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Rent a girlfriend is all set for its second season; let’s whizz through what the popular rom-com has in store for us.

After a considerable gap, i.e., two years, it’s confirmed that TMS Entertainment has officially announced a release date and a trailer for Rent a Girlfriend Season 2. The first season of this popular teen rom-com aired way back in October 2022, and it’s all set for the second season. Written and illustrated by Reiji Miyajima and anime adapted by TMS Entertainment first debuted in July 2017 in Weekly Shonen Magazine.

With an eye catching-ear pricking title, rent a girlfriend was one of the few shining lights of the in-pandemic anime releases. The show wasn’t an instant hit among anime fans, but as it gathers pace, the series hits home. Even though a few moments are over the top, the majority are highly relatable (especially singles) and amusing.

The story is based on Kazuya Kinoshita, a college student going through a bad breakup after ten months of dating Mami Nanami. Frustrated and depressed, he goes on to an online escort service (Diamond App) to rent the beautiful black-haired Chizuru Mizuhara. Kazuya is indecisive, and Mizuhara is unassuming. How their romance pans out is the main plot of the show.

When will Rent a Girlfriend Season 2 come out?

When will Rent a Girlfriend Season 2 come out
Source by TMS Entertainment

So, you ask what is Rent a Girlfriend Season 2 release date?

Well, the announcement from the Twitter page confirms that Rent a Girlfriend Season 2 comes out in the Summer of 2022. According to the official website, it’s expected that the first episode will air on 2nd July, Saturday at 1:25 AM JST. Crunchyroll or any other streaming service, as of now, have not released any information regarding telecast times outside Asia. If there is an announcement regarding the same, we can expect the simulcasting to be indifferent zones as follows:

  Zone  Time/Date
  Japanese Standard Time    1:25am JST/2nd July
  Eastern Standard Time    12:25pm PDT/1st July
  British Standard Time    6:30pm CET/1st July
  Indian Standard Time    9:55pm IST/1st July

Crunchyroll is the streaming partner for Rent a girlfriend Season 2 outside Asia. But it’s still unclear who has the streaming rights within Asia. Previously, iQIYI aired all the episodes of Season 1, which can be expected from fans in Asia.

What will be the Plot of Rent A Girlfriend Season 2 Plot and what can we expect?

What will be the Plot of Rent A Girlfriend Season 2 Plot and what can we expect
Source by TMS Entertainment

The finale of Rent a Girlfriend Season 1 left us with a cliff-hanger as Kazuya Kinoshita confronted Chizura Mizuhara with the truth of making her his real girlfriend. Although the confrontation was more blabber, Kazuya indeed acts upon his real feelings and his underlying love for Chizuru.

Rent a Girlfriend Season 2 will most likely build on the finale of Season 1 as both Kazuya and Chizuru explore the reality behind their residual feelings. The first part quite rightly kept the POV of the protagonist’s side as he goes on an emotional ride from one girl to another.

In Rent a girlfriend season 2, we can expect a Chizura Mizuhara Story Arc wherein the fans can get to know her side of this whole reckless emotional drama. We already know she is on the Diamond app to practice for her acting career, but it shall be interesting to learn more about her backstory and her real feelings for Kazuya.

Sumi Sakurasawa was another female character introduced towards the end of season 1. A shy girl under the mentorship of Chizuru is shown as his new rental girlfriend of Kazuya. Sumi wants Kazuya to forget about her breakup with Mami, and she is eager to be with him till he does so.

Ruka, another rental girlfriend his friend hired, is now working with Kazuya in a karaoke bar. She already confessed her feelings to be his real-life girlfriend in season 1. With them working together, things are sure going to get more sticky.

Finally, Mami is expected to be even more prominent in Rent a girlfriend Season 2. With her knowing the true nature of the relationship between Chizuru and Kazuya, the ex-girlfriend is sure to meddle in it.

Rent a girlfriend Season 2 will have even more complications for Kazuya as he fanatically tries to find his way through multiple relationships.

Rent a girlfriend Season 2 Manga and Episodes Update

Rent a girlfriend Season 2 Manga and Episodes Update
Source by TMS Entertainment

For the manga readers, Rent a Girlfriend Season 1 saw Reiji Miya s’ manga adapted into anime for the first 50 chapters.  The manga gives good development time for each of the three rental girlfriends. Chizuru Mizuhara is the first rental girlfriend introduced in the first 18 chapters.  The second Rent-A-Girlfriend, Ruka Sarashina, debuts in Chapter 19, while the third Rent-A-Girlfriend, Sumi Sakurasawa, in the manga in Chapter 41 .

For Rent a Girlfriend Season 2, there is more than enough source for its production. There is enough source for even Season 3 as the two-year gap between Season 1 and 2 gave enough time for the Reiji to write the manga quite extensively.

Rent a Girlfriend Season 1 had twelve episodes , and by that progression, the second season will possibly have the same. The studio may also decide to increase the episode count the manga source is deep enough for producing back-to-back seasons.  

Not to jump the gun but if the reaction and ratings are consistently good, we might have a whole Rent a Girlfriend franchise.

Rent a girlfriend Season 2 Cast ,Crew and Anime Staff

Rent a girlfriend Season 2 Cast ,Crew and Anime Staff
Source by TMS Entertainment

With the official announcement of the second season, the main cast from the previous season will reprise their roles. Rent a girlfriend season 2 will be directed by Kazuomi Koga. Mitsutaka Hirota will be the script supervisor, while Kanna Hirayama will be the chief character designer. Hajime Takakuwa will provide the sound and Yumiko Nakaba is editor.The voice cast is as follows:

Character  Voice
  Kazuya Kinoshita    Shun Horie
  Chizuru Mizuhara    Sora Amamiya
  Mami Nanami    Aoi Yuki
  Ruka Sarashina    Nao Toyama  
  Sumi Sakurasawa    Rie Takahashi


When will Rent a Girlfriend Season 2 come out
Source by TMS Entertainment

Season 2 Rent a Girlfriend is definitely on the must-watch rom-com anime list for many fans this summer. The majority of the characters are likeable, the protagonist is relatable, and the story is engaging. It may be cheesy and pedantic, but that’s what makes it a fun viewing.

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