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According to Ana de Armas, Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman shouldn’t Be Recast

During a recent interview, Ana de Armas expressed her endorsement for Gal Gadot continuing to portray Wonder Woman in the new DC Universe, and her statement is accurate.

Although Ana de Armas is a popular contender for the role of Wonder Woman, she has expressed her preference for Gal Gadot to continue playing the iconic character. The upcoming movie, The Flash, will modify the timeline of the DCEU and provide a new beginning for some characters, including Superman and Batman, while others, such as Amanda Waller, will remain mostly unchanged from their previous DCEU versions.

It remains uncertain what the future holds for Gal Gadot’s rendition of Wonder Woman, and while the situation is unclear, Ana de Armas has expressed her belief that Gadot should continue playing the iconic superheroine in the upcoming DC Universe.

During an interview with her co-star Chris Evans on Wired Autocomplete, Ana de Armas was questioned about the possibility of her taking on the role of Wonder Woman. She share that she believed Gal Gadot was doing an excellent job in that role and, therefore, she should continue portraying the character.

While her co-stars in Justice League, Ben Affleck, and Henry Cavill, departed from their superhero roles, Gal Gadot remained committed and eager to continue playing Wonder Woman. Given her exceptional character portrayal in the previous DCEU, Ana de Armas and many viewers believe that Gadot should continue in the role, even if the other superheroes are recast.

Gal Gadot ought to continue playing Wonder Woman in the DC Universe

Gal Gadot ought to continue playing Wonder Woman in the DC Universe
Gal Gadot ought to continue playing Wonder Woman in the DC Universe

Gal Gadot’s depiction of Wonder Woman has had a significant influence on mainstream culture, catapulting the character into the upper echelon of the DC cinematic franchise and presenting an authentic portrayal of one of DC’s most famous protagonists.

Even though the third installment of Wonder Woman was canceled, there is no reason to recast Gadot’s character, as she is still eager to play the role, and her version of the character is a significant icon.

While characters like Superman and Batman are likely to be replaced after The Flash, espondedAquam, and Amanda Waller are portrayed by new actors while co-existing with their previous DCEU versions; therefore, Gal Gadot’s version of Wonder Woman can also continue to exist alongside the new iterations.

What Role Could Ana De Armas Play In The DC Universe?

What Role Could Ana De Armas Play In The DC Universe
What Role Could Ana De Armas Play In The DC Universe

Ana de Armas’ assertion that Gal Gadot should maintain her position as Wonder Woman in the renewed DC Universe is accurate. Nevertheless, there are still numerous other characters that de Armas could portray in both the larger DC Universe and the Wonder Woman franchise specifically.

The only Wonder Woman-related project scheduled to be released in the DC Universe is Paradise Lost, which is set in Themyscira before the birth of Diana Prince. While it is improbable that Wonder Woman herself will appear, de Armas could portray a younger Hippolyta or Antiope. However, one of the most promising roles for her would be the modern-day DCU character Donna Troy.

Donna Troy has a complex and extensive history in DC’s different timelines, but in most versions, she is depicted as a younger sister of Diana Prince in some way. If Ana de Armas were to portray Donna Troy, it would give her a similar role to Wonder Woman, especially as a more seasoned hero who could potentially mentor new members of the Teen Titans.

There is ample opportunity for de Armas to explore various roles in the revamped DC Universe. Still, she is correct in her assertion that Gal Gadot should continue in the role of Wonder Woman.

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Ana De Armas As Wonder Woman

Ana De Armas As Wonder Woman
Ana De Armas As Wonder Woman

It is important to note that Gal Gadot’s appearance as Wonder Woman in Shazam! Fury of the Gods was also enabled by technology. This, however, was not a deep fa; it has been confirmed that Gadot’s parts were filmed remotely while she was in England, while actress Taylor Cahill filled in for the role on set due to scheduling conflicts.

Therefore, if filmmakers can use technology to put together a primary production, there is no harm in using AI to have some fun reimagining Ana de Armas as Wonder Woman.

Considering her versatility, we are confident that Ana de Armas would excel in portraying Wonder Woman if given the chance. For those who have not seen the Netflix biopic Blonde, which was released last year and tells the story of Marilyn Monroe, it is evident that Ana de Armas is a skilled and dedicated actress. She has been honing her craft since childhood.

At the age of 12, Ana de Armas realized that she was destined to become an actress. Growing up in Cuba, she did not have her own video or DVD player but would watch Hollywood movies at her neighbor’s house and rehearse monologues in front of a mirror.

It is interesting to speculate whether she had the chance to watch the 1974 Wonder Woman movie as a young teenager searching for her own creative identity.

Ana de Armas’ dedication and passion for acting were affirmed when she was accepted into Havana’s National Theatre of Cuba at 14. She was committed to her studies and would even hitchhike to attend her classes, which could have been easier if she had the enchanted boots of Wonder Woman that allowed her to fly.

While Ana de Armas seems unlikely to have the chance to portray Wonder Woman anytime soon, the idea of using AI to imagine her in the role is undoubtedly intriguing. However, in the meantime, fans of the talented actress can enjoy her latest work in Apple TV+’s Ghosted, just released on April 21, 2023. In the show, de Armas demonstrates her ability to navigate action-adventure comedy, showcasing her range as an actress.

While we may not see her don the iconic Wonder Woman costume, it’s clear that de Armas is a versatile performer who continues to impress audiences with her talent.

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