I Bet You Didn’t Know These 7 Things About The Deathless Mother

In The Witcher Season 2, one of the biggest villains in the series is The Deathless Mother, Voleth Meir; here are a few things that fans might not be aware of.

The ‘Most-Viewed’ Series on Netflix, The Witcher, takes you on a journey with a righteous witcher, Geralt of Rivia, a powerful sorcerer, Yennefer of Vengerberg and a child surprise who is prophesized to be the end of the world, Princess Cirilla of Cintra, Ciri.

The witcher cast includes Henry Cavill (Geralt of Rivia), Anya Chalotra (Yennefer of Vengerberg) and Freya Allan (Ciri), who are fighting with the world most dangerous and biggest villains. One of which is The Deathless Mother, also known as Voleth Meir.

Voleth Meir, an evil-minded who tricks people and gets stronger with others’ pain and suffering, appears in the Netflix adaptation of The Witcher’s gaming franchise. Voleth Meir is assumed to be the main villain in the series but not disclosed before the Witcher Season 2. The Elves talks about Deathless Mother as a kind-hearted God, but the humans tell her evil tales.

The truth about Voleth Meir is somewhere in between the minds of Elves and Humans. The source and extremes of her powers are unknown, as the concept was introduced, not elaborated in the witcher season 2. However, the mystery will unravel in the witcher season 3, which might show a deep connection between Witchers, Ciri’s powers, the weird crystals and Voleth Meir.

Here we will be sharing seven things about the Deathless Mother, Voleth Meri, of which viewers are not aware.

7. Deathless Mother: A Type of Demon

I Bet You Didn't Know These 7 Things About The Deathless Mother
Source by Witcher

In the Witcher Season 2, before the final reveal of Deathless Mother’s face, there were many stories about which were told her on the Continent. Francesca, the leader of the Elves, worshipped the Deathless Mother as she was by her ancestors.

However, instead of Elves, Fringilla, a powerful mage, who was then captured by the Elves, told the story of Voleth Meir. Fringilla tells that she saw a vision where a dangerous hag was living in the forest that hunts children. The story was acknowledged and confirmed by Francesca, and it then led to the revelation of Voleth Meir’s face.

Voleth Meir is neither a God nor a human and nor a sorcerer, but a demon. Voleth Meir is a demon who has dark Elf blood in her veins which originated during the Conjunction of Spheres. Before the Conjunction of Spheres, the monsters never existed on the Continent. Nonetheless, more information will be revealed about Deathless Mother in the witcher season 3.

6. Deathless Mother Feeds on Pain

I Bet You Didn't Know These 7 Things About The Deathless Mother

As mentioned earlier, in The Deathless Mother, Voleth Meir grows powerful with others’ pain. In the Witcher Season 2, when Yennefer, Fringilla and Francesca go into a cave on the way to meet Deathless Mother, it is revealed later that Voleth Meir feeds on others’ pain and suffering through her tricks of granting wishes.

Nevertheless, Deathless Mother, an antagonist, is a deceiving being who is never honest about her wants. She appears to the victim in the shape of someone from their memories; as to Fringilla, she appeared as the White Flame, the emperor of Nilfgaard. In the shape of others, the Deathless Mother tricks the victim by granting their wishes.

The wishes, when fulfilled, come with a cost that the victim couldn’t bear, which leads to pain. The pain, Voleth Meir, needs to grow more powerful. In the Witcher Season 2, when her quota of pain and suffering got full, Voleth Meir then escaped the hut she was bonded to and then possessed Ciri.

5. Voleth Meir: Tormenting Humans Since the Conjunction of Spheres

I Bet You Didn't Know These 7 Things About The Deathless Mother
Source by Witcher

The Conjunctions started 1500 years ago, and since then, the Deathless Mother, Voleth Meir, has been torturing humans on the Continent. In the Witcher Season 2, one episode named ‘Turn Your Back’ includes Istredd talking about the history of the appearance of monsters and the obelisks on the Continent.

