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Uncharted 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Updates, And More

Due to the box office success of Uncharted, Uncharted 2 was highly anticipated and expected to be developed by Sony.

Uncharted 2 may feature Tom Holland reprising his character as Nathan Drake for a fresh escapade, although Sony has not officially confirmed the movie yet.

Although Uncharted’s first part couldn’t reach the staggering $1 billion+ mark of The Super Mario Bros Movie, it still gained a lot of success, raking in a global box office revenue of $402 million.

Indeed, the impressive figures impelled Uncharted to become one of movie history’s top-earning video game adaptations. This triumph led Sony’s head, Tom Rothman, to label it as a “completely new series” in May 2022.

Despite this optimistic start, there is no official green signal for a follow-up film, leaving the status of a potential sequel uncertain.

As we expected updates, here’s a comprehensive guide on everything you should know about Uncharted 2.

Uncharted 2 Release Date And Updates

Uncharted 2 Release Date And Updates
Uncharted 2 Release Date And Updates

As there is no official confirmation for Uncharted 2, it is unsurprising that a release date is also unknown.

We can make some educated guesses about a potential timeline by using the production dates of the first film as a reference. However, it is essential to emphasize that these assumptions are purely speculative.

Production for Uncharted film commenced in July 2020 and concluded in October of the same year. Subsequently, there were reshoots in July 2021. Despite this, the movie experienced multiple changes to its release date and eventually premiered in cinemas in February 2022, a full year and a half after the completion of its filming.

Considering this information, if Uncharted 2 were to start its production in 2023, a potential release date for the sequel in cinemas could be around 2025.

However, since there is no official confirmation of the movie’s development, no production dates are established for it either.

Furthermore, due to the ongoing writers’ and actors’ strikes in the US, any progress on Uncharted 2 must be improved, even if it has been secretly in development. Consequently, we will have to endure a more extended period of waiting for the sequel.

Additionally, Tom Holland is presently on hiatus from acting and may have to prioritize his involvement in Spider-Man 4 over taking on a project like this sequel.

If and when Sony officially confirms Uncharted 2, we can expect a clearer understanding of when we can anticipate Nathan Drake’s return to our screens.

Uncharted 2 Cast

Uncharted 2 Cast
Uncharted 2 Cast

In the potentially upcoming sequel, Tom Holland would undoubtedly reprise his character as Nathan Drake. He is no stranger to franchises, and similar to his MCU appearances, Uncharted concluded with a hint of what might made a comeback in the upcoming sequel.

Furthermore, Mark Wahlberg would return as Nathan’s mentor and father figure, Victor ‘Sully’ Sullivan.

Like other Uncharted characters, Sophia Ali will also return as treasure hunter Chloe Frazer. In the second Uncharted game, Chloe was briefly portrayed as Nate’s love interest. The first movie hinted at their potential romance but concluded with them possibly becoming rivals, following Nate’s deception about the treasure’s location to Chloe.

In the credits scene, the return of Nate’s brother Sam is hinted at, despite Nate’s belief that he was dead. This aspect was also a important plot element in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Although Sam might have a important role in the sequel, the identity of the actor to portray him remains unclear.

Uncharted director Ruben Fleischer shared with CinemaBlend that he has a “list of actors” in mind who could play Sam. However, he refrained from confirming Sam’s appearance in the sequel.

Fleischer emphasized that he cannot made sure of Sam’s presence in the upcoming movie, but he considered it crucial to recognize the character’s survival in this film if they decide to bring him back.

“It was crucial for me to ensure that the audience understands that Sam is still out there somewhere. Nate needs to be made aware of this fact. Eventually, he will find it for himself and reunite with his brother.”

However, it is not expected for Antonio Banderas to reprise his role as Moncada, as he was killed by his mercenary, Braddock, portrayed by Tati Gabrielle.

As for Braddock, she was dead when a ship fell on her. Nevertheless, since her body was not shown, that means there is a possibility that she will come back. While it may seem not quite possible, considering this is a world where Nate can survive falling from a cargo plane with minimal injuries, one cannot entirely rule out anything.

