow, conceding that he was the person who saved Mikhail. He currently goes by the name of Count of St Germain and leaves with Mikhail. 

The following day, Mikhail returns to track down Vanitas and Noé on the housetop. Vanitas makes sense that he killed Luna on the grounds that an obscure individual had reviled the Blue Moon Vampire. 

Looking for the guilty party is the explanation Vanitas treats reviled vampires, and he will not join Mikhail. 

When Mikhail leaves, Vanitas ponders his previous activities, and although he commits to proceed with his mission, he is sorry to Noé, whom he presently views as a companion.

Case Study of Vanitas Season Two is covered till the ninth volume of the manga, which means Case Study of Vanitas Season 3 will begin by adapting Volume 10.

Vanitas no Karte Season 3 characters, primarily Vanitas and Dominque, will have to overcome self-loathing in any way possible.

Tricked by Mikhail, Noé raises his blade against Vanitas, and a bloody battle ensues! Will this be the end of one of them?

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Source by Bones

Case Study of Vanitas is directed by Tomoyuki Itamura and scripted by Deko Akao and Takami Ikami.

Characters are designed by Yoshiyuki Ito, who also serves as the chief animation director, and the music is composed by Yuki Kajiru.

The art is designed by Shuhei Tada, while the animation is produced by Studio Bones.

You can find the list of Cast Study of Vanitas characters and voice cast below:

 Noé ArchivisteKaito Ishikawa
 VanitasNatsuki Hanae
 DominiqueAi Kayano
 TeacherAkira Ishida
 AstolfoAyumu Murase
 JeanneInori Minase
 RolandKengo Kawanishi
 JohannKoji Yusa
 MurrMiyu Komaki
 RicheRiho Kuma
 LucaShino Shimoji
 DanteTarō Kiuchi
 OlivierTomoaki Maeno
 RuthvenToshiyuki Morikawa
 VeronicaYōko Hikasa
 MikhailMikako Komatsu
 AmeliaNoriko Shitaya
 ChloeRie Kugimiya


Source by Bones

Due to a lack of source material and the busy schedule of the studio, the chances of the Case Study Of Vanitas Season 3 happening appear bleak.

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