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The Witcher Series: Among All Witchers, Why Only Geralt Has Yellow Eyes & Grey Hairs?

Many witchers were shown in the Witcher Series on Netflix; one of the main leads is Geralt of Rivia. But why is it that not all the witchers have the same traits?

The Witcher Series was released on Netflix in 2019, showcasing the exciting adventure of a Witcher, Geralt of Rivia, who tries to protect his child surprise, Princess Cirilla of Cintra. On their journey, a powerful sorcerer, Yennefer of Vengerberg, joins them as their helping hand. 

The Witcher Season 2 was released recently after a long gap of 2 years in November 2021. The Witcher Season 2 includes the main Witcher, Geralt of Rivia, meeting with other Witchers after reaching his hometown, Kaer Morhen. One question arises seeing all the witchers, that why only Geralt has yellow eyes and white hairs amongst all the other Witchers?

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The Witcher Season 1 introduced the first impression of Geralt with his most different looks with yellow eyes and shoulder-length white-grey hairs. From season 1, the viewers’ obvious assumption was that all the witchers must look the same or have similar features.

As in the Witcher Season 1, the Witcher character was introduced as a monster slayer doing the deeds for money. No other types of his kind were shown in season 1, making him the main and crucial being in the witcher series.

However, the assumption got broken when Geralt reached Kaer Morhen, his hometown, and the looks of other Witchers were displayed. Geralt was taking Princess Cirilla, Ciri, his adopted daughter, to a safe place and thought of his home town Kaer Morhen, where he could train her to protect herself from the dangers. In the Witcher Season 2, viewers got a variety of material to work with.

But the question arises, why the Witcher Series on Netflix didn’t give the same look to all the witchers? Why does Geralt get yellow eyes and white-grey hairs but not others of his kind?

The Reason Behind Witchers’ Different Looks

The Witcher Series Among All Witchers, Why Only Geralt Has Yellow Eyes & Grey Hairs
Source by Witcher

Contrary to the popular theory, which states that Geralt’s white hair has no link with his age, being a century old, the answer to all the questions about why all the witchers don’t have the same look can be found when we explore the backstory of Geralt.

The future Witchers started their training at a very young age, where they were exposed to very difficult physical and magical situations and fights. Due to the extremely harsh conditions, the witchers had to go through, their physiology altered their senses and heightened their abilities to extreme conditions. The process one Witcher has to go through which gives abilities and powers like Geralt called the ‘Trial of the Grasses.’

Geralt of Rivia, gone through the process, was not only evolved but also was the only one who was subjected to further experimentation, which was because he can handle the process very well. The physical traits which set Geralt apart from all the other Witchers happened as the side-effects of the process.

The White-grey hair were the side-effects of all the extra experimentation done to him, which he had to bear. Because of this, he earned a name for himself, ‘White Wolf.’ His eyes turning yellow in color have the same reason as white-grey hair did.

In the Witcher Season 2, other Witchers were introduced apart from Geralt. Eskel, Vesemir, Lambert, and Coen were a few who were highlighted because of their crucial role in the series. The super-powered monster slayers, whose reflexes to respond to a threat are as quick as a fox, but none possess iconic features like Geralt.

The Witcher Series Among All Witchers, Why Only Geralt Has Yellow Eyes & Grey Hairs
Source by Witcher

Coen, the Witcher, has a black beard and different colored eyes, whereas his accomplice Lambert, the Witcher, has red hairs with brown colored eyes. The Witcher, Eskel, a really close friend of Geralt, had blue-colored eyes and brown hairs.

Vesemir, the oldest Witcher, the mentor to Geralt and all of them, has similar white-grey hairs like Geralt but has gold eyes. The physical traits of Vesemir can be because of old age, as he is more than 300 years old. In The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf, young Vesemir was present who witnessed the fall of Kaer Morhen. Young Vesemir had black hairs, which may support why in the Witcher Series, his hairs are turned white-grey.

Apart from the process, the experimentation Geralt of Rivia went through; it is shown that the transformation is a sore spot for him. In the Witcher Season 1, in the end, Geralt is shown having some hallucinations of his mother and remembering the memories Geralt spent with her mother.

In the memories, he was shown confronting his mother of the decision she took, leaving Geralt at the gates of Kaer Morhen, knowing only a few may live through the process. During his hallucinations, it was portrayed that Geralt of Rivia is still haunted by the trauma of the transformation he went through to become a Witcher.

 However, all the discomfort Geralt underwent made him the man he is today, a fearless Witcher who can kill anyone or anything. The Witcher Season 2 proved that the physical traits are not the same in all the Witchers, as they all underwent the mutation procedure, and everyone’s body reacts differently. But because of the different physical traits, Geralt does stand out a little extra from the rest of the characters in the series.

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