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Stranger Things 4 Vol 2: Could be hinting toward Eddie Munson dying?

Stranger Things 4 Vol 2 will continue the story of Eddie Munson, who is in danger- both in the real world and the Upside Down could eventually die.

PS- Stranger Things 4 Vol 1 spoilers ahead! 

Stranger Things Season 4 has brought about an exciting new story in the show. The show will continue the entry of super villain Vecna and the power struggle between him and Eleven in the next Volume of the same season. Netflix dropped the first seven episodes of Stranger Things 4 and is ready to release the last two episodes in July. They sure are building up a lot of suspense. 

In Stranger Things 4 Vol 2, many characters are possibly doomed at the hands of Vecna. There is a constant danger over Max as she is Vecna’s next prey. At the same time, Eddie Munson is in serious trouble as well. He has been a murder suspect for the whole season, so police are after him, which means he is not safe around citizens of Hawkins. 

Whereas in the Upside-Down, Eddie could be killed by Vecna. Both the situations for him are fatal, and he might not be able to escape them. 

Who is Eddie Munson, and why is he ‘running’?

Eddie Munson is played by Joseph Quinn, the head of Hawkins High’s Hellfire Club, the Dungeons & Dragons group of ‘school nerds.’ He is a heavy metal enthusiast, and his performance and delivery of humor in the first Volume were commendable. 

In the first part of season 4, the very first victim of Vecna is a High School cheerleader and the popular girl- Chrissy Cunningham, played by Grace Van Dien. As the situation leads her into the Munson trailer, Vecna kills her there. Seeing how her jaw and joints broke and her eyes got sucked in, Eddie got frightened and ran away, making him the prime suspect in Chrissy’s murder. 

Eddie Munson is a freaky character who is always on edge, yet he delivers some bits and pieces of jokes. The police thought of him as a criminal as they cannot accept that this could be a supernatural happening. 

They want to believe the most straightforward thing, which was- the D&D player, an outcast, killed Chrissy in Satanic rituals. And hence the witch hunt for Eddie Munson begins. 

While all this is happening, simultaneously, Vecna’s background is being discovered by Eleven. Vecna was the first ‘experiment’ of Eleven and his Papa. It was a huge plot twist and left the audience in awe.

Although Eddie seems to play a crucial role in all this, the Stranger Things track record suggests that they build up a character for us to like and then eventually kill it off. 

What are the Hints that suggest Eddie’s death? 

What are the Hints that suggest Eddie's death
Source Netflix

In the Stranger things four trailers, a scene is shown where Eddie is playing his guitar with full strength in the Upside Down; that scene was nowhere in volume 1, which means it will be shown in Stranger Things 4 Vol 2. The show has established that the people who are Vecna’s victims and are in his control can be saved if the music of their liking is played. 

It can be seen whenMax was saved by her friends as they played a mix of her favorite songs on the player. Volume 1 ended with Nancy in Vecna’s control as she was trying to escape Upside Down. We can predict that Eddie might come to her rescue and play her favorite song on his guitar to bring her back. 

Even if this is not the reason, there can be other possible scenarios like- creating a distraction while his friends are rescued and him being the bait to Vecna. 

Joseph Quinn, in an interview, slightly indicated his presence in Stranger Things 5, the last season of the series. According to what he said, it could be made that Eddie performed the solo successfully and escaped Upside Down. 

As discussed above, the solo show could be his last heroic act of selflessness as he tries to save his friends from the trap of Vecna. If the makers of Stranger Things have a heroic yet tragic death for Eddie Munson, this could be the perfect explanation for why Eddie would perform on his guitar in a morbid place like Upside Down.

As he is new to the gang and is not very familiar with the Upside Down and powers of Eleven, he might get killed for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Whether the solo is bait for Vecna or a saving tactic for his friends, it could end up costing him his life.

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Why would the writers want Eddie Munson death? 

Why would the writers want Eddie Munson death
Source Netflix

Eddie is shown saying the following dialogue in Stranger Things season 4, Episode 1- “there is no shame in the running,” which shows he believes in running away at the time of need when a conflict arises. It could be his character development; he could save his friends instead of running. 

Eddie did not enjoy a lot of screen time in Volume one. However, he has an important role to play, and in Stranger Things 4 Vol 2, he could play the part of the hero. In a few points, we can summarise why Eddie Munson is being set up for death. 

Volume 2 Eddie Munson death- could end the ‘Satanic sacrifices’ case, Hawkins

Eddie right now is a fugitive from the law, and the police are after him for the murder of Chrissy but little do they know the mystery is even scarier. Although there is currently no evidence of whether he is a murderer, they found Crissy’s body in his trailer. 

But unfortunately, the people and police of Hawkins are convinced that Eddie is a psychopath who is too involved, and it has led him to kill vulnerable teenagers as a part of Satanic rituals.

The people of Hawkins may find it more believable that a young boy is killing his peers than believing in the existence of Vecna. They might start losing track of Eddie and may realize that they are after the wrong person once the killings continue and more people, teenagers, get hurt. 

Stranger Things Season 4 could continue its trend of killing an innocent bystander

Billy, played by Dacre Montgomery in season 3, died during the Battle of Harcourt, and Bob, played by Sean Astin, was killed at the Hawkins Lab. The show’s makers always hit the audience’s emotional chord by introducing them to a good character, only to kill it off later.

Stranger Things 4 Vol 2 could be preparing Eddie Munson for a similar fate as his predecessors. But he is not the only one who can be killed off this season. Max is in trouble, and she sees visions while volume 1 ends on a cliffhanger with Nancy in Vecna’s control. Eleven, on the other hand, is always in danger as she is the one who banished One to Upside Down. 

However, if Eddie is saved from this Stranger Things ritual and survives to see the final season, it would be more exciting for the audience. He is a perfect fit in the group and is loved by them all. Eddie could become the Robin of season 4. Besides their friend, he could be the next hero of the gang because of his actions in Upside Down. 


Conclusion June 9
Source Netflix

If Stranger Things 4 Vol 2 shows Eddie’s death, it would conclude the Hawkins’ witch hunt as they will blame him forever for the murders and shut the case; he would be treated like a common criminal. It will cause neglect to the supernatural occurrences of Hawkins and could be the continuing story of the Stranger Things Season 5.

But from the fans’ point of view, they seem to love watching Eddie on screen and would hope that the gang will come to Eddie’s rescue and free him from all charges. But there is no direct way of doing this because no one would believe in the supernatural Vecna and want to believe the most rational reason.  

The kids of Stranger Things are brilliant, though; they will likely come up with a solution and help Eddie. 

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