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Demon Slayer Season 3 Episode 11: Nezuko Immune to Sun + Muzan s’ Past

Demon Slayer Season 3 Episode 11 was a topsy-turvy finale!

This week s’ episode of Demon Slayer was the final installment in the Demon Slayer Swordsmith Village Arc, and it had a lot going on, which kept the viewers on tenterhooks.

Demon Slayer Season 3 Episode 11, titled “The Connected Bonds: Daybreak And First Light,” for namesake featured the tight bond between Tanjiro and Nezuko while exploring the backstory of Muzan.

Before we get down with the Demon Slayer Season 3-episode 11 breakdown, Demon Slayer: Hashira Training Arc has been announced with a new teaser featuring all the five Hashira excluding Rengoku.

With all that out of the way, let’s find out what went down in Demon Slayer Season 3 Episode 11: The Connected Bonds: Daybreak And First Light.


Source by Ufotable

The previous episode ended with Genya throwing a tree at Hantengu, but unfortunately, it missed the target.

The demon is being chased by Nezuko and Tanjiro, wherein the former attempts to claw him but misses.

Tanjiro is concerned with Demon s’ speed and notes how even Mitsuri will is at his limit after using many techniques. 

He recalls Zenitsu s’ words wherein once someone has complete awareness of their muscles ,they can achieve Total Concentration.

Tanjiro begins concentrating, and as oxygen circulates in his muscles, he releases it with a loud thunderclap which propels him at high speed.

Hantengu looks back at the rapidly approaching Tanjiro, who pushes his katana deep into the neck and successfully slices halfway through.

Writer s’ Thoughts: about time we had an appearance from Zenitsu, who proves to be an unlikely source to provide wisdom for Tanjiro.


Source by Ufotable

Before Tanjiro can slice completely, Hantengu twists his neck and asks him if he does not pity him. Unexpectedly, Hantengu turns into a giant clone of himself and grabs Tanjiro by the head.

The larger Hantengu clone starts crushing his head and demands why he bullies the weak.

Tanjiro s’ senses begin to fade, but Genya arrives and attempts to save Tanjiro from the demon s’ grasp. Nezuko leaps from behind and splatters her blood on the demon s’ hand, which sets him ablaze.

Genya successfully saves Tanjiro from getting crushed, but the former is burnt by Nezuko s’ blood.

Tanjiro keeps pushing the embedded blade and slashes the demon s’ neck, but the two of them fall off the cliff.

Writer s’ Thoughts: Hantengu might be a coward, but he s’ got a few tricks up his sleeve.


Source by Ufotable

Tanjiro is badly hurt from the fall, while Hantengu, albeit with no arms, keeps running away. The demon knowing his injuries could be fatal, begins to chase three swordsmiths for food.

Tanjiro tries to lift himself but slumps to the ground, where he finds an unconscious Nezuko.

The demon slayers kneel to use Total Concentration Breathing but suddenly hear a voice from the top of the cliff where he sees Muichiro along with Kotaro and Haganezuka.

Muichiro throws the ancient sword which Hotaru was polishing and asks him to use it to kill the demon.

Tanjiro hurls himself with Total Concentration breathing, and using Hinokami Kagura with his knowledge of Thunder Breathing, he capitates the demon.

Writer s’ Thoughts: stunning animation by Ufotable, especially the decapitation scene 


Source by Ufotable

Tanjiro severs the demon s’ neck leaving behind a headless body. Suddenly, it dawns on Tanjiro that the sun is rising and Nezuko is not in the box.

He rushes back to his sister, who unexpectedly runs towards him into the light. Tanjiro tries to warn Nezuko to not come near him but struggles as he has lost his voice.

Nezuko approaches Tanjiro and points behind him, but the latter keeps telling her to go into the shade.

When Tanjiro turns back, he is shocked to see the headless body of Hantengu chasing the young swordsmiths.

Suddenly, Tanjiro finds the decapitated head of the demon lying on the grass with its tongue embedded with “Resentment.”

It finally dawns on Tanjiro that he has not cut the main body, which reads “Coward,” and has messed up.

Writer s’ Thoughts: a bit of a clueless decision by Tanjiro to let the headless body of Hantengu wander around without seeing it disintegrate 


Source by Ufotable

Before Tanjiro rushes to save the young swordsmiths, the sun rises to its peak, and Nezuko s’ body starts burning.

Tanjiro returns to her sister and covers her from the sunlight, demanding her to shrink her body.

Meanwhile, the headless body of Hantengu is closing in on the swordsmith while Muichiro on the cliff is unconscious.

