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No Way Home VFX Team Comments On Lizard Punch Mistake In Trailer

Spider-Man: “No Way Home’s” Visual Effects team weighed in on the trailer’s lizard punch error.


The third film in the solo series of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man set within the Marvel Cinematic Universe debuted in theaters on the 17th of December and has set a myriad of box office records, not just for the time of the pandemic as well as for all time.

The film’s success can be attributable to the inclusion of multiple villains from the past and its return to Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Men. “No Way Home’s latest milestone was exceeding Jurassic World and The Lion King to become the sixth-highest-grossing film of all time.

In the course of No Way Home’s marketing strategy, Marvel and Sony have gone to extreme lengths to keep the history of the Spider-Man actors’ return to the show a secret.

The Eyes of Tammy Faye and tick, tick…BOOM! The studios remained silent about the subject, and fans scoured No Way Home’s trailers to find any indication of their return.

They zoomed on one particular scene from a Brazilian TV spot where Lizard is struck by an invisible punch, which later became known as Lizard punch.

Lizard Punch Mistake In Trailer Came In Light
Source By Marvel

 An obvious editing error made many suspects that either Maguire or Garfield’s Spider-Man was digitally cut out of the film. When the movie finally debuted in cinemas, these specific suspicions were confirmed.

In a new interview for the online magazine for VFX called “Before and Afters,” No Way Home’s visual effects supervisor Chris Waegner spoke about the trailer’s famous editing error.

He was not ready to be held accountable for the mistake and said that the job of the VFX supervisors is to create any works in progress that the marketing team needs for TV ads and trailers as well as the VFX artists do not even get to see finished creations.

Read Waegner’s remarks below:

As filmmakers, we’re often requested to provide WIPs and other different media to marketing teams. We basically deliver what they’re asking for; however, we aren’t able to see the final product until it’s made available to the mainstream.

I’m sure the internet went insane, and there were lots of news and controversies

Lizard Punch Mistake In Trailer Came In Light
Source By Marvel

The No Way Home’s finale battle scene is set in the Statue of Liberty as it is undergoing renovations and is dotted with scaffolding.

The fight scene includes the three Spider-Men and the film’s multiversal villains: Green Goblin, Doc Ock, Electro, Sandman, and Lizard that required an exact amount of VFX work. Because Marvel and Sony didn’t want to release the various Spider-Men in a hurry, the trailer was necessary to be edited.

Way Forward

It’s unpredictable that this particular error was missed and ended up backfiring since the fans could figure out the exact nature of what was hidden from them.

But it didn’t seem to be a problem for Spider-Man The Last Way home in the theaters.

The reports and controversies only served to charge the excitement of the film further and draw viewers to visit the cinema to experience the live-action versions paired side-by-side.

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