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Stranger Things: Top 10 Unanswered Mysteries & Questions As Season 4 Ended | SuperHero ERA

Stranger Things: Top 10 Unanswered Mysteries & Questions As Season 4 Ended

Stranger Things just released its last two episodes of season 4, but not only did it give fans goosebumps, but it has also given many more reasons to wait for the next season.

PS- Stranger Things Season 4 Spoilers Ahead! 

As the thrilling season four of Stranger Things has ended with a cliffhanger, some other mysteries and questions will be around for a long time, predictably, until Season 5 comes out. 

Stranger Things Season 4, Volume 2 consisted of two blood-chilling, adventurous and horror-filled episodes released on Netflix on 1 July 2022. The episodes were completely running around the teens and adults of Hawkins fighting against Vecna to save themselves and the entire world. 

As rumors have already spread that Stranger Things 5 is the show’s last season, there will be limited time to answer all the queries, but entertainment is promised anyway. 

What was the Story of Stranger Things 4‘s climax in brief?

What was the Story of Stranger Things 4's climax in brief?
Source Netflix

Vecna caused a massive earthquake, and Earth split open as the battle in Upside Down ended. Authorities labeled this happening as a natural disaster. The citizens of Hawkins, Indiana, were living through terror, though they knew that whatever was happening was not natural. 

However, They continued an old Stranger Things tradition; citizens blamed an innocent person for everything happening. For season 4, the bait was Eddie, and people named him the murderer. Some conspiracy theorists were naming Hellfire as the responsible party. 

People tend to believe the most straightforward lie instead of the truth. The same happened here, as the citizens of Hawkins were unaware of the facts. They accepted the closest possible explanation and then blamed an innocent bystander who finally gave up his life to protect others. 

It is believed that Vecna lived even after he was attacked from all sides by the allies of Eleven. Although the main characters are all alive, we cannot be sure what the future holds for Max, but everyone else is standing on their feet. 

The main cast was reunited as Eleven, and Will seems to have moved back to Hawkins. As fans can be happy about the reunion, multiple questions have come wide open after the finale. Let’s try to discover the answers to some of the central mysteries of Stranger Things as the fourth season ends. 

Can Vecna die at all, or will this fight turn into a mere blood bath?

Can Vecna die?
Source Netflix

Eleven has repeatedly proven that she is capable of fighting One; she is capable of hurting him, although this was her second attempt to kill him, and she could not. Even though he was attacked from all sides, Nancy and troops throwing flame-throwers at his physical body, Dustin and Eddie fighting off the bats, and Hopper killing Demogorgons, they could not kill him.

The audience can interpret that Vecna cannot die by merely attacking him; he might need a little extra to be killed. He managed to survive maybe because his ‘four-victim curse’ had succeeded partially. Vecna’s goal is to destroy the current world and re-establish it into ‘something beautiful’ himself. 

As Vecna was fading away, he warned Eleven that it was “the beginning of the end,” he boasted about how Hawkins’s teens might think they won, but they did not. The group had previously killed demons from Upside Down, broken control of the hive mind, and defeated the Mind Flayer, but Vecna is the biggest challenge. 

Another possibility came to mind when Eleven banished One to Upside Down, and he became Vecna. Did he already dead? Can a dead thing be killed again? Only time will answer these questions. 

What will happen to Hawkins after this earthquake, and can the people live like before?

Hawkins after earthquake
Source Netflix

The Duffer Brothers have teased about a time jump in Stranger Things season 5, which can raise another question: how will the people of Hawkins and the town itself change for the time being. The last episode of season 4 of Stranger Things ended with the whole town witnessing a ‘rain of ashes’ and a storm approaching them. 

Viewers can see that Upside Down is starting to overtake Hawkins and is coming to this realm. Ash falling from the sky looked like snow but worked like poison to the flowers of this realm. In a scene, we see Eleven witness a wildflower dying with her own eyes. 

As the time jump approaches the show, things can get even worse. The question arises can life survive in such circumstances? People had already started to abandon Hawkins. Will everyone leave, and will it become a Ghost Town? 

The government can completely take over the town and make it a restricted area. But will the main cast continue to live in these circumstances if not? Hawkins can become the Upside Down; this can be the driving force for people to leave, and as the time jump comes, the cast could be well off to college. 

Can Max in coma become a permanent thing in the story? 

Max in coma can be a permanent thing
Source Netflix

Technically speaking, Max Mayfield died from Vecna’s curse. Lucas confirmed that her heart stopped beating for a whole minute while he was holding her, but miraculously, she came back to life, not entirely, though. 

Eleven, with the help of her powers, traveled to the Void to bring Max back to life. However, at the end of this season, The ending showed Max in a coma, and everyone was concerned she might not wake up. 

Max’s fate in Stranger Things Season 5 is uncertain. We can keep some hope alive for the time being, although recovery will not be easy; even if she wakes up, she might never be able to ‘see’ anything again. Blood rushing down her eyes, Vecna sure did manage to take her eyesight even if her limbs healed. 

When Eleven looked for Max in the Void, it was empty, meaning two things: either Max was brain dead or was on her way to dying completely.

What will the government want with Eleven now that the destruction of an entire town can be linked to her?

What will government want with Eleven?
Source Netflix

Sullivan and the military could not follow Eleven back to Hawkins as all the transportation was destroyed when they angered Eleven. They were last seen in the middle of nowhere as the pizza van carrying Mike, Eleven, Will, Johnathan, and Argyle drove away. 

The government still views Eleven as a threat, but they cannot prove it just now; however, linking the happenings in Hawkins back to Eleven is not a big deal, while it is true that she was somehow responsible for it. Hopper and Joyce will want to keep their children hidden away since they are all targets now. 

