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Stranger Things Season 5: When Will The Script Writing Start For Upcoming Season?

The Duffer Brothers have confirmed that the script writing for Stranger Things season 5 will start soon, although their plans include a vacation first.

Stranger Things is one of the highest-rated shows in the world, and not only on Netflix; the show’s fan base keeps growing. Stranger Things Season 4 has been one of the most successful releases on Netflix. The show’s team will not let the excitement die; work on Stranger Things 5 is scheduled to start as early as the first week of August.

The show’s makers, The Duffer Brothers, have to work hard to top the previous volume of the show. Stranger Things seasons from one to four are streaming on Netflix.

According to Duffer Brothers, Stranger Things Season 5’s writers will start the work in August. The audience of Stranger Things is still watching and mooning over the show’s current season. 

Stranger Things started in 2016, showcasing the supernatural powers that have covered the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana. The main cast includes- Eleven, who is our hero; others are- Mike, Will, Lucas, Dustin, Max, Steve, etc. They are facing demons from Upside Down, which is another realm.  

In season 4, the episodes were more than at least an hour-long with an incredible storyline. All primary cast members have joined to fight the ultimate Supervillain- Vecna. Season 4 officially ended on 1 July, but with all the action of climax, the show’s final season is even more anticipated to end in thrill and adventure. 

In the final season, Stranger Things Season 5’s fans hope to see more of Vecna, Upside, and Eleven to end all the wrongs in Hawkins. 

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What did the Duffer Brothers say in their talk with the Collider?

What did the Duffer Brothers say in their talk with the Collider?
Source Netflix

The makers of the show- the Duffer Brothers, have recently talked to Collider about the Stranger Things season 5 script and another schedule. Ross Duffer says he and his brother want to go on “a little vacation in July,” and “the writer’s room is going to start in that first week of August.” 

Although none of this is confirmed, according to the reports, Netflix is trying to release the last season of Stranger Things by the summer of 2024. Stranger Thing’s release date has not been set yet.


Conclusion July 6,1
Source Netflix

As soon as Season 4, Volume 2, was released on 1 July on Netflix, the speculations surrounding Stranger Things Season 5 started to boil. Hundreds of fan theories are coming up about the climax of the series. 

Theories like- will ‘Will’ come to the limelight in Stranger Things 5; will Eleven face death at the show’s end; or will Vecna be killed or not. Duffer Brothers have confirmed their schedule for the upcoming chapter, and, undoubtedly, the wait for Season 5 will be shorter than the thrilling Season 4.

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