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Aggretsuko Anime Season 5: Release Date Confirmed + Trailer Revealed

Aggretsuko Anime Season 5 gets its first look and premiere date!

Netflix s’ anthropomorphic anime series, such as Beaststars and BNA, have seen worldwide appreciation for their unique outlook on daily problems and societal issues. 

But it was back in 2016 when Netflix s’ started this trope as Aggretsuko made its way to the streaming platform.

The story follows a 25-year-old red panda Retsuko whose office life is a living hell from misogynistic remarks, overburdened work pressure, and condescending colleagues.

Retsuko works as an accountant in a trading firm but struggles to cope with people s’ continuous jibes and meet up expectations.

Her only form of escape is during the night, wherein she sings death metal tracks on top of her voice in a karaoke bar. 

As Retsuko vents her frustration, she keeps it a secret from everyone and only wishes to let someone know on the surface.

Fast forward five years and Retsuko is still working at the same entry-level position and enduring the same misery.

From smothering overcrowded train journeys to navigating the murky waters of office politics and wondering how much it all matters, Retsuko is stuck in an emotional spin.

Can Retsuko survive the mundane soul-sapping lifestyle as she climbs the corporate ladder, or will the fall break her resolve is the central plot of the show.

Aggretsuko tells the tale of every typical employee who suffers from workplace conditions as it takes their toll on the mind and body. 

Having completed four seasons, Aggretsuko has garnered a sizeable fanbase who are excited and wondering when the fifth installment of the series will come out.

Luckily, there is good news on that front, so keep scrolling as we bring you all the latest news and updates about Aggretsuko Anime Season 5.

Aggretsuko is rated 7.6/10 and ranked #1326 with 101k members on MyAnimeList 


WHAT IS THE Netflix Aggretsuko Anime Season 5 release date
Source by Netflix

Aggretsuko Anime Season One aired on 20th April 2018 for ten episodes, followed by a Special titled “We Wish You a Metal Christmas” on 20th December 2018.

The series was renewed for ten episodes, of a second season premiered on 14th June 2019.

Aggretsuko Anime Season 3 aired on 27th August 2020 for ten episodes, followed by a fourth season on 16th December 2021 for ten episodes.

On 18th June 2023, Netflix anime s’ official Twitter account renewed the series for a fifth season and announced the Netflix Aggretsuko Anime Season 5 release date as 16th February 2023.

Aggretsuko Anime Season 120th April 2018
Aggretsuko Anime Season 214th June 2019
Aggretsuko Anime Season 327th August 2020
Aggretsuko Anime Season 416th December 2021
Aggretsuko Anime Season 516th February 2023

Short-form anime doesn’t have the best reputation as they only last for 10-15 minutes which one can argue doesn’t give enough time to make a connection for any characters. But in the case of Aggretsuko, it’s been a watch for hardcore anime fans and every one of working age.

Netflix seems to have cracked the code of portraying common life problems using a simple character with intriguing storylines.

So, it wasn’t surprising that the streaming platform renewed the series for a fifth season.

Although, Aggretsuko Anime Season 4 was by far the least rated (7.3/10 on MyAnimeList) season, which is further evident by IMDB s’ user episode rating.

Aggretsuko Season 4 Episode 16.9
Aggretsuko Season 4 Episode 27.1
Aggretsuko Season 4 Episode 37.3
Aggretsuko Season 4 Episode 47.4
Aggretsuko Season 4 Episode 57.5
Aggretsuko Season 4 Episode 67.8
Aggretsuko Season 4 Episode 77.5
Aggretsuko Season 4 Episode 87.6
Aggretsuko Season 4 Episode 97.2
Aggretsuko Season 4 Episode 107.0

Despite the below-par ratings of Aggretsuko Season 4, Netflix has greenlit the series to be completed with its final season.

Like previous installments will run for ten episodes, and you can check out the Aggretsuko Anime Season 5 trailer below:


Aggretsuko Anime Season 5 PLOT
Source by Netflix

In the finale of Aggretsuko Anime Season 4,” Rendezvous,” Retsuko, along with Hyodo, Fenneko, Kabae, Ton, and Ton’s wife, try to retrieve the flash drive in Haida s’ office, which holds the accounting data.

Haida notices the friction in his relationship with Retsuko and decides to confront Tadano who tells him they are no more than friends.

Ton and Haida go into Retsuko s’ karaoke, wherein the former informs him to stop manipulating company data to prove his worth.

The following day Haida asks Himuro to stop the scandal, but Himuro reiterates to be brave as his position is secure.But Haida refuses to bow down and challenges Himuro to an arm wrestling contest as he is now the enemy.

With the help of Retsuko, Haida beats Himuro using the metal grown as a death metal beam which shoots both out of the window.

Ton and Kabae return to their previous positions as Himuro, along with Haida, quit the company.

The episode ends with Himuro on a date with Retsuko as he ponders his newfound confidence and admiration for Tadano.

Since the series is an Original Net animation, we don’t have an Aggretsuko manga or light novel to know what happens in Aggretsuko Anime Season 5.

In season 4, the spotlight was lent to other characters of the series, who have their own problems and circumstances.

However, a synopsis was released by Netflix Japan highlighting Retsuko will be running for office in Japan’s parliament.

Haida is evicted from his apartment, which is owned by his parents and is living in an Internet café where he meets Shikabane, who is a multi-talented artist gaining attention.

Netflix Aggretsuko Anime Season 5 characters will have their final runout, with the main storylines ending.


Source by Netflix

Aggretsuko is a hit character from the Japanese merchandising company, Sanrio

who, in their 40-plus years of existence, have cradled over 400 different characters such as Hello Kitty, My Melody, Pompompurin and Tuxedo Sam.

The company was started in 1974 under the ethos of ‘small gift, big smile’ where characters like Hello Kitty were printed on a variety of stationery in order to make it feel cuter and childlike.

However, the quality of these items found unexpected success in an unintended working adult audience.

A major reason for this was that Japan’s economy at the time was running on the blood of young adult office workers.

But with, excessive amounts of overtime demanded intense social pressure to perform, leading to depression and anxiety.

So, Sanrio’s characters were much loved as it was a perfect escape from the brutal life of adulthood. They provided a window into a more straightforward, more innocent reality where problems, stress, exhaustion, and financial hardship didn’t exist.

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Source by Netflix

Aggretsuko Anime is directed and scripted by Rarecho. Kelly Luegenbiehl, Kaata Sakamoto, Taro Goto, Yoichiro Shimomura, Miyuki Okumura, Akira Takayama, and Yasue Mochizuki are the producers.

Characters are designed by Yeti while Hanae Nakamura, Miki Sakurai Natsumi, Tabuchi, and Satoshi Hōno compose the music. Art is designed by Shizuka, and Kohei Chida is the sound director.

Animation is developed by Studio Fanworks, who have also produced popular animes like lease Take My Brother Away!, Honobono Log, and Ore Tsushima.

You can find the list of Aggretsuko characters and voice cast below:

 WashimiKomegumi Koiwasaki
 TsuboneMaki Tsuruta
 Death Metal VoiceRarecho
 FennekoRina Inoue
 HaidaShingo Katou
 Company PresidentSōta Arai
 KabaeYuki Takahashi
 PukoRina Inoue
 Manager YagyuShingo Katou
 ManumaruSōta Arai


Source by Netflix

Aggretsuko Anime Season 5 is all set for its premier as the Netflix comedy series enters its final season.

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