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Full News: Dr Disrespect Twitch Ban, According To Rumor From CoD VA

According to a Call of Duty voice actor, Dr Disrespect ban was declared officially by Twitch after the organization’s support in contract negotiations.

A voice actor at the call of duty, Jeff Leach, added to the mystery over Dr Disrespect’s prohibition. Despite Dr Disrespect’s assertions that the reasons for the suspension were never explained to him, the prolific livestreamer was suddenly suspended last summer.

Guy Beahm, alias Dr Disrespect, is a retired Call of Duty designer who contributed to Advanced Warfare’s charts. The dev eventually went on to becoming a performer, though not without controversy. The influencer’s most notorious moment occurred at E3, when he livestreamed from within a tub, triggering a temporary ban. None of this was ever enough to convince Twitch to break ties with Dr Disrespect, who is usually encouraged after a brief hiatus. That changed last year for some inexplicable reason.

Was Dr Disrespect ban permanent from Twitch?

Full News Dr Disrespect Twitch Ban, According To Rumor From CoD VA

Twitch banned the DrDisrespect Twitch account on June 26, 2020. Twitch said in a statement about the suspension that when they do not tolerate any misconduct on any of the guodelines and the Terms of Agreement that they have set and as part of their legal procedure, they need to take appropriate measures to avoid any such activity in future. They also added that these rules extend to all streamers, regardless of their rank or community importance.

There have been no specifics published. Dr Disrespect made a tweet on June 27 that as of now, he do not have any idea of why this ban was executed by Twitch for him.

On 16 July, Dr Disrespect made his statement and was interviewed by PC Gamer and The Washington Post, saying that he certainly had no idea why Twitch had prohibited him, that his contracts were still in good standing, that he debunks any “wild rumour” or hypothesis that has grown, and that he is concentrating on his forthcoming Doc 3.0 profile.

Dr Disrespect used his twitter account to share a link of his YouTube channel on August 6 and to suprise his audience, he wrote “Tomorrow, we arrive”. He also came live on the same link shared at the same time, however the viewers only got an audio of a model Champions Club gas station looping.

He stated that he will be streaming the next day at 12:00 p.m. PT. And finally he returned to his stream after an hour delay to his promised time.

Dr. Disrespect and earlier suggested theories behind his suspension

Full News Dr Disrespect Twitch Ban, According To Rumor From CoD VA

Dr Disrespect ban has put on the public in dilemma for a long time. Nobody knows whether or not Dr. Disrespect is sure of the real reason behind his suspension. Several persons, though, say he is aware of the issue, and Dr. Disrespect has backed up those claims.

He may actually be waiting to keep the legal cases secret, as he has previously hinted. Reporters and leakers, on the other hand, such as Slasher, have chosen to keep away from the situation. No one wants to be confronted with facts.

However, this did not preclude Dr Disrespect from beginning hypotheses alone. He addressed the three-cadet hypothesis, which was based on Mixer’s demise, just a few months earlier. He implied that he was barred from Twitch in order to sabotage his lucrative exclusive contract with the network.

The suspension was likely to save money in order to sign three new cadets, rumoured to be Michael “Shroud” and Richard Tyler “Ninja” Blevins at the time. However, this claim was never proven, and Doc’s most recent statement on charity further adds to the confusion. In 2021, the society can hopefully receive some answers.

Dr Disrespect Ban Linked to Mixer

Full News Dr Disrespect Twitch Ban, According To Rumor From CoD VA

In an interview with DanAllenGaming, Jeff Leach, who played Ghost in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, said he had heard rumours about what happened with Dr Disrespect from people he met who worked at Twitch, including that it was linked to the closing of Mixer. “What I’ve learned from a few Twitch employees is that when it was time to renegotiate his deal, he was using Mixer deals as leverage to get a little more money out of Twitch,” Leach said, before clarifying that it’s all rumour and he can’t be positive, though he figured it was credible.

Most people don’t know for sure what happened with Dr Disrespect ban, so Jeff Leach prefaced his theory with that reality. According to Leach’s sources, Doc was about to sign a new deal with Twitch as an exclusive streamer on the website. On the other side, Mixer, was still thriving at the time, with multimillion-dollar exclusive deals signed with streamers like Ninja and Shroud. Mixer may have put in his own offer for Dr Disrespect, which would have been just as expensive.

These discussions took place only before Mixer declared its closure, according to Leach, which prompted Twitch to suspect Dr Disrespect was lying about a bid. Why does a business that is about to close sell anyone millions of dollars to come online for a few days or weeks? Twitch is said to have taken exception to this after supporting the notorious streamer for years and even using him as one of its main streamers after Ninja left for Mixer. The timing seems to be right, as Mixer declared its closing around a week before the ban.

Dr. Disrespect and Twitch are the two ones who are likely to know exactly what occurred. It’s unclear if anything will ever come to light publicly, but for the time being, this is one of the most plausible and concrete reasons for the bizarre case. For the time being, Dr Disrespect can be found on YouTube, where he doesn’t seem to have missed a beat.

A shocking change, Dr. Disrespect announced

Full News Dr Disrespect Twitch Ban, According To Rumor From CoD VA

The community waiting to see a streamer who was permanently banned from Twitch was highly unsure about Dr Disrespect’s future.

On August 6th, as he came to YouTube live, he announced that he would move to the website, but declined to reveal his face. No wonder, on YouTube the next day, he came to draw more than half a million people, reiterating that his charisma was far from over.

In several times, Dr Disrespect chuckled at his ban. He also indicated that as an exclusive contract with Twitch, he was set to earn a heavy amount, implying that the ban on his channel would save all this money. It is unlikely at this stage that Dr Disrespect would still switch back to Twitch. However, until 2021 the explanation for his enigmatic ban can only be unravelled.

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