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Why did Black Noir Remove his Chip, and where did he go in Boys S3 Episode 6?

In The Boys season 3, episode 6, Black Noir disappears out of the blue. But why did he remove his tracking chip after he learned about Soldier Boy?

As the incidents of Episode 6 of season 3 unfold before us, we see that Black Noir removed his tracking chip and disappeared, leaving the audience in shock and confused about his whereabouts. He belongs to The Seven, and he is considered a deadly superhuman who mostly remains silent.

The Boys is a hit show premiering on Amazon Prime and is now in its third season. Black Noir has had only a minor role in the current season of The Boys.

He has been in a few crucial places so far in the show, and he helped Homelander in harming Queen Maeve; apart from that, his connection to Soldier Boy in season 3 has been the most exciting plot twist about Black Noir.

The return of Soldier Boy

The return of Soldier Boy
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After The Boys freed Soldier Boy from the Russians and their testing facility, the world’s on fire, he is acquainted with Hughie Campbell and Billy Butcher, but their goal is not quite similar. We see that Soldier Boy in The Boys season 3 is ready to get back at his betrayers. He even killed Crimson Countess, a teammate and love interest of his, in the fifth episode.

In The Boys season 3, the audience learned about the betrayal of a long time ago that Soldier Boy faced by Payback, his first team. When his team betrayed him, the Russians captured him and started to experiment on him.

Homelander and The Seven get some information on Soldier Boy and what he did at the beginning of The Boys season 3, episode 6. Then they see that the superhuman Soldier Boy is still alive. As they learn about his well-being, everyone’s taken aback.

On knowing about Soldier Boy’s well-being, Homelander is shaken and is unaware of what might happen next, which scared even him.

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Where is Black Noir?

Where is Black Noir?
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Even though everyone is shocked after knowing about Soldier Boy, Black Noir was the one who acted out the most. Black Noir leaves The Seven and removes his Vought tracker chip in the elevator. As more incidents happen in episode 6, Black is not seen again, raising more suspicions.

When we see Homelander confused about his surroundings and a little distressed, Black Noir, on the other hand, seems to be taking all the possible steps to stay out of sight of Soldier Boy. Black Noir is Soldier Boys’ ex-teammate from Payback.

Black Noir removing his tracking chip and vanishing at the time when everybody learns that Soldier Boy is alive and has already murdered Crimson Countess is not a coincidence. Other members of the Vought are not aware of his intentions right now, but Black Noir is confident that Soldier Boy is coming for every last of his Payback teammates because they betrayed him.

Black Noir was not wrong in predicting Soldier Boy’s moves, as he kills the TNT Twins next during Herogasm. But even if Black Noir goes MIA (missing in action), he is not fully aware of what Soldier Boy’s newfound superpowers can do, and maybe he can track him or hurt him worse than death.

TNT Twins also mentions that Black Noir was the one who was the mastermind behind the team- Payback betraying their leader, Soldier Boy, and hence he will want revenge on Black Noir more than anybody else.


Conclusion June 26
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Coming down to the point, the whereabouts of Black Noir The Boys Season 3 Episode 6 is not easy to jot down because no one knows as of now. He is simultaneously deadly and intelligent, which means Black Noir will not go to somewhere where Soldier Boy can even guess in his wildest dreams.

It eliminates a few options for Black Noir, like the Vought, because it will be a place that is accessible to Soldier Boy, so could he be hiding somewhere in the countryside to avoid his ex-teammate and the leader of Payback?

There is one more theory, Black Noir might have anticipated Soldier Boy’s moves and will want to kill him before Soldier Boy could kill him. Black Noir is innovative, that’s for sure; wherever he is hiding can be a place beyond the reach of Soldier Boy.

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