In Uncharted’s second credits scene, Pilou Asbæk portrayed a cunning and dubious new villain named Gage. He betrays Nate in a deal, but Sully comes to the rescue. It is presumed that we will reencounter Gage in the future.

A potential addition to the sequel could be Elena Fisher, who serves as Nate’s primary love interest in the games. They eventually get married and have a daughter in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, making it probable that she will appear in the movie adaptations at some point.

In the sequel movie, if Sam assumes a more prominent role, it also opens up the possibility of Rafe Adler making an appearance. Rafe is the primary antagonist in A Thief’s End and has a history with the Drake brothers.

Considering that the first film drew inspiration from the game but omitted Rafe, the sequel might introduce an entirely different villain who is not from the video games at all.

What are the Expectations And Plot of Uncharted 2

What are the Expectations And Plot of Uncharted 2
What are the Expectations And Plot of Uncharted 2

In summary, Uncharted is a self-contained origin story where the villains are defeated, and Nate and Sully successfully locate the treasure.

Sully sacrifices his share of the haul to save Nate’s life, but Nate keeps some gold aside as a gesture of appreciation to his new mentor. The movie took its inspiration from Uncharted game.

The sequel’s significant hint arises in the first credits scene, revealing Sam alive in a prison cell. He writes a postcard to Nate, cautioning him to “watch your back.” Whether it implies an imminent danger or merely a general warning about Sully’s dubious nature remains uncertain.

Sam and Sully were once partners in the quest for the treasure, but Braddock shoots Sam. Instead of assisting him, Sully abandons him, leading to understandable animosity from Sam towards Sully.

Apart from Sam’s significant reappearance in Nate’s life, the details regarding what might unfold in the sequel remain largely unknown. While the first movie drew inspiration from different elements of the video game series, it did not directly adapt any specific storyline from the games.

Considering how the movie has already changed Nate and Sully’s meeting and Nate and Sam’s backstory, it seems unlikely that Uncharted 2 will directly adapt elements from the video games.

Although there are four more games, including Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, to draw inspiration from, the sequel will likely embark on an entirely new adventure for Nate and Sully.

However, the director, Ruben Fleischer, has been hinting at his desire to incorporate iconic sequences from the video game series into the movie.

He talked about a particular interest in bringing Uncharted 4’s car chase, which he believes is the most amazing car chase ever filmed in any film or medium, to the big screen. He eagerly aims to include it in the sequel.

Recent Article –

In Uncharted 2, who will play Sam?

In Uncharted 2, who will play Sam
In Uncharted 2, who will play Sam

Uncharted’s initial post-credits scene paved the way for the potential return of Sam Drake in a future sequel. However, the question lingers: who will take on the role of Nate’s brother in the follow-up?

While Outer Banks star Rudy Pankow portrayed Sam Drake in the first film, a considerably older actor will be required to progress the storyline.

In a February 2022 interview with CinemaBlend, Uncharted director Ruben Fleischer disclosed that he has already compiled a “list of actors” who could skillfully embody Sam Drake’s character.

Indeed, Ruben Fleischer made it clear that he could not be sure about Sam’s appearance in Uncharted 2. The inclusion of Sam in the ending of the first movie was directly intended to affirm that “he’s alive.”

Indeed, finding the right actor to convincingly portray an older brother to Tom Holland’s Nathan Drake can be challenging. However, a few potential candidates could fit the bill if Uncharted 2 becomes a reality.

Names suggested by fans and media include Jamie Bell, Taron Egerton, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Each of these actors possesses the talent and potential to bring the character of Sam to life and create a compelling dynamic with Tom Holland’s Nathan Drake if they are cast in the sequel. Ultimately, the decision will rest with the filmmakers and casting team to choose the best-suited actor for the role.

Uncharted 2 Trailer

The Trailer for Uncharted 2 is not release yet as there is no official announcement from the makers.

As the movie has yet to be officially confirmed, filming is still a long way, making the release of a trailer even more distant. In the meantime you can watch the trailer for Uncharted on Youtube.

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