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House Of The Dragon Season 2 Release Window teased by HBO Executive

House Of The Dragon Season 2 gets a potential release date!

Ever since the inception of Game of Thrones back in 2011, the entire landscape of TV series has drastically changed. The fantasy series based on George RR Martin s’ book surged in a wave of exciting storylines and characters.

Naturally, when an original series does well, production houses tend to look into spin-offs to carry on the hype train, and HBO has done precisely that with House Of the Dragon.

The story is a prequel taking place 200 years before the events of Game of Thrones. The fifth king in the Targaryen dynasty, King Viserys, is facing a succession crisis as her wife Aemma Arryn has passed away after giving birth to an unborn male child.

After being pressured by the council, Viserys decides to name her daughter Rhaenyra Targaryen, the new heir to the iron throne. 

The Kingdom is shocked to learn that a woman is made the successor to the king, but Viserys firmly backs his choice and also remarries to Alicent of House Hightower, who incidentally is the best friend of Rhaenyra Targaryen. 

As time goes by, Viserys s’ health begins to deteriorate, and on his death bed, he tells Alicent that Aegon should be the next king. 

Unaware of the prophecy by Aegon, the first wherein a prince will unite the realm against the cold and Dark, Alicent misunderstands Viserys s’ last words to make his son Aegon the king.

Despite Rhaenyra being confirmed as the queen, Alicent crowns Aegon as the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms and thus lays the seeds for the war between House Targaryen and Hightower.

Who will come out victorious, and what cost each side will have to pay the central plot of the show.

House of the Dragon season one was a massive success as the premier broke the internet, buzzed continuously on social media, and created history by becoming the most-viewed TV series with over 9.9 million views.

Since the finale of season one, fans have been wondering when the second installment will be coming out.

Luckily we now have an answer to that question, so keep scrolling as we bring you all the latest news and updates on House Of The Dragon Season 2.


WHAT IS House Of The Dragon Season 2 release date
Source by HBO

House of the Dragon season one aired from 21st August 2022 to 23rd October 2022 for 10 episodes.

On 22nd Feb 2023, in an interview with Variety, HBO and HBO Max CEO Casey Bloys confirmed that production for the sequel is underway and House Of The Dragon Season 2 release date can be expected to be sometime in 2024.

There will be no dragons before it’s time. With production on Season 2 of the “Game of Thrones” prequel “House of the Dragon” just getting underway, HBO and HBO Max content CEO Casey Bloys confirms that sometime in 2024 “is a good guess” for the hit series’ return — although he’s mum on the exact time of year.


The renewal was announced following the season one finale, which was viewed by 1.85 million people in the USA.

HBO received a fair bit of backlash from the Game of Thrones community on the ending of the original series. But similar to Game of Thrones, HBO has hit the jackpot with House of the Dragon as well.

Although a precise release date is yet to be confirmed by HBO, we can expect House of the Dragon season 2 to premiere around August 2024.


House Of The Dragon Season 2 PLOT
Source by HBO

An official plot is yet to be revealed by the showrunners, but we can expect the storylines and character developments to replicate season one’s success.

HBO and HBO Max CEO Casey stated they want to provide good and memorable scripts to the audience in House of the Dragon Season 2.

“My philosophy is a good script is the number one priority. I am not doing it based on wanting to have one a year two a year. I want to do it based on the scripts that we’re excited about.”

House Of The Dragon novel adaption is from George RR Martin s’ book called Fire and Blood. Akin to its name, House Of The Dragon Season 2 will be the beginning of the war, which is known as Dance of the Dragons.

When the House Of The Dragon Season 2 trailer would be released, it shall offer us more details on which tone the second season will transpire. 

We saw in the finale of season one, Lucerys is inadvertently killed by his half-brother Aemond. The repercussions will be felt by the greens as Rhaenyra will be looking for revenge.

Alicent s’ daughter Helaena Targaryen will bear the brunt of Rhaenyra s’ wrath as her eldest son Jaehaerys is killed by swordsmen Blood and rat catcher Cheese.

The Blacks and Greens will be looking to make allies, and as a result, more lives will be lost. 

A show named House of the Dragons will be incomplete without the flying, fire-breathing creatures. Season one featured 9 nine dragons, and that number will only increase with new dragon riders.



Source by HBO

House of the Dragon was created by Ryan Condal and produced by Karen Wacker,Angus More, Gordon, Alexis Raben, and Kevin Lau.

The music is composed by Ramin Djawadi, and the cinematography is by Fabian Wagner. Miguel Sapochnik and George R. R. Martin served as the executive producers.

You can find the list of House Of The Dragon characters and cast below:

King Viserys I TargaryenPaddy Considine
Prince Daemon TargaryenMatt Smith
Princess Rhaenyra TargaryenEmma D’Arcy
Queen Alicent HightowerOlivia Cooke
Ser Otto HightowerRhys Ifans
Ser Criston ColeFabien Frankel
Lord Corlys ‘The Sea Snake’ VelaryonSteve Toussaint
Princess Rhaenys TargaryenEve Best
Prince Aemond TargaryenEwan Mitchell
 King Aegon II TargaryenTom Glynn-Carney


Source by HBO

House Of The Dragon Season 2 is up and running, but fans of the show will be hoping for the premiere date to be revealed soon.

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