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HBO Max’s ‘Friends’ reunion drove more sign-ups than any of its other releases this year, new data suggests

The most important generator of HBO max subscribes in 2021 were not exclusive premiers of Blockbuster films such as “Godzilla vs. Kong” or the long-awaited restoration by Zack Snyder of “Justice League.”

Rather, it was a comedy which had no new episode since the office was held by George W. Bush. The “Friends” meeting special from HBO Max seems to be a huge blockbuster for Warner Media streaming. “

Credit : HBO Max

Friends: The Reunion,” released on May 27 after a year-long wait because of the epidemic, has drawn up more new films from the analytics business Antenna this year to Max on its debut weekend in the USA.

Antenna draws information from a number of opt-in panels, including free-testing applications, to track buying and transaction data.

WarnerMedia stated last year that all of Warner Bros.’ 2021 films would be released on the same day in cinemas and on Max. More individuals than others, “Mortal Kombat,” “Godzilla vs. Kong” or “Zack Snyder’s Justice League,” an exclusive Max, have signed in this year’s unique “Friends.”

The difference is seen in the graph below:

Credit : HBO Max

According to Antenna, “Wonder Woman 1984,” which was released to cinemas and Max at the same time in December, is still Max’s top sign-up generator.

However, as vaccination rates have climbed in the United States this year and new movie theatres have opened, moviegoers have become more confident in going to the movies.

For example, the domestic box office for “Godzilla vs. Kong” is approaching $100 million. It debuted in March with $48 million in the United States, a pandemic-best opening (which was recently surpassed by Paramount’s “A Quiet Place Part II”). Despite its movies streaming concurrently on Max, Warner Bros. has mainly controlled the box office so far this year. But when the long-awaited tentpoles of other businesses like “Black Widow” and “Fast and Furious 9” from Disney are released, the box office can be more balanced.

The World’s Best Friends

The show has a major cultural influence over the world. Many of the “Central Perks,” which are named after the coffee shop where the six friends gathered, came together worldwide. At least six Cafés inspired by Friends are available in India. An Iranian entrepreneur has even created a Central Perk coffee shop franchise with 32 locations worldwide. Joey’s slogan, “How You Doin,” has stuck with him ever since. Almost every time actor Matt Le Blanc appears on television; he gets requested to repeat it. On Buzzfeed and other comparable websites, there are a plethora of quizzes asking, “Which FRIENDS character are you?”

freinds 2
Credit : HBO Max

The characters have become certified genres and global references in their own right. ‘Monica’ is the name given to any tidy freak in a circle of friends, whereas ‘Phoebe’ is the name given to the oddball. Jennifer Aniston’s layered hairdo from the show has been dubbed “The Rachel” and has been copied by millions across the world. The show has remained incredibly popular to this day, frequently appearing in Netflix’s top 10 “most seen” lists. The show has generated a Hollywood subculture, with several more shows exploring the theme of “friends living together.”

Teething Troubles

There has been some criticism of the show’s all-white cast throughout the years. In season 10, the authors attempted to remedy this by casting Aisha Tyler as Charlie Wheeler, a fellow paleontologist who dates Ross. However, the lack of diversity on the show is frequently discussed. Monica’s past, which includes her being obese as a teenager, has been widely criticized, and the show’s authors have been chastised in light of the “body positive” trend.


Warner Bros. had been spearheading FRIENDS reunion arrangements for quite some time. The reunion has officially been announced as a “unscripted show” entitled “The One Where They Get Back Together” by HBO. Due to the epidemic, the performance was postponed until May 27, 2021. The cast reminisces on their time on the show in a two-minute teaser that has gone viral and also answers some old concerns; the most pressing of which is “Were Ross and Rachel on a break?”

Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, David Schwimmer, Matthew Perry, Lisa Kudrow, and Matt LeBlanc feature in this show, which was hosted by James Corden and taped on Stage 24 of the Warner Bros studio, which is also where FRIENDS was shot. David Beckham, Lady Gaga, Kit Harrington, Justin Beiber, Mindy Kaling, Reese Witherspoon, and Tom Selleck are among the celebs expected to attend.

freinds 3
Credit : HBO Max

It is not simple for a number to keep rascal-sharp words, narrative characters, well-conservation stories, high chemistry on the screen, and high visuals for ten years. However, friends did it – and never saw the shark (although it came pretty close in season nine, with a weak episode literally titled The One With The Sharks).

Fans of the U.S. comedy sometimes argue that any circumstance in life may be linked to a tale about Friends only half-jokingly. Although certain aspects of the meeting feel a little bit padded, it’s an elegant and pleasant special that won’t deceive aficionados.

Many fans have been longing for a screenplay for years, with the actors taking over their roles in a new film or series. But you can predict how the cast reacts to Corden’s questioning whether he has taken it into account.

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