Tanjiro is conflicted on whether to save her sister or finish off Hantengu once and for all. Before he can decide, Nezuko flips him over his body so that he can save others.

Writer s’ Thoughts: the best scene of the finale as we witness Nezuko s’ selflessness.


Source by Ufotable

As Nezuko burns away in the sun, Tanjiro focuses his breathing and tries to smell out the hiding Hantengu.

He finally locates him hiding in the heart of the headless body and leaps over, slashing it in half.

The diminutive Hantengu pops out, and Tanjiro, with the remaining strength, starts slicing its neck.

Hantengu desperately tries to stop the demon slayer but fails as Tanjiro severs the demon s’ neck.

Writer s’ Thoughts: although there is a prelude to Hantengu s’ past, no one really feels sorry for his demise 


Source by Ufotable

As Hantengu perishes away into ashes, Tanjiro sobs away, knowing he has lost Nezuko. 

But when one of the young swordsmiths asks him to look behind, Tanjiro is surprised to see Nezuko, who appears to be completely healed from injuries and has not burnt away.

Tanjiro, albeit stunned by the revelation, hugs her sister and is glad that she is still alive.

We cut back to Zohakuten, who traps Mitsuri in one of her wood dragons, but before anything happens, Zohakuten perishes away into ash.

Writer s’ Thoughts: a lot of build-up for Zohakuten, who has proved to be less effective than the individual forms of Hantengu.


Source by Ufotable

Faraway somewhere, a child Muzan is visited by two maids who offer him tea but one of them gets their heads slashed off.

Muzan learns about Nezuko conquering the sun and praises Hantengu for the valuable information.

He begins transforming into his older form as the other maid screams and calls him a murderer

Muzan kills her off in an instant and exits the premise realizing that he doesn’t need the Blue Spider lily to evade the sun.

Writer s’ Thoughts: Nezuko’s immunity to the sun is a good plot point for bringing back the Demon King.


Source by Ufotable

Muzan s’ past begins in the Heian period, where in his human, he was diagnosed with a disease that would only allow him to live till 20 years old.

The doctor treating Muzan gave him an extraordinary model medication, but it did not have any effect, and Irritated by his deteriorating condition, Muzan killed him. 

However, after killing the doctor, he realizes that the medication is really working and has assisted him with obtaining a stronger body. 

He realized he needed to consume the flesh of humans to survive but was not bothered by this fact. His new, more serious problem, on the other, was his inability to walk in the sunlight, as doing so burned him severely. 

It was during this moment that he truly regretted killing the doctor before he could have finished his treatment with his “Blue Spider Lily” medicine.

He fails to find the Blue Spider Lily and crated demons from his blood, hoping that one of them will procure the secret arrangement.

But now that Nezuko has conquered the sun, Muzan desires to eat her and become immortal forever.

Writer s’ Thoughts: the information about the secret concoction should clear the doubt about Muzan s’ interest in chemistry.

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Source by Ufotable

We see Tamayo writing a letter to Tanjiro where she states how the man who was turned into a demon by Muzan has regained himself by drinking Nezuko s’ blood.

She also writes about the constantly changing composition of her blood cells, which prompts her to hypothesize a theory.

Tamayo believes the reason Nezuko hasn’t regained herself is because she is prioritizing something else other than returning to her human form.

She ends the letter by reiterating that it’s only a theory and sends the message through a cat to Tanjiro.

Writer s’ Thoughts: a very interesting theory by Tamayo which makes us wonder if Nezuko wants to remain a demon to help his brother. 


Source by Ufotable

Tanjiro is greeted by the swordsmith, but an enraged Hotaru demands to know what happened with the sword and begins chasing him.

Mitsuki arrives and hugs the demon slayers closely to her chest, which leaves Genya with red cheeks.

The love Hashira is surprised to see Nezuko talking and hugs her with tearful eyes.

The demon slayers are then wheeled out on a cart, and Tanjiro thanks Hotaru for taking care of his sword while the swordsmith offers to forge his sword properly.

Tanjiro s’ eyes are covered, and their nose is plugged as he exits the Swordsmith Village. When he arrives outside the gate, he hears voices of gratitude and appreciation for his help from all swordsmiths of the village.


Source by Ufotable

Demon Slayer Season 3, episode 11 was a perfect ending for the Demon Slayer swordsmith village arc.

Not only we witnessed the end of Hantengu, but we also found out the intentions of Muzan, who plans to eat Nezuko to gain immortality from the sun.

Although Demon Slayer Season 3 concludes with a happy ending, our heroes will undoubtedly have more challenging times ahead.

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