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My Hero Academia: Top 10 Cutest Moments Of Ochaco Uraraka

Ochaco is My Hero Academia’s one of the most fan-favorite characters. At first, she was introduced as the potential lover of Izuku Midoriya. However, she became one of the most popular members of the U.A’s Class 1A. Uraraka is undoubtedly the most positive character of the series. Her closest friends’ courage constantly inspires her. With rampant determination, she wants to become the best hero.

Uraraka is highly adorable, and we wouldn’t want her to decrease to a mere wagon for fan service. We will miss her fawning over Deku and always supporting her classmates. Let’s have a look at the top 10 Ochaco Uraraka cutest moments.

10. Season one episode 3 – Or I’ll just die

Top 10 Cutest Moments Of Ochaco Uraraka

Ochaco’s debut in the 3rd episode of the first season of my hero academy was undoubtedly her most adorable moment. Seconds before Uraraka enters the hallways of the infamous U.A. high, izuku midoriya stumbles and falls face-first into the pavement and says, or I’ll just die. Luckily for him, Uraraka was there to save the day with her quirk.

After saving Deku, Uraraka tries to lighten the mood by asking Deku that isn’t this all nerve-wracking? Izuku mutters something to himself and seconds later realizes that he just talked to a girl. From their very first scene together, the duo has been melting the fans’ hearts.

9. Season one episode 6 – Hero costume reveal

Top 10 Cutest Moments Of Ochaco Uraraka

During this scene, All might takes class 1A out for some training exercise. This is one of the most adorable moments as it reveals her hero costume. All the students were wearing their costumes for the first time. Also, in this scene, we received a flashback that explains the sentimental value behind Deku’s new uniform.

While everyone is excited about wearing their costumes, Uraraka is embarrassed with her costume as it is too revealing, and she remarks that this is not her style. However, when Deku sees Uraraka in her outfit, he is blindsided by her attire, and again it’s an adorable moment involving these two.

8. Season three, episode 2 – let’s hear it for Camp.

Top 10 Cutest Moments Of Ochaco Uraraka

There is another cute moment for Ochaco Uraraka. Both class 1A and 1B are going to a remote location for some intensive work training, and you can imagine all the students are excited about their trip. Uraraka, who is always very positive and ambitious, is all hyped up. She runs up to midoriya and shouts that she is excited and waiting for this Camp from the start of the semester.

However, she soon remembers what Aoyama implied about their relationship. she gets embarrassed and slowly and awkwardly backs away from Deku. Uraraka engages other classmates with her chant of let’s hear it for Camp to change the topic.

7. Season five episode three- flashback

Top 10 Cutest Moments Of Ochaco Uraraka

The latest season of my hero Academia mainly focuses on great heroes like Hawks and Endeavour. But the series also features a few memorable moments from class 1A. One such scene is when midoriya comments on some new changes in Mei Hatsume’s costume, and just the mention of Hatsume’s name brings back memories for Uraraka.

She starts thinking about the moment when Deku got accidentally revealing looks at the support student. For this, Uraraka punches herself in the face for thinking about that incident.

6. Season one episode 4- Saving Deku

Top 10 Cutest Moments Of Ochaco Uraraka

In the first season, during the U.A. entrance exam, an overwhelming Izuku makes up for his inactivity early on by jumping to the rescue to save Uraraka. After beating a massive robot by himself, he drops to the ground and cannot stop from falling. At the last moment, he is saved by Uraraka, who slaps him in mid-air using her quirk to gently lower him to the ground.

However, after her brave act, she promptly vomits. This was one of the most critical moments for Uraraka in the entire first season.

5. Season two, episode 4- let’s team up.

Top 10 Cutest Moments Of Ochaco Uraraka

During the second round of the U.A sports festival, Deku finds himself in trouble. After winning the first round of the sports festival, he became A Target, and his classmates also shy away from him. However, Uraraka willingly teams up with him and says it’s better to team up with people like Deku.

Deku’s reaction to this is priceless, and he says that his chest exploded there for one second. This moment gives fans hope for a more romantic relationship between them both in the future.

4. Season four episode 1- that’s weird 

Top 10 Cutest Moments Of Ochaco Uraraka

in the first episode of season four of my hero Academia, a freelance reporter is investigating the U.A High to find out who will be all might’s successor. He focuses a little more on midoriya, and Uraraka notices this.

When the reporter is leaving, he grabs Deku and takes a quick picture of him. Uraraka is witnessing this entire encounter and thinks that it’s weird of the investigator to do this. Her concern over Deku is quite heartwarming.

3. Season two episode 18- Was that a boy?

Top 10 Cutest Moments Of Ochaco Uraraka 3

During an encounter with the hero killer stain, Midoriya, ida, and todoroki suffer serious injuries. Deku talks to Uraraka over the phone while she is training with the pro hero gunhead. Upon hearing about the incident, Uraraka expresses her concern, but she is cut short by her instructor.

Though gunhead is quite intimidating, he asked Uraraka whether that was a boy on the phone. On hearing this, Uraraka gets flustered and says yes, but it’s not what he is thinking. On the other hand, izuku is going crazy when he realizes that he just talked to a girl on the phone.

2. Season three, episode 15- it’s love!

Top 10 Cutest Moments Of Ochaco Uraraka

After being exhausted by working to nurture their quirks, all the girls of class 1A hang out in their dorms except Uraraka, who seems a bit more excited than usual. She says that her heart has been stirred up about something to this Aoyama quickly blabs its love.

Later, when she sees midoriya practicing his new move outside, Uraraka’s true feelings are revealed, and it’s one of the most cutest moments in the entire series.

1. Season two, episode 23- is it because you like him?

Top 10 Cutest Moments Of Ochaco Uraraka

At the end of my hero Academia’s second season, everyone is busy with the final exams. In the exams, two classmates have to go up against one hero. Uraraka and Aoyama are fighting against the black hole hero, thirteen. At first, Uraraka tries to find a way to avoid the fight with the black hole hero but after some unintentional motivation by Aoyama, who suggests that Uraraka is thinking of izuku because she likes him.

Ochaco is surprised upon hearing this, but her surprise quickly morphs into determination, and she quickly handcuffs her opponent, stating that she is a mini-battle hero.

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