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The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Trailer Breakdown 2021 & More.

According to the Marvel movie timeline, Captain America was the first ever avenger, and he got old early too. It is usual for a man to lose his strength once he gets old. Muscles and bones go weaker, and the strength is not enough to throw a shield like that into the air. So Captain America, AKA Steve Rogers, decided it was the time to pass on the legacy of that shield to the next person to handle it and use it in the ways the world can get benefited.

So it was the arrival of the time when Anthonie Mackie, AKA Falcon, got the shield. Well, as Captain traveled the time and saw a lot of things and experienced a life that is different from what he experienced, he might have seen Bucky use the shield already, so that maybe the reason for the shield to be handed to Falcon. Anyway, it was the time to start a new chapter for that shield. And the chapter decided to begin soon, and it will enter into our screens soon, but as a starter, for that huge feast, the trailer was just released, and I have to say there is a lot to decode.


The trailer opens in a museum where the war fields and achievements of Captain America were on display, and the shield was guarded with a glass door, in whose reflection we see Falcon standing in front of it and looking at it. Here, the shield is behind and gauded in the glass box, which leaves fans to question, Falcon will even wield the shield even once.

But another point that can be raised is that, if the shield is inside the box, then who is the next protector and the first avenger’s place taker. Another point that can be suggested is that maybe Falcon doesn’t want to use the shield because he has Bucky on his side, and the shield might cause any sort of personal disturbances. The line, “legacy of that shield is complicated,” very versatilely supports this statement.


After a few sequences in the trailer, Falcon is seen flying with his wings wide open, and I can’t help but notice that there is no shield in his hands or anywhere attached to his suit either. So as said before, is the mess really going to happen? And another easter egg left behind makes Bucky say, “the world is upside down,” which suggests the action sequences will not be missed and that spice will continue.

Then after we see both Falcon and Bucky walking in busy streets searching for someone, well, the story of Captain America has a lot of Hydra involved in it. So after watching the street, which has mostly filled its background with red, has fans wondering if Hydra will return and restart its brutal activities on earth.


So there was a structure standing in the scene which looks somewhat like the iconic stark tower. But we all have to admit we saw it collapse, and Stark rebuilt his home, so where did that come from? Actually, that might or might not be the stark tower. The building looks more like it, the lighting, the shape, and everything but the top could not be seen, so there is no confirmation.

But suppose it was really the stark tower. In that case, the only possible way it is standing there is that Falcon and Bucky’s time traveled, backward, maybe because of something Captain America might have said, or maybe because of something caused by Hydra or the bad guys of the series; we don’t exactly know.


“They need a symbol,” said Bucky looking at Falcon. Exactly when he said this, the new A with wings and a circle appeared on some field grounds, then next we see some suit that is very similar to Captain America’s but is different with a few alterations.

So Falcon finally wields that shield for the sake of people as Bucky said. And we see a celebration going on around the symbol, so Falcon takes up the responsibility on his shoulder. And in the scene, the shield was clearly lying in the left hand, so there we go, the shield will be holded and will be controlled by Falcon.


So there is this fight sequence on a truck with a girl also on the truck, but we don’t know who that girl is yet, so I guess we have to wait to find out if that’s the villain or the actual heroic part. That’s not the point here; the point is, while he was standing on that truck, he was wearing a white suit. So before getting to more conclusions, The suit shown before was blue, the same as the original Captain America’s suit, but it was a white one with unclear stripes on it in this scene.

Ever saw a white suit before in marvel? Yes, we did, and the consequences were hurtful too; well, the white suit was the time-traveling suit created by Tony, so who knows, there might be time travel, and we might see tony again, maybe or maybe not. But let me disappoint you again, that white suit is, and the color is just an update to his costume.


After we saw the new customized blue suit on, we were pretty much convinced that there would be a new Cap in town and we can expect something better and something just like how Cap managed to put it all on one line. So a lot of people wanted to see this show to see how new Cao will be doing. Honestly, this is Marvel people should expect something more from this.

But the disappointment flies over again to see Falcon using the wings and his old suit again. So Falcon jumps off the plane, opens his wings, and then starts dodging the bullets fired from some bad guy’s helicopter. But we all know Captain America doesn’t fly.


There were a lot of people who were really into Bucy’s flying tresses, but now we see him in a new hairstyle. And most of the time, Bucy was too serious to smile, laugh or even crack a little joke, but in the trailer, we see a little better version of him and Falcon talking and cracking jokes about each other. While they take up the responsibility of holding their strength, they somehow relax themselves out of that stress.

But have to admit this new look on Bucky makes fans really happy, and it suits him really well. But also, along with this happy new cheerful face, there were times where he was serious too.

The trailer was the best thing that literally happened to the fans with a lot of easter eggs to crack, but when eggs are cracked, they are two chances. It might be another chicken inside or just the liquid egg. So we have to wait to find out and watch the series to know what is behind those deep lines and scenes in the trailer.

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