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Final Episode Pieck Finger Originally Look – Love at first side

The optimistic character of Pieck Finger will be revealed through this article.

All About Attack on Titans

Attack On Titans is a Japanese anime series written and drawn by Hajime Isayama. It’s set in an alternate future, where humanity exists only within massive walls that surround them in a vast, enclosed city-state called Titans.

The Titans have been at war with the Earthicans for centuries and are locked in eternal warlord-ice-ridden combat. Centred on the exploits of a young boy called Marco Leagues, Attack on Titans is an interesting and lighthearted look at the inner workings of warring nations.

Like most Japanese manga series, Attack On Titans has a lot of movement in its scenes and has a lot to do about the character of Pieck Finger. It moves rapidly through each chapter and is sometimes difficult to follow, but if you pick up a few of the bigger story threads, you will find yourself able to follow almost all of it.

The background music in Attack on Titans matches the fast pace of the story nicely. It is a little more mature than your typical Japanese fantasy action series and fits well with the fighting and futuristic atmosphere. As such, this soundtrack does not work too well with the visual novel itself, but it does not detract from the game’s overall quality.

Controversial Character of Pieck Finger

The Rumbling Attack on Titan Finally Unleashed
Source by Attack on Titan

Pieck Finger, who is notably known as Titan Wagon, is the most influential and liked character in the movie that you will come across. Pick played a blissful character of a female person in the film. However, how about if I tell you that pieck was not a female before? Well, yes, that must be sounding quite awkward.

Pieck Finger was a person named “Oliver Pieck” who transferred from a guy to a woman. The manga kept this character for a little longer, and when it was revealed, it shocked many people. Pieck Finger came out to be a beautiful woman with adorable looks.

What I enjoyed

Gabi Aot Attack On Titan 3

One thing I enjoyed about Attack on Titans is how open its plot is and how massively they emphasized Pieck Finger’s role. Characters come from one conflict, leaving the action to revolve around them, but Pieck Finger. Multiple plot threads are happening at once, and while some of these developments are in different ways, the overall flow of events is very smooth.

This makes the action scenes all the more impressive since they happen in rapid succession. If you enjoyed the best action games of past years, then Attack On Titans has a lot to offer you.

One of the biggest issues I have with this series is the voice acting. Sure, the hero, Marco Leagues, has strong character traits, but his dialogue often sounds unnatural. That is not helped by over the top special effects and an overly dramatic score.


Attack on Titans may not be the best-looking game outright, nor is it the best written. However, I will be honest: I am not sure why. I am sure plenty of die-hards will disagree, but I would not call Attack on Titans a bad game. It has its high points, and that is all that matters. I am sure you will agree.

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