Next Big Villain of MCU could be Hulk

If you are a fan of comic books and enjoy the fictional world of superheroes and supervillains, you are living at the right time. This is truly a golden era for us comic book lovers since magnificent movie adaptations of our favorite comics are lighting up the silver screen. Back to back great movies from the Marvel Cinematic Universe or MCU have kept us entertained for quite some time now.

Amidst one after the other movies like Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame, hundreds of fan theories are on the rise. The majority of these theories’ primary base is based on comic book storylines and their cinematic adaptations in recent films. One of the most prolific and intriguing characters the fans have loved for ages is “The Hulk.” This character fascinates thousands of people across the globe. This blog is also dedicated to the all-powerful green, muscular superhero who is the alter ego of genius scientist Dr. Bruce Banner, and his probable future.

Hello, friends. Welcome back to the website. Today we are going to discuss the Next Big Villain of MCU could be Hulk.

What Happened To The Hulk?

Hulk is one of our most favorite superheroes from the MCU. This monstrous green figure’s constant urge to go berserk and Dr. Banner’s efforts to keep his alter ego in check has been a treat to watch since the early days of Hulk movies. However, in the latest MCU movie Avengers Endgame, we were introduced to a new and strange version of Hulk.

Hulk is famous for his temper and urges to demolish everything. The uncontrollable power and nearly blinding anger are the signature characteristics of the Hulk. But in Endgame, we witnessed that Bruce Banner merged himself with the Hulk and became Professor Hulk, where he is in control even when in Hulk. It was as if Banner made Hulk disappear and kept his body.

This new development startled not only the fans but other MCU characters as well. You can see that in the diner scene with Captain America and Black Widow. Even Valkyrie said that this Hulk does not seem right.

What Does It Indicate?

With the anger and rage wholly gone, the current MCU Hulk gives way to many possibilities. Even psychology says, suppressing emotions can be dangerous. Banner suppressing Hulk’s feelings and emotions can stress him out in Professor Hulk’s body.

In Future Hulk, we see an alternate version of Professor Hulk, where the suppressed emotions corrupt him and turn him into the Maestro. This character from the Marvel Comics features Hulk’s body with Dr. Banner’s intelligence and becomes an ultimate supervillain.

Comic Book References

There are substantial references from Marvel Comics to fuel this storyline. The storyline of Future Imperfect says that some time-traveler from the future comes to the present either to kill Hulk or treat him before he turns into the Maestro. For this reason, either the Avengers travel to the end of Maestro comes in the past.

Either way, they face off and clash. Even though the Avengers stood victorious, it gave way to another civil war. Civil War II is its continuation where some Avengers under the leadership of Captain Marvel believes that Professor Hulk is sure to become an extremely powerful evil and want to exterminate him. Others refuse to accept it since Professor Hulk has not done anything wrong yet, and it is wrong to brand him evil right away.

This difference of opinion leads to a series of clashes. However, someone tries to kill Hulk from Captain Marvel’s squad in the end, unsuccessfully. This leads to the next chapter of the trilogy, World War Hulk. Here the Hulk, angry and devastated, goes on to a revenge mission against those who are responsible for his current state. This story is full of magnificent battles worth watching.

What is MCU Saying About The Hulk’s Future?

Though there has been no official update from the MCU about the Hulk’s future, the comic book series and cinematic developments so far suggest that there is a high possibility of our beloved Hulk becoming the ultimate evil character on the silver screen, with an action-packed ending like World War Hulk!

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