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Who Replaced Tom Holland As Spider-Man In What If…? Episode 5?

After struggling for “N” number of years, I finally realized that everything I thought I knew about Comics was wrong and scripted. There is no doubt that comics and movies are an excellent source for calming the mind and relaxing. Still, society has just presented one side. The other side is somehow different, which exclaims that movies, television series and comics are instead a medium of learning about the characters and experiencing their lives from a different point of view. May it be any story or plot, it is deeply inspired by real-life characters and most of them are targeted to give us a massive exposure of what life really is.


What If
What If

Marvel has been lately a source of controversy by one or other heated news spread through social media. The topic is somehow different, which is related to another comic series named “What If”. The “What If” series produced by marvel cinematic universe brings out a thrilling story in which the heroes are seen tackling and fighting the deadly virus. While discovering the cause for the spread of the virus, Peter Parker retrieves millions of secrets and shocking treasures hidden from him lately. The “What if” series by marvel has also telecasted “Uncle Ben”, which was neither a shock for the audience nor it emerged as a mere surprise, as he (Uncle Ben) was almost there in every other series produced by renowned “Marvel Cinematic Universe”.

How Spider-Man is related to the What if Series?

What If
What If

Who doesn’t know the era of spider-man and its friendly nature, which is worldwide famous? But have you ever thought about how spider-man is related to the what-if series? Well, it can say as a legitimate doubt, but to the utter shock, spider-man is telecasting in what-if series that can be seen dominantly fighting with the villains. But why Spider-Man creates controversies, it is well construed that Tom Holland, famously known as Spider-Man Tom Holland, is seen in place of Peter Parker, which can surprise the audience.

Heated Controversy

What If
What If

In furtherance of the utter shock discussed in the above segment, it alleges that Tom Holland Spider-Man would be in place of Peter Parker. The What if series is all about running after the virus to save the whole planet from the fearsome actions of zombies. But the story is not over yet. What if the series mainly focuses on episode 5, which showcased different heroes such as Uncle Ben, Captain America, Iron Man, and the Spider-Man.

In What If…? Episode 5, Hudson Thames steps in to voice Peter Parker/Spider-Man. The Thames is a 27-year-old actor and musician who starred in The Secret Life of an American Teenager, Malibu County, portraying Elton John in American Soul. The Thames is also known for the magnificent role while appearing in Mad Men Season 6.


It is definite to mention that what if is a show filled with power-packed performances of different superhero’s and is undoubtedly a must-watch.

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