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Loki Tv Show Full Trailer | Extra Details of Loki Series

Loki is a character from marvel studios. Marvel fans know him as Odin’s third son as well as the smallest son. Loki’s life starts with marvel’s first movie “Avenger”. In that movie, he helped the aliens to come to Earth.

After this one, he played his role of Loki in lots of movies of the avenger. Loki is Thor’s younger brother. Thor has the power of thunder. He uses a hammer as his weapon which, when used, doubles his power.

Loki’s power is his magic and spells which he learned at a younger age. His mind is full of evil and bad work; he always wants to be the king of Asgard. He knows that he will never become the king because of the presence of his elder brother, Thor.

He always wanted to kill him so that he could become the king after the death of his father, Odin. Loki contains all the magical power in his stick Scepter contained the vessel of mind stone. And now in 2021, a movie is releasing on Loki.

Marvel Studios was introduced by Stan Lee who died a few years ago. The official trailer of his latest movies is already out, but we will have to wait for some more time for the movie release.

Loki Tv Show Trailer

The movie trailer hits us a lot about what the movie theme and thrill are going to be. Loki’sTom Hiddleston does Loki’s role, and there are several other casts also like, Owen Willson, Gugu Mbatharaw, Sasha Lane, Richard E.Grant, Sophia Di Martino, and several others.

These are the one who was shown in the trailer. The trailer starts from the single scene of the movie Avengers: “Age Of Ultron”. Afterwards, the trailer continued that Loki was lost in another universe/ world.

In that world, Loki is arrested by the police of that universe for cheating on the team of avengers…… these things were not confirmed just from the trailer.

As the trailer continues, it is shown that Loki was presented to the court of that world. In the courtroom, Loki is asked something about the avenger’s team and viewed a clip of them. Loki was a prisoner on that planet. And the planet’s name was Kivia. Another thing is that the period between Earth and that planet is also different.

As per the trailer, it was shown that Loki has an enemy who is having an eye on Loki always, but there is some mystery in it; they didn’t reveal the face of the villain. They had just shown him in a fully covered dress.

At the neck, there was a band or a machine fixed which gives him electric shocks every time he misbehaves or when he tries to run away. By fighting some of the guards, Loki escaped from the prison of that universe, and somehow a war gets started on that planet.

Further, Loki is waiting for the perfect opportunity to escape, and he got it. As the war started, they started damaging the whole planet, killed the innocent people of that planet, burned all their houses, their farm, and also their livelihood.

After the end of the war, Loki comes back to the planet Earth. He then changes his personality and dress. Also in the trailer, it was shown that Loki was wearing a three-piece coat suit (white shirts and black pants, and black blazer) and was ready to take a flight to some unknown place, which is not named in the trailer.

The strange thing is that Loki was alone on that flight with only one air hostess and at the end that air hostess gives him a bag and the last line which he says is: ‘be ready brother and Heimdall am coming’ and ht then climbs down from the flying plane without a parachute and then a blue-ray absorb him in it.

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