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What to Expect from Loki Season 2 and Why You Should Rewatch Season 1 Finale?

Loki might have won our hearts with his cheeky humor and became the fan favorite MCU anti-villain that becomes a hero progressively throughout his MCU journey. The spin off show is heading towards Loki gaining a huge fan following who has managed to fool everyone every time that he died! Trust us, when we say Loki has become a fan favorite it is not because female fans are drooling over him but his character development throughout the show shows his androgenous side on the spectrum.

Not only is Tom Hiddleston incredibly handsome but no one other than him could have played Loki better. The God of Mischief can never be trusted but HAVE you seen his charismatic personality? He has effortlessly portrayed the character of Loki to utmost perfection. His on-screen chemistry with Chris Harmsworth playing Thor is what got us hooked initially but with his character development throughout the series peels off the layers built over the years that are not known to many.

Let’s spill some tea after watching the last six episodes! If you have not seen it, just stop. We have some epic spoilers ahead. The journey to fulfill his unfound purpose has changed the God of Mischief, as he spends time with Time Variance Authority and Mobius. But the most intriguing part of the show was how he owns up to his narcissism after confronting his variants.

loki Quiz from loki season one

Moreover, the inevitable death at Mad Titan’s hands was written, instead of a throne or glory.  The 6th episode is where he learns to surrender to Sylvie and love himself because he gives up wanting the throne. This is not something we have seen Loki do but left all of us gasping. The spectacular end of accelerating and exploding Nexus created, clashed, and manipulated timelines. Thus, the birth of the multiverse began with Loki more bending towards chaos.

But with chaos comes great responsibility and we cannot get enough of Loki’s chic yet simplistic style throughout the series. If you too were hell bent on getting hands on the sensational design this fall and winter, we might have an advice to get it within your budget. The premium quality knockoff of the LOKI jacket offered by BossJackets is a must – have! What we’ve found that It has been tailored to utter perfection and ticks all our boxes for grabbing attention no matter wherever you are. And how could the God of Mischief function without pockets? The Loki cotton jacket has been loaded with two waist pockets along with a pair of interior pockets to keep all your belongings safe.

Enough talk about our fashion needs, let’s focus a little on what the second season of Loki has in store for us. Are you excited? We surely are about all the twists the multiverse has to offer. We know how the universe was led into madness after Sylvie killed He Who Remains. It opens up a Multiversal War between Loki’s strayed variants. But Sylvie was not successful in getting the job done because He created a sacred timeline. It brought forward the whole saga into 360 – degree. That was a decision. This brings us to Disney’s tweet about Ant Man and the Wasp making an appearance; however, his fate is yet to be decided.

Moreover, the official release date has not been set but according to our sources, Quantomania is going to be released in 2023. Yes, you heard us right! So, we have a punch that the second season of Loki might release around the same time. But we have some sad news, the director of season one, Kate Herron will not be returning to the team. She revealed this news in an interview with ELLE that she is excited to let the new director bring their creativity to the show.

Tom Hiddleston's Loki Laufeyson Will Returns In Doctor Strange 2
Credit – Marvel

Moreover, let’s talk about the unanswered questions, and fan theories. Kevin Feige, President of Marvel Studios has updated about going into MCU Phase 4. After digging a little deeper, Loki season 2 will begin filming after the sequel of Doctor Strange, as Loki appears in it and Ant and the Wasp: Quantomania. Just because of the multiverse crossover, we might get an animated series.

The season finale of Loki left us with a lot of unanswered questions, even though Loki had self – discovered himself. But is that just what he was destined to do? Not what the fans think. They are coming up with weird fan theories about the Multiversal War that will show us which Loki Variant will triumph over the others. We have our bets on Sylvie but what about the others? We all would have to wait and watch what trailers and spoilers up ahead have in store for us! Do not miss out on all Marvel news and fashion trends with all things great!

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