The MCU Finally Confirms Doctor Strange Is The Sorcerer Supreme

Doctors are known for acting as an advisory for their patients and eradicating their disease, but what if they are differently showcased in a web series or movies? Fascinating right? This article will highlight the same, as it will entirely focus on a famous movie named “Doctor Strange“, its powers, and the multiverse of madness. The article will also focus on the second part of doctor strange, i.e., Doctor Strange 2.

About the Movie

Doctor Strange 2 Release Date And Why Casting Tilda Swinton As The Ancient One Was A Mistake
Credit – Marvel

Doctor Strange is an American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name. Produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt. Doctor Strange maintains his abilities to act as a magnificent hero, with extensive powers supported by excellent graphics in the film. Doctor Strange is a 1 hr 55 mins movie filled with talented star cast named as-

1. Benedict Cumberbatch

2. Chiwetel Ejiofor

3. Rachel Mcadams

4. Benedict Wong

5. Michael Stuhlbarg

Marvel Studios has been consistent in producing the second part as well, with full dedication and preservance. Doctor Strange is a neurosurgeon who, when met with an accident, explores the era of magic and develops certain powers about technology and preservance. The character of doctor strange is also compared to that of Sherlock Holmes because of his extraordinary powers.

Doctor Strange 2 Release Date And Why Casting Tilda Swinton As The Ancient One Was A Mistake
Credit – Marvel

The Second Part

Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness is said to be released in the year 2022 by marvel studios. It is also controversial that this may be the biggest hit and may break the previous record made by the first part, where Benedict Cumberbatch is acting as a hero again, Shuma Gorath will be acting as the villain in Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness.

Sorcerer Controversy

Marvel has confirmed that doctor strange is the sorcerer supreme in the whole series, which means that the powerful character that doctor strange plays in the movie are unmatchable with any other character in any movie of the marvel production. Doctor Strange had become Sorcerer Supreme in the years that follow, explaining his power when he dueled Thanos on Titan and his mastery of the Time Stone in Doctor Strange, but Marvel has been reluctant to confirm that. It will see Strange become Sorcerer Supreme at last. A multiverse of madness is thus said when the movie is filled with overwhelmed acting and direction.

It is still not confirmed whether episode 4 of the series will reveal the sorcerer character of doctor strange or it will reveal something new that will shock us entirely.

Doctor Strange 2 Release Date And Why Casting Tilda Swinton As The Ancient One Was A Mistake
Credit – Marvel


It is fortunate to believe that Marvel might have made this statement in a rush and not in their senses, but the public has positively interpreted this. Still, surprisingly the episode 4 is also telling us that doctor strange is, fortunately, a sorcerer and not just an ordinary character. Perhaps, the second season would demonstrate the real mysterious identity of doctor strange, and its renowned character determinedly tells us more about Doctor Strange’s personality.

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