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Yelena Belova: Why does she wants to kill Hawkeye?

Yelena Belova, played by Florence Pugh, made her first official debut in Marvel Cinematic Universe with a fantastic premiere of Black Widow.

In The Avengers: Age of Ultron, 2015, Avengers crossed paths with twins Wanda Maximoff and Pietro Maximoff, where Wanda uses her power to get them off of their backs. Because of that, Natasha saw a brief of her past where she recalls herself in the red room.

Yelena Belova Why does she wants to kill Hawkeye
Source by Marvel

Black Widow, the premiere of Marvel Studios, spends a significant amount of runtime setting up Yelena Belova as a part of MCU. A new protagonist, Yelena Belova (Florance Pugh), and other black widows tried some mind-controlling programming which turned them loyal to Dreykov, the villain in that premiere. In the movie, Yelena and Natasha reunited and worked together to take Red Room sown.

Yelena Belova, Black Widow, is a step-sister of Natasha Romanoff, popularly known as Black Widow. In the movie Black Widow, the whole part of Natasha Romanoff was clear, why she was the way she was. Yelena, in Black Widow, is depicted as her step-sister who gets into big trouble and crosses paths with Natasha Romanoff. Being the Black Widow, an Avenger, Natasha tries to help out her sister and saves the world.

Yelena Belova Why does she wants to kill Hawkeye
Source by Marvel

Yelena Belova & Hawkeye

If you’re a Marvel fan, you always stayed after credits for an impressive peak for future adventures. In the Black Widow premiere, there was a post-credits scene where Yelena was given a mission to go after Hawkeye, aka Clint Barton, who was responsible for her sister’s death, Natasha Romanoff.

From the start, Yelena learned that Natasha died far away and only one person was there to witness; it is not a problematic yet strange situation where she won’t be asking too many questions to the person involved.

The Hawkeye, release date 24th November 2021, starts with gangsters getting revenge from Ronin, a personality Clint Barton took when his whole family vanished because of Thanos’s snap. Clint was in his grieving process when he killed some unworthy villain whom he thought didn’t deserve to live of Thanos’s snap.

Black Widow End Credits Scene
Credit – Marvel

If you don’t know about Valentina Fontaine, you might not have seen The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. She was very influential in getting into people’s heads. Valentina Fontaine, known as Val, plays with others’ emotions to manipulate people to fulfill his wants. The same thing she does in the post-credits scene of Black Widow. As she says to Yelena, “Maybe you’d like a shot at the man responsible for your sister’s death?” And shows the picture of Clint, aka Hawkeye.

Looking forward to all the future endeavors of Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s most likely that Clint Barton and Yelena Black Widow will be encountering each other soon. However, it is a mystery whether Clint would be able to get a chance to explain everything about Natasha’s Death to Yelena or not.

On the other side, Yelena doesn’t seem to be in a listening mood, and she could’ve imagined various scenarios of killing Hawkeye in her mind.


Yelena Belova Why does she wants to kill Hawkeye
Source by Marvel

Whether or not Yelena Belova will avenge her sister by killing Hawkeye, aka Clint Barton, will be disclosed in the future episodes of Hawkeye. If she chose to let Clint live knowing about the darkness of Ronin, it would be a dynamic way for Yelena to give tribute to Natasha’s life. However, the encounter of Yelena Belova and Hawkeye will be exciting, that’s for sure. Let’s wait until the next episode of Hawkeye releases.

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