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What will Kimiko do now about her powers?

A mysterious blast of energy from Soldier Boy has been unfortunate for Kimiko as she loses her powers in The Boys season 3. To know more, keep reading.

Introduction to Kimiko, who is she, and where did she get her powers from?

Introduction to Kimiko
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Kimiko was the only member of Billy Butcher’s gang who was blessed with superpowers. Kimiko has come forward and has proven herself to be a valuable asset to The Boys through seasons 1 and 2.

Kimiko was robbed of a peaceful childhood by the Shining Light Liberation Army; from there, she was taken away. She was injected with Compound-V as a part of an act of conspiracy which aimed to create “super-terrorists.”

Butcher’s Boys freed Kimiko from her hell, and she became the fifth member of their gang and then a secret weapon of theirs- their own AJ McLean. As she was exposed to Compound-V, Kimiko got superpowers like- super strength, immense speed and impressive regenerative powers.

What happened to Kimiko’s Powers?

What happened to Kimiko's Powers?
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In The Boys season 3, Kimiko loses her powers in a massive accident. Butcher and his gang had flown to Moscow hoping for a weapon that had been rumoured to kill Soldier Boy.

But they could not find it. Instead, found an imitation of Captain America, captivated by the Russians for a project for decades.

The Boys freed Soldier Boy but were immediately attacked by a red energy blast pouring out his chest. Kimiko selflessly absorbed the energy and was knocked against a wall. As one of her superpowers- Regeneration, she should have been healed on her own, but that was not what happened.

Kimiko kept losing blood from the attack. Therefore in The Boys season 3, Episode 5, it was confirmed that as Kimiko came in contact with the energy wave blasting out of Soldier Boy’s, Kimiko lost the powers that she gained because of Compound-V.

Is the power loss permanent for Kimiko?

The Boys, specifically Soldier Boy, can only temporarily nullify some superhuman powers. We refer to the source material because they are the first solution to such queries. Unfortunately, it cannot help fans in this case because Garth Ennis’ comics were not mainly descriptive here.

The Comic book’s Kimiko is a Compound-V subject, but she never lost her powers in the comics. There is no direct reference to the blast out of Soldier Boy’s chest; therefore, comic books are not particularly helpful here.

Soldier Boy did not have such power before being captured by Russians for experimentation. Kimiko might be the first Super to have fallen prey to Soldier Boy’s newfound power.

As we go in-depth with The Boys Season 3 Episode 5, we can certainly notice that there were some straightforward suggestions that this was Kimiko’s goodbye with her powers.

During an emotional scene in the hospital with Frenchie, Kimiko is crying tears of joy as she cannot heal herself, and she even tries to lift heavy medical equipment and fails. But if Kimiko wakes up with her powers back after drinking a cup of Butcher’s tea, this point would point toward the unfulfilled desire Kimiko to become a non-super human.

Although the scene where Kimiko fails to lift a heavy object could be directed toward Kimiko’s power is gone.

Kimiko’s long-standing reluctant attitude towards her powers in scenes like- scaring the oligarch’s women, killing kids, killing a Russian soldier, and many more. It could just be good character development for Kimiko.

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Conclusion June 17
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To conclude, we cannot be sure if Kimiko will not want to or cannot get her powers back. The indications towards someone temporarily getting superhuman powers have already been established. Butcher and Campbell have both started doses of V-24, which can give them temporary abilities.

If Kimiko ever wants to get her powers back, even though she despised them first, she can be ‘fixed’ with a mere dose of V-24. If she decides to get the temporary powers, it would be a completely different direction for Kimiko and her character’s story.

As she was subjected to an experiment herself and forced to live a life as a superhuman, there is no question as to why she hated her abilities. Choosing to get those forced powers back through V-24 gives Kimiko control over her life.

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