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Today we are going to bust some Myth of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Hello, friends. Welcome back to the superheroera.com website today, we are going to discuss 7 Biggest Myth of MCU.

Muth NO- 1

Thor can heal himself by his Stom breaker.

It is not true that Storm breaker heals Thor, Thor has its superpower to heal himself because he is God (In Avengers Infinity War: Thor is facing all forces of the star then he need storm breaker to enhance power, but it is also true that Thor needs storm breaker or Mjolnir to enhance its healing power or control its power. In Thor, Ragnarok, Odin says that this stuff is used for control power in truth thor your power I coming from inside.

Myth NO- 2

In Avengers Endgame, Tony’s armor was started melting after he snapped.

It’s True, Tony Stark’s first armor, Mark 1, is the armor for saving his own life, and Mark 85 he used to save the hole the Universe. Tony Stark already knows that suit will melt, but Tony redesign his Mark 85 for a successful snap and at the time of snapsuit melted due to the power of Infinity stone. The melting of the suit is the reason for Iron Man’s death. so this Myth is confirm

Myth NO – 3

Dr. Strange’s actor Benedict Cumberbatch also give the voice and face of Dormammu.

True, Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays Dr. Strange’s character, gives Dormammu an audition, where his voice and face are accepted as Dormammu. so, this Myth is confirm

Myth NO – 4

Bucky is not in Ice like Captain America, so why his age moving forward.

It is not valid; Marvel Cinematic Universe never says that Bucky never be the old reason behind for Bucky age was Bucky is Captured by Hydra they use Bucky as a weapon for mission in no use of Bucky they put Bucky in Ice container. It means Bucky lives there, but age will not increase the same as Captain American for 70 years.so, this Myth not confirm

Myth NO – 5 

Why Hulk’s hand does not heal, but he has a healing factor?

In Avengers Infinity war Thanos having a problem fighting with heroes with Infinity Gauntlet but in Avengers Endgame, Thanos of 2014 easily defeat the top Avengers. It looks like more power full than Infinity war Thanos’s reason behind was when he wears an Infinity Gauntlet. His body becomes weak after that quantity of stone is increased much Thanos becomes weaker. In the last scene of Avengers Infinity war, he uses Infinity Gauntlet to survive death. This is the reason why Hulk’s hand has not recovered, and In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thanos is more power full than Hulk, it means that Hulk’s hand will never recover. so, this Myth is confirm

Myth NO – 6

How Thanos knows Tony Stark in infinity war?

The answer is straightforward; Tony stark is the person who destroys the ship of Thanos by himself, and also Thanos knows that if I go to Earth, then Tony stark only the person who prepares for my attack. Tony only knows that some big hurdle is coming; Tony prepares himself by making of Utron. The conclusion is Thanos knows that the big hurdle is tony, and at the end of Avengers Endgame, Tony is the only one who defeats Thanos by snap. so, this Myth is confirm

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