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Does the Witcher Game Series Have Gambling? | SuperHero ERA

Does the Witcher Game Series Have Gambling?

Worldwide, gamers love the Witcher game series. It is renowned for its epic world design, engaging questlines, and intriguing characters and story developments. It is known for its in-depth story surrounded by gambling, drinking, and sex.

In 2022, CD Projekt RED announced the new Witcher Saga in development on the Unreal Engine 5 with a strategic partnership with Epic Games. Despite this news, it is believed that Witcher 4 will retain what made it good in the first place: its world, lore, narrative design, and overall atmosphere. 

This means that we will most likely see elements of gambling, sex, and betting in future iterations. As in their past games, the developer does not shy away from these mature components. Gamers know the infamous Witcher 2 Dice Poker quest.

As soon as the protagonist, Geralt, gets a set of dice poker in the game, it prompts a challenge to beat opponents throughout Temeria. For those who love a thrilling online gambling experience, Bovada’s crypto blackjack games will do the trick. 

Like gambling in the Witcher series, with Bovada, you can experience engaging user-friendly games, which are secure, convenient, and fun to play. It offers a unique way to assess your skills and potentially win big. 

Dice Poker

In Witcher 2, Dice Poker involves a Witcher Dice Poker board with five dice per player. To win, the goal is to throw your best hand from the three rolls. Moreover, if you want to re-roll the dice, you can raise your bets.

The reason it is named “poker” is because of its innovative way of combining both poker games and casino dice. The score is based on the numbers landed. Poker terms involve Two Pairs, Three-of-a-kind, and Full House. 

Among gamers and fans, the Witcher Dice Poker board is quite popular. Hundreds of online video tutorials and guides feature how to master this mini-game. Unfortunately, even though the quest became famous, it did not return to The Witcher 3 due to technical constraints.

Horse Racing

Those who love horse racing will find this beloved sport in Witcher too. As with the third entry, Geralt has his good stead, Roach, who is customizable with improved blinders and saddles. These improvements bring the best out of his horse as it ensures the horse runs faster and isn’t easily distracted.

For those wondering, Temerian horse racing was only available in The Witcher 3. The racetracks take place over open fields. In the horse racing game, the player must play dirty to slow their opponent down. You can also wager on who will win.

Fist Fighting

If you are entertained with some action, players can enjoy Fist Fighting. The Witcher game series will always throw enemies at you, but in fist fighting, you must be more strategic.

To win, you have to simply parry, attack, and dodge until your opponent is bleeding on the ground. In the spirit of gambling, fist fighting bears similarities. Much like underground fight clubs, you and the audience can place wagers on whether or not you will win.

Despite not being as popular as the Witcher 2 dice poker quest, there is still some decent coins to be had.


In Witcher 3, the dice poker in the earlier entry was replaced by Gwent. This game involves aspects of luck and strategic thinking, which is similar to the renowned fantasy card game Magic: The Gathering. 

Simply, the game is a battle of cards with Temerian themes of Nilfgaardian soldiers, monsters, and Scoia’tael warriors. Players can take turns placing cards out on the table. To win, you must emerge victorious two out of three rounds. 

The good news is you don’t have to own the Witcher game to play Gwent for free. CD Projekt RED has provided fans the chance to download Gwent on Android, iOS, and PC to play online. 

There may be online microtransactions you need to pay to get extra cards or faction card packs to genuinely enjoy the experience. 


There are many gamblers who enjoy betting on esports. Many video games pit players against other players. This is where Gwent Masters come in.

Gwent Masters is the official iGaming series for the Witcher franchise in esports, hosting several seasons and tournaments for punters to wager on. It consists of open competitions, qualifiers, and the Gwent Master World Championship. 


Although the Witcher game series is famous among video gamers and fans alike, its gambling elements have taken the punting world by storm. Even if you might not enjoy gambling, wagering Temerian coins in-game with no risk is a fun hobby. It presents a safe way to win or lose bets without losing any real money.

How the world of Witcher presents itself justifies the elements of gambling within it. It’s filled with fantastic components while retaining real-world aspects. It is truly an amazing series. 

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