Even though Dr. Owens tried to convince Sulivan that Eleven would be of help, he was still threatened by Dr. Brenner’s ‘little pet project.’

Will ‘Will’ come back to the limelight in Stranger Things 5?

Will in limelight in Stranger Things 5?
Source Netflix

Will Byers, played by Noah Schnapp, has been in the dark and underutilized for seasons now. Although he is a prominent show member, he was given one of the weakest storylines in Stranger Things Season 4.

Will might be coming to terms with his sexuality in the season, it could have been a good plotline, but he was given near to no attention. In the story of season four, he puts his feelings for Mike aside to help him and Eleven by giving them words of affirmation on multiple occasions.

All this might change in season 5, and Will confirmed that he could sense Vecna around Hawkins. The story starts when Will disappears; it only makes sense that he is connected to the big plot. 

What Were The Russians Planning with Demogorgons?

What were Russians Planning with Demogorgons?
Source Netflix

Stranger Things Season 3 credits scene revealed that a Russian prison in Kamchatka houses a Demogorgon. The current season did a deep dive into the story of the KGB. In the series, prisoners were ‘fed’ to the Demogorgon. 

In volume 1 of season 4, only one Demogorgon was revealed. Still, in volume 2, it was revealed that the Russians had more Demogorgons in holding tanks and were studying Mind Flayer and Demodogs. 

But what were the Russians doing with those creatures from the Upside Down? They captured them through a gate and were studying them; maybe they wanted to know about their existence and use them to their benefit one day. 

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What will become of Murray, Dmitri, and Yuri?

What happened to Yuri, Murray and Dimitri?
Source Netflix

During the finale scene in Stranger Things season 4, Joyce and Hopper reunited with the kids at Hopper’s cabin. Agent Stinson left them there after Dmitri and Yuri’s helicopter rescue mission at the Russian prison.

Murray was not present in the reunion scene, and what happened to Dmitri and Yuri was also unanswered after they made it to the USA. 

It makes sense for Murray to stay close to Hawkins as he could be of help because hell has split open there. At the same time, Dmitri could be off on another mission involving his son in America. 

Why was Dustin the only one of Eddie’s friends who seemed to be mourning his death?

Why was only Dustin mourning Eddie?
Source Netflix

The central character dead for this season of Stranger Things was Eddie Munson. He was the leader of Hellfire Club, a group of D&D playing nerds. With his wit and acting, he became everyone’s favorite character in no time.

All the more reasons to make his death more tragic for the fans, at least. Hawkins had deemed him a villain even though he laid his life to buy more time. He was a hero.

Dustin shared a special bond with Eddie that he built over the season. And hence, he was devastated when Eddie sacrificed himself like bait. Although it was odd that others were not seen mourning his loss, it might have been put on hold until next season. 

It will be interesting to see how season 5 can either keep him alive in their memories, or they can tarnish his name as a psycho murderer.

Which couple will survive, Nancy-Steve or Nancy-Johnathan? 

Steve-Nancy v/s Johnathan-Nancy?
Source Netflix

After a love triangle between Steve, Nancy, and Jonathan ended in Stranger Things season 2, it returned in season 4. It was apparent that long-distance was working for Nancy and Jonathan. Nancy spent more time with Steve as they were fighting Vecna; there were moments where Steve-Nancy chemistry still had a few sparks left. 

Steve confessed his feelings for Nancy to her as they were off to fight in Upside Down. However, their prospective patch-up was put off when Jonathan returned to Hawkins. Even though Nancy assured Johnathan about their relationship being ‘fine,’ she seemed unsure. 

In season 5, will she choose Steve or Johnathan or do the grown-up thing and move on from both of them and work on herself.  

Did Dr. Sam Owens Live?

Will Dr. Owens Live?
Source Netflix

Dr. Brenner finally died in Stranger Things season 4, but his Project Nina partner, Dr. Sam Owens, was left behind. Dr. Owen’s status in life was a mystery till the end of the season. He favored Eleven when she wanted to leave the lab, and he was captured and thrown in detention.

When the military left the lab after the blast, Dr. Owens could have survived and escaped from the underground lab, or could he have died there? Anything was unclear at the end about Dr. Owens, and it is to see what the future holds for him. 

Will we get to see more of KALI as Dr. Brenner is dead?

Will Kali come back?
Source Netflix

Kali was mentioned in Stranger Things season 4 but not seen. Dr. Brenner is dead now, and she could make a comeback now. In season 2, Kali, also known as Eight, and her group vowed to get revenge on the ones in the Hawkins Lab. 

Brenner was their top target; being dead, they could take a breath of ease now. It could also be an excellent opportunity to bring in help for Eleven. People like Kali showing up could mean they can team up and fight One with their superpowers, and he might fall short in front of their combined powers.

How will Stranger Things come to an end in the last season? 

How will Stranger Things come to an end?
Source Netflix

Now, the central question of this season is, how will Stranger Things end in its upcoming final season? The show’s makers can leave a few plotlines open and unexplored to leave potential for sequels and spinoffs. 

Although there must be a satisfying end for all the fuss in Hawkins because of Upside Down, if Eleven and her friends can beat Vecna, they need to close the gates of the Upside Down. Or the other scenario might be the destruction of that realm. Either way, our heroes must find a permanent solution to the Vecna problem. 


Conclusion July 3
Source Netflix

As Stranger Things Season 4 ended with cliffhangers all over the place, it is evident that there will be a Season 5. The activities around Hawkins suggest that Henry is far from done with Eleven. His anger and his zest to take down Eleven will lead to him causing much more destruction. 

Now, it’s time for the fans to sit back and wait for the next season. As per rumors, Stranger Things Season 5 will be the last season of the series which means the team will be wrapping things up in the story, and as for our hero Eleven, this battle against One is going to be a do-or-die situation. 

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