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Attack On Titan Final Season Part 3 To Be Released In Two Parts Confirms MAPPA + Trailer Out

Attack On Titan Final Season Part 3 will have a split release!

A few animes create a buzz, like Attack on Titans, within the fandom. 

A decade in the shonen scene, Attack on Titans has changed the landscape of this genre with its grandeur in world-building, solid character development, and jaw-dropping action scenes.

Arguably one of the greatest shonen animes to be ever created; however, Attack on titans s’ success also preludes a massive responsibility to achieve perfection.

Recently, Attack On Titan Final Season Part 3 was officially renewed, but along with the confirmation came an update from Studio MAPPA.

MAPPA studios announced that Attack On Titan Final Season Part 3 would air in two parts.  

The first part will be released on 4th March 2023 at 12:25 AM JST, whereas the second part is scheduled to be released later in the year, a date for which is yet to be decided.

While fans are delighted to see their favorite shonen series back, a vast majority of the fanbase hasn’t been thrilled with the delay.

Keep scrolling as we bring you all the latest news and updates on Attack On Titan Final Season Part 3.

Attack on Titans is rated 8.5/10 and ranked #110 with 3.6 million members on MyAnimeList


Attack On Titan Final Season Part 3 will air in part two parts,
Source by MAPPA

Attack On Titan Final Season Part 3 announcement also featured a rather staggering update from MAPPA studios wherein the final third part will be split into two special broadcasts.

Yes, you heard it right, which means Attack On Titan Final Season Part 3 Part one and Attack On Titan Final Season Part 3 Part two are actually official.

In other words, Attack On Titan Season 4 Part 3 Episode 88 with 1hr long will premiere on 4th March 2023 and Episode 89 will air after one year in 2024.

This update was received with mixed reception within the fandom as its been well-known and documented on the numerous production issues faced by studio MAPPA.

Studio MAPPA is one of the biggest production studios responsible for some of the biggest anime series, such as One Punch Man, Jujutsu Kaisen, Chainsaw Man, and Vinland Saga.

They took over from Wit Studios in 2021, who themselves were facing cost issues due to the size of the project.

Although MAPPA has done a brilliant job in animation and storytelling, the production issue continues to be a nightmare for the studio.

In addition to production issues, MAPPA is also riddled with production schedule delays since they have already got so much on the plate in the form of Vinland Saga Season 2, Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2, Campfire Cooking in Another World With My Absurd Skill, and Zombie Land Saga The Movie.

But with that being said, MAPPA has invested much of its resources and time into making the final season a success with high-standard animation quality with jaw-dropping fight scenes.

Check out the Attack On Titan Final Season Part 3 trailer below:

UPDATE FEB 2023: Attack on Titan The Final Season Part 3 Official Main Trailer has been released. Check out Below:


Source by MAPPA

Since the MAPPA announced that Attack On Titan Final Season Part 3 will air in two parts, certain sections of the fanbase have been speculating that MAPPA is milking Attack On Titan Final Season Part 3.

Since the change of studios took place from Wit to MAPPA, the latter has been under heavy scrutiny and accusation of intentionally slowing production to gather more value.

While these speculations and accusations can be understandable from the fans, they can’t be further away from the truth.

MAPPA took charge of Attack on Titans from Wit studios in a period of time wherein no other studio was willing to indulge in its rigorous production schedule.

Despite only nine chapters left to adapt, we haven’t had any Attack on Titan content for over a year, which further indicates the pressure of delivering the final season with perfection.

Additionally, after the controversial series ending in the manga for which writer Hajime Isayama had to apologize, Attack On Titan Final Season Part 3 adaption becomes even more critical for MAPPA.

Manga readers found the ending of Attack on Titans gut-wrenching and hope the anime takes its route rather than adapt from the source material.

So far, MAPPA has been faithful to the manga, and considering the final rumbling event is a handful for the animators, the question of milking goes out of the window.


Attack On Titan Season 4 Part 3 PLOT
Source by MAPPA

The Attack On Titan Season 4 Part 2, or Attack on Titan Episode 87, titled “The Dawn of Humanity,” opens up with a bird flying overhead which directly relates to Mikasa s’ narration.

In this narration, she comments on how people seem to think Eren has changed, but he may have been the same person since the beginning.

This relates to the bird because, in Eren s’ mind, the walls were nothing more than a birdcage that took his freedom away, which is why he hated the Titans even before his mother was eaten.

Years later, when he finally escaped the bird cage and ventured outside, he realized that he still wasn’t free since their enemies across the sea were just another bird cage restricting his freedom.

Once again, therefore, by doing the rumbling, this is his one chance to become truly free.

After arriving on the Marely shoreline, the group witnesses hostile treatment towards Ymir s’ subjects as a thief called Ramzi is rescued from the mob.

Eren escapes the sights to Ramzi s’ home but is followed by Mikasa, who is questioned on her loyalty to him. Mikasa, albeit surprised by the question, calls him family.

The following day, the protection group announces that Devils from the Paradis will be exterminated, which is greeted by a roar from the audience.

We get a short flashback wherein Eren meets Yelena and decides to follow the euthanasia plan letting Floch and Historia know of his true intentions.

Zeke informs Eren that the Ackermans are not obliged to protect the host, and Mikasa sticks up for him because she loves him. Eren replies by stating how she wants her friend to live a long and healthy life.

The episode ends with Eren and the rumbling, reaching Marely as the Global alliance s’ navy is destroyed as the Colossal Titan enters the fray.

The Attack On Titan Season 4 Part 2, or Attack on Titan Episode 87, ends on Chapter 130 of the manga series, which means Attack On Titan Final Season Part 3 manga adaption will look to complete the series by adapting the final nine chapters.

UPADTE FEB 23: Mappa has released the key visual for Annie Leonhart, Levi Ackerman and Reiner.



Source by MAPPA

Attack on Titans season four is directed by Yuichiro Hayashi and scripted by Hiroshi Seko. Characters are designed by Tomohiro Kishi, while the music is composed by Hiroyuki Sawano and Kohta Yamamoto.

Yusuke Tanawa is the CGI producer with Jun Shishido is the chief episode director. Kazuo Ogura directs Art, and animation is developed by Studio MAPPA.

You can find the list of Attack On Titan Final Season Part 3 part 2 characters and voice cast below:

 Armin ArleltMarina Inoue
 ZekeTakehito Koyasu
 Reiner Braun        Yoshimasa Hosoya
 Mikasa Ackermann Yui Ishikawa
 Eren Jaeger          Yuuki Kaji
 Gabi Braun  Ayane Sakura
 Udo   Ayumu Murase
 Niccolo        Eiji Hanawa
 Conny Springer     Hiro Shimono
 Levi Hiroshi Kamiya
 Theo MagathJiro Saito
 Willy Tybur Kazuhiko Inoue
 Floch Forster        Kensho Ono
 Kiyomi Azumabito  Kiri Yoshizawa
 Jean Kirschtein     Kishō Taniyama
 Onyankopon Kouji Hiwatari
 Pieck Finger Manami Numakura
 Dot Pyxis    Masahiko Tanaka
 Colt Grice    Masaya Matsukaze
 Yelena         Mitsuki Saiga
 Kaya  Nana Hamasaki
 Falco Grice  Natsuki Hanae
 Artur Braus Otoya Kawano
 Hange Zoe   Romi Park
 Historia Reiss       Shiori Mikami
 Porco Galliard        Toshiki Masuda
 Sasha Blouse         Yū Kobayashi
 Zofia Yūmi Kawashima


Source by MAPPA

Despite the production delay, an iconic series like Attack on Titans deserves a satisfactory ending.

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