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Just How Powerful is Black Adam?

The worldwide success of Jaume Collet-Serra’s Black Adam is undeniable. The much-loved antihero makes his big-screen debut as Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam causes mayhem from the air. Just as Betfair is the top bookmaker in the betting space, we wonder: just how powerful is DC’s Black Adam? The Rock has declared that the newest member of the DCEU will be the most unbeatable force in the DC Universe, with abilities rivalling those of Superman.

Because he draws his strength from the Egyptian deities Horus, Shu, Amun, Aten, Zehuti, and Mehen (Shazam! ), the monarch of Kahndaq, also known as Teth Adam, is among DC’s most formidable heroes. There is much conjecture about Black Adam’s strength compared to other comic book titans, although he stands among strong forces like Superman and Batman. Let’s investigate the DC canon to find out!

Superman and Black Adam in Battle

Indeed, Black Adam and Superman squared off against one another in The Return of Black Adam, in which Adam, fresh out of jail, comes to prevent Billy Batson (Zach Callison) from becoming Shazam’s next champion. After interrogating the young child, Superman intervenes to break up the conflict. 

Clark Kent, ever the multitasker, not only holds his own physically against Black Adam but also shields the uninvolved bystanders (including Batson) from harm. Adam has no remorse and threatens to kill anyone he disagrees with. Adam’s tremendous god-given magic, which flows so effortlessly across his entire existence, is revealed to be injuring Superman. It is a fascinating development because it shows that Adam knows the weak spot in his enemy.

However, the pair continues to equal each other regarding their extraordinary power; they toss one another over architecture and utilize the force of their hands to combat. Whenever Adam unleashes a barrage of lightning on Kent, the latter immediately activates his heat vision. However, their one-on-one encounter reads as a battle of equals, which is especially telling given that Superman is one of the most powerful superheroes in both the DC and Marvel universes and that Adam ends the battle by taking his own life. It seems reasonable to assume that Black Adam could easily compete with Superman if they ever met again, ideally on the big screen.

Black Adam Births World War III

If you read World War III (the comic), where ISIS perishes, you’d notice how Black Adam’s loss of his wife drove him to commit irrational killings. He clears out the four horsemen who made him a widower as he fights the entire world alone. Also notable was how he brought many of the most prominent places in the world to the ground.

From Manhunter to Green Lantern and even Doom Petrol, no powers match Black Adams in World War III. Shazam, who stripped Black Adam of his powers, was the only entity that slowed him down somewhat. Still, this antihero is unstoppable and invokes fear even from the world’s top government. In his element, it is not debatable that Black Adam remains one of the most brutish forces in the comic world.

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