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Dr. Stone Season 3 Title And Release Date Confirmed + Teaser Revealed

Dr. Stone Season 3 gets a release window as tv special reveals first look!

Our favourite post-Armageddon Doctor is back for a third season, and we can’t wait for him to cure the world. Based on Riichiro Inagaki s’ manga series and anime adaption by TMS Entertainment, Dr. Stone which began airing in 2019, has taken the anime community by storm within two seasons.

The premise is set on the unfortunate date of 3rd June 2019, when a greenish light swept the world into a cluster and turned every living thing into a lifeless stone. Within 1 hour of its spread, the light had completely eviscerated all life forms and bought the world to a haunting halt. 

The light at a speed of 32,000km/h had warped the whole of mankind and turned them into statues. This event triggers the start of a whole chain of events in which the characters have to not only survive but also bring the world back to resemble some normalcy. 

The story is set in the post-apocalyptic world, where a mysterious event has turned all life forms into stone. 

Dr. Stone, aptly titled, follows the protagonist Senku Ishigami, who has woken up after 3700 years of Petrification and embarks on a journey with his friends Taiju Oki and Yuzuriha Ogawa to save mankind.

In the Stone World, Senku Ishigami aspires to find the cause of the Petrification, revive civilization and bring Science and Technology back by establishing the state, Kingdom of Science.

The central conflict of Dr. Stone revolves around Senku finding the cause and source of the Petrification and eventually rebuilding civilization with real-world modern Technology. 

Dr. Stone has become one of the most popular shonen animes as fans have enjoyed the high-stakes post-apocalyptic sci-fi so much so moments after the second season ended, the demand for a third installment was massive.

The good news is Dr. Stone season 3 is on the cards, but when will it release? Keep scrolling to get the answer as we bring you the latest news and updates on Dr. Stone season 3.

Dr. Stone is rated 8.2/10 and ranked #249 with 1.5 million members on MyAnimeList.


Source by TMS Entertainment

Dr. Stone Season one aired from 5th July 2019 to 13th December 2019 for 24 episodes. The series was renewed for a second season which aired from 14th July 2021 to 25th March 2021 for 11 episodes.

Dr. Stone season 3 was announced after the conclusion of the second season, and in July 2022, Dr. Stone Season 3 release date window was confirmed as April 6th, 2023.Furthermore, a Dr. Stone Season 3 teaser was revealed, confirming the title of the third season as Dr. Stone New World.

Dr. Stone Season 15th July 2019
Dr. Stone Season 24th July 2021
Dr. Stone Season 3April 2023

The episode count is yet to be confirmed but based on the manga’s pacing, Dr. Stone season 3 can be a split cour. Additionally, Dr. Stone Season 3 trailer is yet to be released, which can be expected in Jump Festa 2023.

Meanwhile, you can watch the Dr. Stone Season 3 trailer below:


Source by TMS Entertainment

Dr. Stone manga is written by Riichiro Inagaki and illustrated by Boichi. It began serialization in Weekly Shonen Magazine on 6th March 2019 and ended on 7th March 2022. The manga has been collected into 26 volumes, with the latest issue released on 4th July 2022.

Following the Manga finagle, it was revealed that Dr. Stone manga had reached 13 million in circulation while volume 24 was ranked #2 in the Top 10 weekly Manga Ranking from 3rd January 2022 and 9th January 2022.

Writer Riichiro Inagaki shared a message via his Twitter, thanking the fans for their continued support over the past five years.

Dr. Stone manga is rated 8.2/10 and ranked #399 with 167k members on MyAnimeList

Source: Oricon


Source by TMS Entertainment

In the final episode of Dr. Stone season 2, “Prologue of Dr. Stone” we see Chrome and Tsukasa get together and build an empire consisting of scientific civilization. Kohaku and Homura are caught while a manga artist is revived by Gen.

Yo intends to repair back the broken statues as part of making up for them as Senku instructs how to make super glue to seal the wounds. Senku builds a refrigerator and keeps the dead Tsukasa inside as he promises to revive him.

An assembly is called to find out the secret of Petrification, and a ship will be constructed to explore the world.

The second season ended in Volume 10: Chapter 83 of the manga, which means Dr. Stone Season 3 begins by adapting Chapter 84, i.e., Age of Exploration Arc.

Although building a ship is planned, no one, including Senku, nobody, knows the mechanics of how to construct one, and hence Ishigami Village called in for help and inspiration.

The ship construction turns into a contest wherein Magma looks to trump Senku s’ design; however, the latter comes up top as his idea of sailing a ship with a motor wins.

Now with a ship in place, Senku needs a captain to take command and ask the Reporter to search for a worthy candidate. Reporter’s search leads to a petrified Ryusui Nanami, who is revived. 

Ryusui looks at the ship model and raises concerns over using coal and suggests digging up oil instead. In return for his services, Ryusui demands oil rights whose transaction will be set up using the Drago Currency.

Dr. Stone Season 3 characters will be going on a voyage to find the hidden mysteries of the world and find out the truth about the petrification.

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Source by TMS Entertainment

Dr. Stone anime is directed by Shinya Lino and scripted by Yuichiro Kido. Characters are designed by Yuko Iwasa, and animation is produced by TMS Entertainment. Music is composed by Tatsuya Kato, Hiroaki Tsutsumi, and Yuki Kanesaka.

You can find the list of Dr. Stone characters and voice cast below:

 Taiju ŌkiMakoto Furukawa
 SenkuYūsuke Kobayashi
 HomuraAki Toyosaki
 HyōgaAkira Ishida
 GinroAyumu Murase
 ChromeGen Sato
 Yuzuriha OgawaKana Ichinose
 SuikaKarin Takahashi
 GenKengo Kawanishi
 KohakuManami Numakura
 RuriReina Ueda
 KokuyoTetsuo Kanao
 KinroTomoaki Maeno
 MagmaYasuhiro Mamiya
 Tsukasa ShishioYūichi Nakamura


Source by TMS Entertainment

The sci-fi adventure of Dr. Stone will continue its third season when Summer 2023 rolls on ten billion percent.

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