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The Witcher Series: How Old is Jaskier, the bard?

In the Witcher Series, Jaskier, a supporting yet close character who became Geralt’s best friend and sang his stories, but he never aged? So how old is the dandelion?

The Witcher Series released on Netflix entails a world of humans, elves, mages, monsters, monster hunters, and many other beings living together but have a lot of complications overpowering. Every species have different kings and queens, and each one of them would like to rule the Continent they are living on.

Among the ambitious leaders, there are some who just want to live in peace with everyone, but they are the ones who sometimes get in-between big wars and struggle to live. A story of various kinds of people trying to live together, with each of them having different purposes and goals, is the plotline of the Witcher Series. The Series is inspired by novels or short stories written by a Polish author, Andrzej Sapkowski. The English translation of Polish novels is given to the world by Lauren S. Hissrich, the showrunner via Netflix.

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The Witcher Series includes three main characters, Geralt of Rivia, a Witcher, played by Henry Cavill; Yennefer of Vengerberg, a powerful sorcerer, played by Anya Chalotra; and Princess Cirilla of Cintra, Ciri, a young girl with Elder Blood, played by Freya Allan. The story of the Witcher series revolves around the three of them in different timelines.

With the main characters, some of the supporting characters are quite interesting, who spend some time with the leading ones. One of which is Jaskier, a bard, played by Joey Batey, who met Geralt, the Witcher, in a bar, and then they started their journey together.

Geralt and Jaskier’s relationship, to give one word, is ‘complicated.’ Geralt doesn’t like Jaskier as he talks a lot, but he was present when Geralt got hurt really bad and helped him heal. Jaskier, I think, was just looking for someone to travel or a companion, and he did well for Geralt. Jaskier sang a lot of songs about Geralt’s monster-hunting skills and stories, which made the Witcher popular.

Although Jaskier and Geralt’s relationship came to a halt in season 1, they both met again in the Witcher Season 3, and Jaskier, as usual, helped Geralt. The character, Jaskier, is one of a kind and became the most beloved by the fans too.

How Old is Jaskier?

The Witcher Series How Old is Jaskier, the bard
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In the Witcher Series, Jaskier, the bard, has traveled across the whole Continent singing songs about Geralt, and he has been present almost since the beginning of the Series, one of the things critics have noticed is that Jaskier hasn’t aged in Season 2. However, his appearance was changed, not his age.

The concept behind the aging of a Witcher is explained, as he is a hundred years old, also the mages age differently, but nothing has been stated about the age of Jaskier. As Ciri grew old from season 1 to season 2, Jaskier was also supposed to grow.

The Witcher Season 1 entails a timeline that covers the span of 20 years and continues with the new adventures shown in Season 2. When Jaskier and Geralt met each other, Jaskier was 18 years old, and afterward, 23 years have been passed till now, and he is supposed to be 41 years old, but he doesn’t look that old.

The Witcher Series How Old is Jaskier, the bard
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Dandelion’s physical appearance of 41 years old is exactly the same as that of 19 years old, which made fans ponder that there might be some theories about Jaskier’s immortality, some kind of magical event, or any unknown phenomenon. The Witcher Series does give a new look to the bard, Jaskier, in season 2, but still, the question about his mysterious lack of aging goes unanswered.

The actor, Joey Batey, plays the role of Jaskier in the Witcher Series, who is 33 years old. The age of the actor has worked well with the character’s age in seasons 1 and 2. But if a time jump happens, then the arrangement might not work.

Nonetheless, the character, Jaskier, in the Witcher Series does make an important addition. Jaskier gives the audience comic relief by being the Witcher, Geralt’s companion. Geralt and Jaskier’s relationship, in spite of its ups and downs, is quite interesting and provides a new kind of humor in the world full of beasts. One of the popular songs of Jaskier, ‘toss a coin to your witcher,’ made Geralt a popular monster-hunter on the Continent. A lot of Jaskier’s personality does give an upper hand, but the mystery of his age remains unknown.

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