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Technoroid Overmind Season 2: Renewal Status + Release Date Predictions

Technoroid Overmind Season 2, will it happen?

Anime adaptions are often based on either manga or light novels however, creators sometimes look beyond written material and produce series inspired by digital content such as video games.

Many popular video game franchises have received anime adaption, which includes the likes of Pokemon, Final Fantasy, DOTA, and many more.

One such anime was privy in Winter 2023 slate when the anime adaption of WonderPlanet s’ mobile game Technoroid hit the small screens.

The premise is set in a futuristic world where the human s’ population has rapidly declined due to the rising sea levels, and consequently, androids are used to perform basic menial tasks.

Apart from providing manual labor, androids also are utilized for entertainment through Babel, i.e., a tower wherein participants engage the audience through song and dance and climb the tower.

After clearing the climbing stage, the race to the top becomes competitive, but the rewards in the form of prize money get massive.

The story follows androids Cobalt, Chrom, Neon, and Kei, who are out of luck as their power supply has been cut off due to unpaid bills.

Desperate to resolve the situation, the group decides to become climbers however, it’s easier said than done, as winning the audience s’ favor is a challenging task.

Despite the challenges, Cobalt is determined and is further inspired by watching top climber unit, Stand Alone.

The group stumbles upon a mysterious choreographer who agrees to show his moves which Cobalt accepts.

Can the android succeed in the daunting climb amidst the discrimination is the central plot of the show.

Technoroid Overmind Season One was received with mixed reactions from fans and critics. 

However, those who enjoyed the first season are wondering if there will be a second installment or not.

To find the answer, keep scrolling as we bring you all the rules and updates on Technoroid Overmind Season 2.

Technoroid Overmind is rated 6.4/10 and ranked #6502 with 13k members on MyAnimeList


WHAT IS THE Technoroid Overmind SEASON 2 release date
Source by Doga Kobo

Technoroid Overmind Season One aired from 5th January 2023 to 30th March 2023 for 12 episodes.

As of writing, there is no update from studio Doga Kobo on the renewal of Technoroid Overmind Season 2.

Technoroid Overmind Season 15th January 2023
Technoroid Overmind Season 2Yet to be Announced

Production Studios consider various financial and commercial metrics before announcing a renewal.

As mentioned earlier, Technoroid Overmind Season One was by no means a top-rated or popular series in the Winter 2023 slate.

It was an average sci-fi dystopian anime that was created for the sole purpose of promoting the mobile game. Hence there is no monetary profit for the studio itself.

However, prior to its airing, the anime faced a delay in its premier due to the pandemic, and as a result, a crowdfunding campaign was organized to display large ads in stations, screens, and digital signage in Japan.

Despite the average reviews and ratings, crucial factors for renewal will be the availability of studio and source material.

Doga Kobo s’ production schedule looks stacked with three new projects, i.e., Saint Cecilia, Pastor Lawrence, and Mobius Dust, scheduled for future release.

Also, the studio will certainly announce a swift renewal for the highly popular supernatural drama series, Oshi no Ko, which would add another title to their works.

Another point going against the renewal of Technoroid Overmind Season 2 is source material which, as of writing only consists of a few chapters from the Technoroid Overmind manga.

Furthermore, Doga Kobo has not produced any sequel since 2017, with Zoku Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru being the last anime to receive a renewal.

All in All, despite no official confirmation, it is highly unlikely that studio Doga Kobo will renew for Technoroid Overmind Season 2.

Thus, expecting any updates on Technoroid Overmind Season 2 trailer and Technoroid Overmind Season 2 release date could be a pointless wait.


Technoroid Overmind Season 2 PLOT
Source by Doga Kobo

In the final episode of Technoroid Overmind season one, Cobalt and crew are boxed in a room wherein he notices that Esola isn’t looking at him.

He contemplates how to front up to Esola if he loses the fifth stage, which would also lead to reformatting.

Esola notes that if the androids do win the fifth stage, then all the robots and androids will receive the heart program.

Esola also learns that in the fifth stage, the robot faction has planned that the Stand-Alone team will beat KNoCC, and since the blast incident, no humans will vote for the androids.

Two androids hand him a proof chip which he needs to show to the world through a broadcast from the babel tower.

Kite saves the group from a mysterious man who is trying to sabotage them while Esola makes his way to the tower.

He is unsuccessful in reaching the top and falls through right in front of the Cobalt and crew.

They hug him and escape through the lift, wherein Cobalt apologizes to Esola for saying demeaning things.

Cobalt reassures Esola that they will win the fifth stage and then go home to Eliza and Caron.

The truth about the blast furnace incident comes to light, and it’s revealed that the human future project is behind the invitation to make the public hate robots.

Stand Alone completes their performance, leaving KNoCC stunned as the crow is mesmerized.

When KNoCC takes the stage, Neon blurts out, “So pretty,” and the crowd is surprised to see an android take note of the environment.

Cobalt explains that although they are androids, they also have hearts and can sense emotions just like humans.

KNoCC begins their performance, and as it goes, they portray all the things that have happened to them on the stage.

The results declared as KNoCC won the competition, and all the androids received the heart program.

Esola bids farewell to the androids as he tells them to live their own free lives.

The episode ends with Kite promising to take care of Nagi even if he doesn’t survive the medical procedure.

Due to a lack of source material, it’s unclear what direction will Technoroid Overmind Season 2 characters and plotlines will follow.

However, fans would like to see KNoCC back and participate in more challenging competitions.

Also, does Nagi gets well at the cost of Kite, or will both survive and come out all well?

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Technoroid Overmind CAST, CHARACTER AND CREW
Source by Doga Kobo

Technoroid Overmind is directed by Ka Hee Im with a series composition by Ayumi Sekine.

Characters are designed by Saori Sakaguchi, while the music is composed by Elements Garden and RUCCA.

Animation is produced by the studio Doga Kobo with Ranko Nakabayashi serving as the animation director.

You can find the list of Technoroid Overmind characters and voice cast below:

 Kei (KNoCC)Hiromu Mineta
 Neon (KNoCC)Kayto
 Cobalt (KNoCC)Kazuki Ura
 Chrom (KNoCC)Satoi Shibuya
 Lana (Mechanicametallica)Akito Sugibayashi
 ElizaAsami Seto
 BōraDaiki Hamano
 Night (Stand-Alone)Gakuto Kajiwara
 Silve (Mechanicametallica)Junya Enoki
 Light (Stand-Alone)Keigo Hagiya
 NobelKenji Nojima
 Madarame KiriyaKoji Yusa
 Kite (Stand-Alone)Makoto Furukawa
 Inspector TakaraMakoto Yasumura
 Esora ShibauraMutsumi Tamura
 Zin (Mechanicametallica)Shugo Nakamura
 DentaShun Horie
 Auru (Mechanicametallica)Takeo Ōtsuka
 Hakushū ShibauraTakuya Kirimoto


Source by Doga Kobo

Similar to how fans overlooked the first season, Studio Doga Kobo could do the same with the renewal of Technoroid Overmind Season 2.

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