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The Witcher’s Henry Cavill Politely Asks Fans To Stop Trolling His New Relationship

Henry Cavill is one of the most popular stars in Hollywood and while the title is a lot of worship, it has a disadvantage. The Star Witcher discussed the latter recently in social media to his fans who had made direct contact with Natalie Viscuso in his romantic friendship.

Has Natalie Viscuso become Henry Cavill Wife?

The Witcher Actor Henry Cavill Asks His Fans To Stop Trolling His New Relationship
Credit – Netflix

A month earlier, Henry Cavill and Natalie Viscuso made their relationship public but she has not become Henry Cavill wife yet. Henry Cavill is not the only one from this whirlwind year of mask-wearing and home time who has a bond with his new girlfriend, “Natalie.” Since the pandemic, Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas were the highest pair, but their romance has recently faded and has split up since then. In the past years, all new life leases have been found between Travis Barker, Kourtney Kardashian, Machine Gun Kelly, and Megan Fox. Also recently in Instagram, Van Hunt and Halle Berry.

How long Henry Cavill and “Natalie” knew each other was unsure. Although the first man should have some free time now because filming on The Witcher Season 2 has ended (after over a year). We will keep you informed about any upcoming news of The Witcher and any news about this lady of the mystery. I am most fascinated by the fact that she loves him in a blonde pig.

The reactions of a certain number of his fans on their relationship were reportedly so strong that he had to talk about it in the social media. In a specific segment of the post Caville addressed the guests showering his pages and the Internet, telling them to turn back as politely as possible.

Usually when a star with many followers finds out they are now in an intimate (or committed or married) relationship there are a lot of “Oh no, so I’m not lucky enough” social media responses like this. We saw that when «surprisingly» Aubrey Plaza discovered that she was now married to Jeff Baena, her long time friend. You can argue whether or not this is appropriate, but it has been happening for decades in social media (we can see the reactions the various Beatles received when they got hitched).

What Cavill is angry about though is a much darker matter, fandom.

The Witcher Actor Henry Cavill Asks His Fans To Stop Trolling His New Relationship
Credit – Netflix

It’s both A. trying to “ship” people together from reality and B. chattering whether a friendship is “true” or a charade of advertising. Cavill tried to talk through his post about those kind of fans (specifically the above category in this case).

Cavill began by saying I couldn’t help but remember that social problems have increased recently. My feed is increasingly common.There have been a lot about my private life and personal relationships, let’s say it gossip now. Now, while I admire the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of these very people who “speculate,” I had to say something that is terrible for me.

So, to you out there who are voicing your contempt and displaying your displeasure in an astonishing number of ways, it’s time to quit,” he said.

He mentioned that he know it can be fun speculating, gossiping and immersing ourselves in their own personal chambers on the internet, but your “passion” is wrong and harms those he care for the most. Perhaps the most conservative conclusions about both his personal and professional life are simply not correct. Let’s welcome this era of social illumination with one another and make a difference. In other words, Cavill would prefer the fans stay away from his personal life.

Cavill took away the opportunity for someone to leave a message on the post, possibly anticipating that some reinforcement and positivity would be met with trolling. Cavill’s tweet had accrued over 2.6 million views and counting at the time of this article’s release. So fingers crossed that his message would reach those who need to hear them the most.

The Witcher Actor Henry Cavill Asks His Fans To Stop Trolling His New Relationship
Credit – Netflix

Before making this comment, Henry Cavill said that while he valued encouragement from the fans, it was sufficient evidence that people had taken it too far to really discuss the negative aspects of his relationship with Natalie Viscuso. Cavill deleted the opportunity to comment on the message, supposing that there will still be some trolling for some help and positive.

Comments on the friendship between Henry Cavill and Natalie Viscuso vary from playful to nasty online. Some fans want to joke that their lives are over and others take it a step further, because Cavill’s happy relationship is over. Comments that Viscuso accused of using Cavill to increase its own star power in Hollywood can be found online.

Others also went so far as to argue that the relationship between the two is an unhealthy and fabricated stunt created by the PR squad. In his statement, Cavill included a selfie with Viscuso and said that he is “very happily in love”: Henry Cavill (@henrycavill) shared a tweet.

The Legendary Entertainment vice chairman, Natalie Viscuso: Steel, and Enola Holmes

The Witcher Actor Henry Cavill Asks His Fans To Stop Trolling His New Relationship
Credit – Netflix

She is a leading streaming TV business in two of Henry Cavill’s main films (which recently received a sequel announcement). Just days after walking together the Cavill’s puppy, they all went Instagram officially on April 10, 2021. Unfortunately, the crowd reaction to the relationship seems to have created a little turmoil, but hopefully both can press on now that Cavill is cleaning up the air with fans.

On a separate note, Season 2 of Henry Cavill’s The Witcher is set to premiere on Netflix near the end of 2021. Check back for more information on the series, especially when it does not appear to be too far off when you first look at Season 2.

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