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Overflow Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Updates, And Everything We Know

If you’re curious about the release date and availability of Overflow Season 2, continue reading the article.

Discussing the Ecchi anime genre can be challenging. This is mainly because Ecchi anime usually doesn’t give little importance to the storyline.

However, a few series deviate from this norm and limit the excessive fan service element.

Significant among these exceptions are High School DxD and Overflow. Between the two, High School DxD has already aired four seasons, while Overflow is still to release its second season.

The latest sighting of Overflow was in Winter 2020 when it premiered. The first season concluded swiftly with eight episodes, which left many fans wanting more for obvious reasons.

Overflow Season 2 Renewal Status

Overflow Season 2 Renewal Status
Overflow Season 2 Renewal Status

The renewal or cancellation of the second season of the mature-themed anime show still to be determined.

Speculations spread about the possible discontinuation of the show due to a disagreement between Kaiduka and the producer. Nonetheless, followers of adult animation were heartened when it was declared in September 2021 that the first season would re-air on Tokyo MX.

The current status of the Overflow anime is still under deliberation. Yet, due to its high demand among mature anime enthusiasts, the prospect of a second season for Overflow is viable.

It is plausible to expect the second season’s release around February 2025, comprising ten new episodes.

The first season was aired on Tokyo MX starting from January 6 and concluding on February 24, 2020. Additionally, it was included in the Comic Festa Anime Zone.

The first season consists of eight episodes, each with an average runtime of ten minutes. The series has gained widespread popularity, with all episodes receiving good response globally.

Devotees eagerly expecting the new additions, like the third season of Kakegurui and NGNL. However, as of 2022, there is no updates about the upcoming season.

Overflow Season 2 Release Date And Updates

Overflow Season 2 Release Date And Updates
Overflow Season 2 Release Date And Updates

Enthusiastic supporters eagerly waiting for updates about the potential sequel of Overflow Season 2.

Regrettably, an official announcement about the launch date of the second season is still to be made. But we can expect it between end of 2024.

However, rumors and conjectures are usual among the fan community, suggesting a potential resurgence of the series. While we wait for official updates, staying attentive for new announcements from production studios or authoritative sources is crucial.

The Overflow series which is based on Overflow manga is a well-liked anime creation crafted by Rei Ishikura and penned by Eeyo Kurosakia. Following the debut of its first season on January 6, 2020, the series has garnered a mix of reviews from its fans.

The narrative centers around Kazushi Sudoe, a university student residing in a boarding house, delving into themes of love, desires, and sexual awakening, which has led to different reactions due to its targeted nature.

Moving on to information about Season 2 of Overflow, the show’s creators stated that the Season 1 would be the last. The chances of it continuing seem rather modest as well.

Nevertheless, the makers decide to re-air Overflow Season 1 on the TOKYO MX channel, potentially in preparation for the release of Season 2 on the same platform. As we look ahead, we must expect the forthcoming news, ultimately emerging from the production of the show.

What Is The Plot For Overflow Season 2?

What Is The Plot For Overflow Season 2
What Is The Plot For Overflow Season 2

A university student named Kazushi Sudou and his childhood friends Ayane and Kotone Shirakawa are the main focus of the second season of the love hentai anime series Overflow. Kotone and Ayane are housemates and siblings.

One day, the siblings learn of Kazushi’s existence and visit his flat. Ayane decides to avenge Kazushi by bathing with him after she finds that he is bathing with a special lotion and has forgotten to buy the pudding.

The rest is uncensored when Kazuya is made to take a bath in the flat, and his younger brother Kotone accidentally falls on him while he is in the water. Kazushi tried it again in bed, this time with her older sister Ayane.

The main character regrets his actions and wants to apologize to Ayane. However, the girl shocks him by suggesting that he should go on, and eventually, both sisters start to enjoy Kazushi’s company together.

Introduced in the TV series are Kotone and Ayane, two attractive female anime characters who share a history of childhood friendship with the main protagonist Kazushi Sudou, akin to true harem leaders like Issei (whose awaited High School DXD season 5 is also keenly awaited).

Overflow Season 2 Cast

Overflow Season 2 Cast
Overflow Season 2 Cast

Overflow is an animated series identified by an intimate plot, and its content is specially created for mature audiences.

Given its theme as an anime, voice actors are employed to bring characters to life, and it’s usual for many anime productions to retain the same voice cast across the series.

Consequently, here is the expected lineup of voice Overflow characters expected to play pivotal roles in Overflow Season 2 being renewed in the future:

  • Shirakawa Ayane, portrayed by Tomoe Tamiyasu
  • Sudou Kazushi, voiced by Sada Naohiro
  • Shirakawa Kotone, voiced by Mai Kadowaki

What Overflow Is About?

What Overflow Is About
What Overflow Is About

Overflow is one of the Ecchi animated series brought to life by Kaiduka. The show’s first season premiered on January 6, 2020, comprising a total of eight episodes.

The narrative of Season 1 commences with the central character, Kazushi Sudoe, a university student who resides in a boarding house.

One fateful day, Kazushi unintentionally enters his friend’s sister’s room while she is bathing, starting a sequence of intimate scenes.

Following this incident, Kazushi begins forming ties with many people during the series, paving the way for a lot of intimate discussions.

Subsequently, the storyline unfolds with Kazushi caught in a complex situation involving two girls. Ayane Shirakawa is one of them, harboring feelings for Kazushi, while the other, Rina Shirakawa, openly showed her emotions and desires.

Kazushi delves into understanding his emotions and wants as the episodes progress.

To summarize, Overflow Season 1’s storyline revolves around themes of love, desire, and sexual awakening.

The Overflow series’ producers have publicly admitted in interviews that it contains explicit scenes, making it more appropriate for niche audiences than a common audience.

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Where Can We Watch Overflow Season 2?

Where Can We Watch Overflow Season 2
Where Can We Watch Overflow Season 2

Because of the mature theme of Overflow Season 2, it will not be available for streaming on platforms like Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Hulu.

The first season of the show was broadcast on Tokyo MX with certain content restrictions, and subsequently, an uncensored version became available on the Ecchi anime website Comic Festa.

Therefore, once the anime is out, you may get all of the Overflow: Season 2 episodes on Comic Festa. There’s also a chance that a censored TV version may air, but we’ll need to wait for official confirmation on that.

Overflow Season 2 Trailer

The trailer for Overflow Season 2 is not released. We apologize for any trouble this may cause the series fans, who have eagerly waiting for the trailer.

We are excited to unveil an official preview that gives a glimpse into the captivating world of Overflow and the challenges our characters will face in the upcoming season.

Our aim is that this trailer sparks anticipation and excitement for the forthcoming season. Stay with us for more information about Season 2 of the series.

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