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How Did Loki Survive in Thor 2? Loki Series Finally Gives An Explanation For Loki’s Thor The Dark World Death

The second episode of the Disney plus’ Loki series reveals how Loki survived his evident death in Thor The Dark World. Loki has always been faking and cheating death, falsifying his family and others into believing that he was dead to plan his next evil scheme. At the end of Thor, he fabricated his suicide while knowing that he will outlive by falling into one of the multiple portals he remembered could be found in Yggdrasil.

How did Loki Survive his death in Thor the Dark World?

Why Loki laughs when he sees Infinity War's Loki Death
Credit – Marvel

Once again, the God of Mischief faked his death in Thor The Dark World. However, his plan was more beneficial than the one in Thor. He joined his brother in the fight against the dark elves pretending to be on the path of redemption but dies when he was impaled in the chest. While Thor mourned the death of his brother, we soon find out that Loki never died in the first place.

Loki faked his death to attack the Asgardian who found his body and concealed himself as the messenger, consequently receiving the chance to slide into Odin’s presence. Then he forbade his father from Asgard and claimed the throne for himself. But how did he survive death in Thor 2? We saw Thor holding the body of his brother, which means it was indeed more than just a delusion.

Marvel’s Loki series finally explains how Loki faked his death in Thor 2?

Why Loki laughs when he sees Infinity War's Loki Death
Credit – Marvel

Ever since the Loki series premiered, it has been Settling many questions that were left unanswered for a very long time. Loki episode 2 also answered this question in an amusing scene where Professor Loki is seen teaching agent Mobius and the TVA about his powers. 

Loki dealt with Mobius’ confusion between illusion projection and duplication casting. He disclosed that a replica is not just an illusion And that he acquires the power to project an identical look-alike. It’s safe to say that this is exactly what he did to fake his death in Thor The Dark World, creating a carbon copy of himself.

Disney Loki Series Loki creates the Multiverse of Madness 1

It’s persuading to ignore this skill of the God of mischief, deducing any differences between illusion casting and duplication projection are found by someone unimaginative. After all, Loki is the one which defined a body duplicate as a hologram. 

However, some previous trials have indicated there is a phenomenon of solid light with photons. These photos are particles of the electromagnetic spectrum, and when they are brought together tightly, they attain mass. This is a very common science fiction cliché, originated in everything from Doctor Who to Halo. 

Why Loki laughs when he sees Infinity War's Loki Death
Credit – Marvel

So Loki’s magical abilities may enable him to produce solid light holograms, and that would explain it was a solid duplicate of Loki who died at the hands of Kurse in Thor 2. Loki aims to impale Kurse through his chest, but he fails, and Kurse grabs him and stabs him with his blade.

This proves that the TVA is still not completely aware of Loki’s capabilities. Looks like they don’t understand Loki as well as they think they do. They didn’t know about Loki’s illusion casting and duplication Projection powers until he told them. Loki may use this ignorance of TVA for his good in the future. New episodes of Loki releases every Wednesday on Disney+.

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