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Yoriichi’s 300-Year-Old Sword From Type Zero Doll Reveals In Demon Slayer Season 3

Yoriichi Type Zero episode had an intriguing reveal!

Demon Slayer season 3 episode 2 ended on a massive cliffhanger as a 300 year-old sword appeared inside the Yoriichi Type Zero battle doll.

In episode one, we saw Mitsuri Kanroji mention about a secret weapon which prompted Tanjiro to look for it in the forest of Swordsmith Village.

The latest episode in the Demon Slayer Swordsmith Arc featured the Yoriichi Type Zero battle doll, which had been built by Kotetsu’s ancestors during the Sengoku Period.

A young swordsmith Kotetsu is seen squabbling with the mist Hashira Muichiro Tokito who is demanding the key to the Yoriichi Type Zero doll. Despite Tanjiro s’ intervention, Muichiro obtains the key from Kotetsu and activates the doll for his training session.

Yoriichi Type Zero is designed with 108 different movements and is extremely powerful against humans, which makes it a perfect training dummy for demon slayers.

It also is customizable to exploit the opponent s’ weakness, and one can fine-tune its fingers and head to optimize perfect training.

Muichiro is considered a prodigy and genius, which is evident in his training session as he can easily evade the fast attacks from the Yoriichi Type Zero doll.

Eventually, the Mist Hashira cuts off Yoriichi Type Zero s’ arms and breaks one of its shoulders. While Muichiro does land a clinical blow, he also breaks his katana in the process and consequently makes the doll s’ katana as his own.

Tanjiro is amazed at Muichiro s’ skill and decides to improve his own by practicing against the albeit five hands functioning doll.

He is encouraged vehemently by Kotetsu, who does not let him eat or drink for days till he lands a blow on the doll.

Determined to improve and get better than the arrogant Muichiro, Tanjiro is up against Yoriichi Type Zero every day.

Tanjiro works hard but keeps failing until one day, he wakes up from a drowning dream and finally hits the doll, which allows him to have his first meal.

Revitalized by food, Tanjiro can smell Yoriichi Type Zero s’ movement, and he leaps into the air to get a clean swipe at the head. 

But in mid-flight, he is conflicted about breaking the doll, but Kotetsu reassures him to complete the training.

Tanjiro finishes his training with lands the decisive hit, smashing Yoriichi Type Zero s’ head open.

As the head falls, we see a mysterious sword stuck inside the body as Tanjiro and Kotetsu are bumfuzzled about its appearance.


Source by Ufotable

The Yoriichi Type Zero’s sword belongs to the person and namesake the doll resembles, i.e., Yoriichi Tsugikuni.

Yoriichi Tsugikuni was a demon slayer 300 years ago in the Sengoku era and is widely regarded as the strongest Demon Slayer ever to live.

He also invented the various breathing styles which the Demon Slayer Corps are known to use and nearly killed Muzan Kibutsuji all by himself.

Fans of the Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba manga might have recognized the legendary figure of Yoriichi Tsugikuni in the first episode itself as he appeared in Tanjiro s’ dreams with the Hanafuda earrings.

Furthermore, Yoriichi Tsugikuni was a close friend and traveling companion of Tanjiro’s ancestor Sumiyoshi, and it was Sumiyoshi’s dream (or memory) that we briefly glimpsed in episode one.

Finally, if you sense a similarity between Yoriichi and Upper-Rank Demon, Kokushibo, then your guess is correct, as they were brothers before the latter transformed into a demon.

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Source by Ufotable

Tanjiro has access to a legendary powerful sword, how does this potential power-up impact his fight against the demons; only time will tell.

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