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Nana anime is all about a teen’s life, which consists of several things that we suffer in our day-to-day life.


Nane anime is not new now, as people easily relate to the theme because it shows hopes and desires that are left unfolded in the minds of people in the teenage.

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The story, as said above, is very relatable to the adults, and now that we know it is related to adults, it creates an impression of an exciting tone in our minds.


It is based on two girls having similar names, both following their dreams comprehensively. They both have the same names, i.e., Nana.

Like adults, they both widen their scope of the imperative opportunities in life. According to the experts, anime has been adapted by the manga and eventually written by illustrated by Ai wazava.

Many people have not gotten over the anime because the anime premiered in April 2006 and has had only one season with 47 episodes and three recaps. Although there is no such announcement for the second season, the fans are desperately waiting for it.

The nana anime was released as being TV series in 2006-2007, but it is not merely the end. The Nana was released in other media as Nana and Nana 2 in 2005 and 2006.

Many people want subtitles in the anime, movie, or series that they generally watch. For this reason, nana anime can be easily watched out in the Amazon prime video with, of course, a subscription.

There is good news for the viewers that nana anime is arriving in the fantastic HD format as Sentai has finally taken a license.

If the viewers want to download the nana anime, they can easily do that by using the Amazon app.

Although it is not a long fully-fledged series, it still takes 19 hours and 10 minutes to finish the series because of 47 episodes which is a significant digit to digest as the no. of episodes.

For people wishing to watch live-action, this could be relaxing that it takes only 228 minutes, i.e., 3 hours and 48 minutes.


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As said above, it is trustworthy to note that nana anime significantly impacted people’s lives, and now people are waiting for the second season to come.

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