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Doctor Strange 2: Better X-Men Character Than Wolverine – Magik

If MCU is going to choose a character for Doctor Strange 2 to represent X-Men, Colossus’ sister, Magik, would be a better choice than Wolverine.

The upcoming movie, phase 4 of the multiverse, Doctor Strange in the Madness of Multiverse, will be released on May 6, 2022. The marvel comics-inspired premiere has recently released its official trailer, and because of it, a lot of rumors about different Marvel characters appearing are in the market.

Doctor Strange 2 will include Wanda Maximoff, aka Scarlet Witch, who has a history of entangling with multiverse in her leading series WandaVision, on Disney+. In the teaser and the official trailer, Doctor Stephan Strange is shown talking with Scarlet Witch about her theoretical and practical knowledge of the multiverse.

The events of Doctor Strange 2 are going to follow the adventures of the last premiere, Spider-Man No Way Home. Doctor Strange, trying to help Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, with his identity crisis, cast a spell which unfortunately went wrong. The wrong casting opened up the multiverse, and the chaos started. All the biggest villains of Spider-Men entered their universe and brought down destruction upon them. In the end, Doctor Strange does make it right and sends back all the villains to their universes.

Taron Egerton States MCU Wolverine in Doctor Strange 2 Rumors Are Not True
Source by Marvel

However, in Doctor Strange 2, Strange is shown facing the consequences of entangling with the multiverse, and different variants of himself were shown talking to the original one.

So far, a new rumor has been going around that X-Men character Wolverine is going to make an entrance in MCU with Doctor Strange 2. And the Wolverine character would possibly be played by someone other than Hugh Jackman.

In the trailer, Doctor Strange was shown standing in handcuffs in front of some kind of trial, and a mysterious voice says, “We should tell him the truth.” In many theories of the fans, the mysterious voice is said to be Patrick Stewart’s Professor X character. And with the hints, there is a high chance that MCU will include one X-Men character cameo in Doctor Strange 2.

The Wolverine character is the most exciting; he won’t be Marvel’s best choice to represent X-Men in MCU. Story-wise, the best character would be Magik, who was a founding member of mutants and plays a very crucial character in X-Men.

Magik Should Represent X-Men in MCU

Doctor Strange 2 Better X-Men Character Than Wolverine - Magik
Source by Marvel

In the year 2020, another American superhero movie was released, The New Mutants, directed by Josh Boone, which introduced Magik, a new character, the younger sister of Colossus. Anya Taylor-Joy played the role of Magik, who has mystical, magical connections. The character Magik, also known as Ilyana Rasputin, had a magical weapon, ‘Soulsword,’ which gave her the ability to travel into a Demonic Realm called The Limbo Dimension. In the stories of this character, Magik travels across the world, fight with demonic entities, and also teams up with the sorcerer, Doctor Strange.

Well, the fans are quite familiar with Wolverine, and Magik is not as popular as him, but she would be the perfect character to enter the movie, which is all about magic. And if Professor X were to bring a member from his own, that would positively be Magik.

Doctor Strange 2 Better X-Men Character Than Wolverine - Magik
Source by Marvel

Magik’s powers and background can offer so many insights into the magical forces present in the narrative of Doctor Strange 2. Along with that, Magik can use her Soulsword to help the leading character fight.

Despite her debut in The New Mutants movie, Magik’s Limbo Dimension and her abilities would be of great help in phase 4 of the multiverse. If Wolverine were to enter MCU, representing X-Men, it would be irrelevant in terms of magical elements. In Doctor Strange 2, Marvel could choose Magik over the biggest hero, Wolverine, to represent X-Men in MCU, which would open up a whole lot of possibilities for future projects.

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