The true connection between the Elves and the Deathless Mother is still unknown. But, there is some connection between The Wild Hunt and Ciri’s power, as hinted in the Witcher Season 2. It turned out that Voleth Meir possessed Ciri just the intention to go back home, which was in another sphere.

When Ciri went into another sphere trying to release Voleth Meir from her body, Ciri, Geralt, and Yennefer saw the Wild Hunt who was coming after Ciri and asking her to join their army. The question of how the Wild Hunt knew about Ciri will be answered in the upcoming seasons of the Witcher.

4. Voleth Meir’s Hut: Baba Yaga’s Reference

I Bet You Didn't Know These 7 Things About The Deathless Mother
Source by Witcher

A chant repeated by Francesca, which was about the little house in the forest, “Hut of brown, now sit down.” The chant reminded some of the viewers who used to play old Sierra CRPG games.

The old poem/chant was always perceived as dangerous, as Snow White and Gretel will tell anyone. In the Witcher Series on Netflix, too, it is used frequently for some kind of bargain.

It reminded me of popular culture references, which are the most favourite one in the history of witches, which is Baba Yaga. The appearance of Baba Yaga is always linked to the little house in the woods. Along with the little house, Baba Yaga is standing on the giant chicken feet, and the visitors should know the chant in order to get to the door.

3. Voleth Meir: Witchers were Created to Fight Her

I Bet You Didn't Know These 7 Things About The Deathless Mother

The Witchers, popularly known for hunting down the most horrifying and dangerous monsters in the history of the Continent. The Witchers came to the Continent after the Conjunction of Spheres when the monsters were created and were trying to harm others. The dangerous monster or biggest villain is Voleth Meir, which is considered under the category of hunts of Witchers.

In the Witcher Season 2, the episode named ‘Voleth Meir’, a brief about the first of the Witchers in history fighting with the Deathless Mother and trapped her in a hut in the forest. In Fringilla, Francesca and Yennefer’s dreams or vision, Deathless Mother appeared in a hut.

The defeat of Voleth Meir by the first of the Witchers resulted in incaging her in a hut; it is one of the biggest and most successful victories in the history of the Continent. However, some hints are given at the end of the witcher season 2, indicating another connection between Witchers and Voleth Meir, under the Witcher’s memorial tree.

2. Deathless Mother Just Wanted to go Home

I Bet You Didn't Know These 7 Things About The Deathless Mother
Source by Witcher

In the Witcher Season 2, when Francesca, Fringilla and Yennefer meet with the Deathless Mother, who was shown to trick them by becoming one of the people from their memories to ask for their wishes and desires. The question is, why does Voleth Meir have to use these tricks? What does she want?

The answer to all the chaos is too easy. The Deathless Mother only wanted to go back to her home. She uses Ciri’s power to break monoliths; the weird stones help in opening portals to another sphere. At the end of the Witcher Season 2, it was revealed that Voleth Meir was just wanted to go home, as when Ciri went into another sphere, Voleth Meir released her body happily.

1. Deathless Mother Only Appears in Netflix Series

I Bet You Didn't Know These 7 Things About The Deathless Mother
Source by Witcher

Some of the huge historical events like the Conjunction of Spheres are a part of the Witcher Franchise. These historical events are taken from the foundation, the books and the video games. These events are crucial to the story as they explain the origin and creation of the monsters, mages, and the Witchers.

The event of Deathless Mother in the Witcher Series was there because of the historical events, but it was only created for the Netflix Series.

The Witcher Season 2 on Netflix introduce the character Voleth Meir, the Deathless Mother, who at the end turned into one of the biggest villains in the series. The viewers have seen only a part of her potential, but more will be revealed.

At the end of the last season, it was hinted that there is a connection between Witchers and the Deathless Mother, which includes the weird crystals, but how they are connected and why will be explained in the Witcher Season 3.

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