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Itachi Quotes: Best 10+ Itachi Uchiha Quotes Of All Time From Naruto

Best Itachi quotes can be easily processed through this article.

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All about Itachi Uchiha

_Itachi Quotes Best 10 Itachi Uchiha Quotes Of All Time From Naruto
_Itachi Quotes Best 10 Itachi Uchiha Quotes Of All Time From Naruto

One of the most well known and most quoted characters in Naruto is “Itachi Uchiha.” This is the main antagonist for the series, and his role is as much a mentor as he is an enemy to Naruto.

I think that fans have really loved him because he has such a unique appearance and personality. I will be looking at some of the best Itachi Uchiha quotes, better known as Itachi quotes, from the series so far.

One of the most well-known and quoted Itachi Uchiha quote is when he is still alive. He says that by slicing off his head, he will allow himself to live again. As you can imagine, this is one of the more twisted and powerful Itachi Uchiha quotes.

In one episode, Itachi goes into the fire line but manages to keep his head intact. The head explodes, but he then walks away without any noticeable harm. Because of this, many fans are not under the slightest doubt that he did survive the experience.

Another example of his survival comes during one of his attacks on Konoha. After using his Shikai to create a massive amount of sand, he can easily defeat the village’s leaders.

Even with a large amount of chakra being used, he can still hold his own against them for quite a while.

This is shown by how he is still able to move after using his shuriken. However, when the battle is over, he falls to the ground. As he does, one of the leaders tries to use a Byakuya Kuchiki doll on him, but he can easily block it with his head.

Best Itachi Quotes

 _Itachi Quotes Best 10 Itachi Uchiha Quotes Of All Time From Naruto
_Itachi Quotes Best 10 Itachi Uchiha Quotes Of All Time From Naruto

All the quotes were very motivating, but some played the cherry on the cake, i.e., they were the best from the series.

1.  There is no benefit in liking me, if you hate me, then kill me.

There is no doubt that Itachi was a great character, but this particular dialogue in the very beginning persuaded us to hate him. In this dialogue, it could be easily trusted that Itachi was cursing a poor brother and demotivating him.

2.  People often believe what they are persuaded to

In this quote, he can be seen as proving us wrong with the negative image portrayed by the first quote. Itachi showed us how essential the role support plays in our lives.

3.  People realize at the end of their life’s, when everything is over.

 In this quote, Itachi can be seen narrating the truth to Kisame. He showed him the bitter reality of life by relating the word’s death and life with each and other.

4. Being a hokage has no benefits –

Itachi, other than a friend, played the role of teacher too, where he can be easily seen as teaching naruto about life and the delusion that we are often driven into.

5. Obsession kills creativity

Itachi is also a human in the anime, and as a human, he can also be obsessed with this tough life that we often live.

6. The one who judge others by appearances is the biggest fool

Another magnificent quote recited by Itachi resembles the harsh truth that the philosophers mostly tell.

7. The one who experiences by what he face, always wins the race.

This particular quote from the Itachi quotes has a special space in my heart, which showed that life is based on the experiences we witness by living and not on mere assumptions.

8. I will be always there, no matter what the circumstances are, being brothers has a deep meaning-

Itachi narrated to Sasuke while telling him the above quote, which also feels the same, as “Brothers don’t let each other wander in the dark.”

9.  Please forgive me Sasuke but This is the end

Forgiving is not easy, but Itachi requests for the same, with a ray of hope that Sasuke will forgive him.

10. It would have been better, if I were true to you from the beginning, everything has been devastated

This was the most emotional dialogue that the audience witnessed, as Itachi was upset with the downfall of the Uchiha clan. He, through his reincarnated body, spoke to Sasuke about the same in dreams.

11. The darkness cannot eradicate the phenomena of Uchiha clan.

The last dialogue gave us surprise with delightedness on the peak. Itachi announced he was still the king and no one could replace him.

What else about Itachi Uchiha?

One thing that has always made Itachi Uchiha’s character interesting to watch is how he deals with powerful opponents.

Even with only his Shikai, he can easily overpower his opponents. He even managed to overpower Madara Usui, who was once The Fourth Hokage of the Village.

When Madara tries to finish Itachi with a Getsumei shogeki, Itachi stops him by using his Shikai. From that point on, he could never control himself and became a shadow within Madara’s shadow.


Many stories show how he deals with his problems. For example, in one episode, he meets a boy called Naruto. After befriending him, he stays with him, and they start to fight.

While winning one-sided fights all the time, Itachi also has to endure personal problems like his past. However, he is still an amazing fighter, and he easily defeats Naruto on several occasions.

He is also good at controlling the nine-tails demon fox called Tailed Beings. He does this by tricking him into thinking that he is getting ready to fight with his father.

Then, with his Tailed Beings, he defeats his father and flees with Naruto. Even with this amazing ability, it is proven that Itachi Uchiha is not as powerful as Naruto.

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