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Breaking News: Michael B. Jordan Developing His Own Black Superman Series About Val Zod

Michael B. Jordan will play the Val-Zod version of Superman in a new HBO Max series. Michael B. Jordan is rumoured to be working on a (black superman) Superman limited series for HBO Max that will focus on Val-Zod, a Black Superman from Earth 2. Despite being one of DC’s most well-known characters, WB has yet to decide out how they want to use Superman on the big screen in the future.

While Jordan has yet to confirm the story, the program will focus on “the Val-Zod iteration of the character,” according to the site. Val-Zod, along with Calvin Ellis, is the second person to wear the Superman mask, and one of his universe’s last Kryptonians. Although there are little details regarding the cast and crew, Jordan is said to be producing and maybe starring in the intriguing project.

Michael B. Jordan Developing His Own Black Superman Series About Val Zod

In an earlier interview, T’Challa described the reports about him portraying Superman as “flattering”.

There have been lots of talks regarding what WB and DC should do differently with a new live-action Superman. Someone of colour portraying Superman next is a popular option. Reports surfaced that the anticipated Superman remake will use a Black actor as Clark Kent. Michael B. Jordan was cast as a Kryptonian hero in a number of fan-castings. Now it looks like he’s working on his own Superman film.

Michael B. Jordan’s production firm Outlier Society is creating a new Superman project for HBO Max, according to Collider.com. The unknown writer is apparently already working on a script that focuses on the Val-Zod version of Superman, according to reports. “Black Superman” will be a limited series on Warner Bros.’ streaming service, according to Jordan’s agent, who confirmed the news. So far, Jordan is just attached to produce and not to perform the role of Val-Zod.

Val Zod is a Kryptonian from Earth 2 in the pages of DC Comics.

Credit : HBO Max

Wonders, Earth 2’s equivalent of the Justice League, tracked him out to assist them to fight down a brainwashed Superman. It was at this point that Val-Zod began to develop his powers and faced up against the Darkseid’s Superman-clone, Brutal. Robson Rocha and Tom Taylor created Val-Zod in 2014.

He shares some of Kal El’s fundamental ideals and origin, but he is an entirely different character with a lot of potential for live-action. Michael B. Jordan’s Val-Zod Superman limited series will suddenly be interesting to watch. “Creed III” marks his directorial debut. Val-Zod could be too much of a commitment for Jordan to take on in a hurry for the HBO Max series. It is not yet apparent how important the series is to DC. It is possible that this is another DC initiative that never gets launched.

Warner Bros. is planning to revive Max in a big-budget film.

Henry Cavill's Witcher With a Lightsaber Fights Superman in Crossover Art

“Clark Kent” might be played by a Black actor, according to the efforts of Ta-Nehisi Coates, who is penning the script.

Michael Jordan had been linked to the Abrams project earlier, but he denied any involvement, saying he was “flattered” to be included. You’ll have to ask me what I’m looking for in this one if you want to know!

Abrams’ Superman picture was a popular pick among fans, although Jordan tried to play down the talk in May.

As a result, Ta-concept Nehisi’s was adapted by DC, he told The Hollywood Reporter. “He’s an extraordinarily gifted young man,” he said. It’s going to be well worth your time. Ich freue mich, dass ich in dieser Diskussion angesprochen wird. On this one, I’m just keeping an eye on it.”

Credit : HBO Max

A third Creed film is also planned, which Jordan will also helm. Jordan is also creating a Static Shock movie for Warner Bros.

Zack Snyder, the filmmaker of Justice League, endorsed the upcoming Superman movie last month. In an interview with Radio Times, he said that he loves JJ Abrams and what he’s done in the past. “I’m interested to see what happens,” he says.

For me, it’s simply a matter of waiting and watching to see what Warner Brothers does with this and how it unfolds. “On the surface, it appears to be a fascinating topic.”

About the producer

Amerikan actor and producer Michael Bakari Jordan were born in Chicago, Illinois. Film roles include Fruitvale Station’s Oscar Grant (2013), Creed (2015), and Black Panther’s Erik Killmonger (2018), both directed by Ryan Coogler. Michael B. Jordan starred in Creed II and is scheduled to appear in Creed III, as well as make his directing debut (2022).

Credit : HBO Max

Wrong Answer, a film based on the Atlanta Public Schools cheating scandal, will be his fourth collaboration with Coogler. “The Thomas Crown Affair” is also planned to see a second remake. It is being directed by Denzel Washington and follows a soldier who wrote down life lessons for his newborn son, Jordan, while he was stationed overseas. It was announced today that Jordan would also be featured in the vampire flick Blood Brothers. Outlier Society, his production business, inked a contract with Amazon for a first look.

“Creed III” will be Jordan’s directorial debut. It’s a sequel to “Creed II.”

Do let us know your thoughts. We would love to hear from you. Also, we will keep you updated on the latest developments of Michael B. Jordan. Hopefully, we will get something exciting about the Superman series in near future.

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